Martin Schulz gets heckled

Martin Schulz is the former president of the EU Parliament and now the leader of the Social Democrats in Germany — and Angela Merkel’s coalition partner.

Martin Schulz held a press conference in Dortmund today (January 15) to campaign for the Grand Coalition (Große Koalition, GroKo). A local right-wing group protested outside, and a picketer interrupted him.

Below, classic Nigel Farage where he hold’s the commie Schultz’s feet to the fire but not nearly so hot or so long as he deserves.

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  1. We are truly at a world historical moment, part of the duly elected governments of the Western Nations are openly working destroy their nations and the Propaganda Media works with them to hasten this destruction. The dice are tumbling down the table and we are waiting to see if civilization and freedom get snake eyes (instant loss) 7 or 11 (instant win) or another number meaning we will have to roll again. The latter is what I expect this dice game is going to go one for decades as we fight to save freedom in at least one nation that is currently at least semi free.

    I am talking abut all free or semi free nations and not western nations because I don’t think the fighting will remain in the western nations but will instead spread to all European nations and from there to eventually end up in all nations on earth.

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