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4 Replies to “Complaint by student against Lindsey Shepherd was MADE UP by staff!”

  1. There was no complaint made by a student. A representative of the Stasi/Communist Party LGBT Rainbow Alliance representative heard about it and sent in their papers.

    I hope there is no one stirring up Conservatives to use the same reationary tactics of blame for thought crimes. For the devil will then cover both sides.

  2. Why is the professor who chastised her not being criticized for essentially creating lies to confront her. He hides behind a confidentiality screen and commits outright abuse.

    • Because at this stage of communist control of the universities, they still feel the need for a degree of secrecy and deception. At some point the mask will come off entirely. Wee may know when that is when they make university and the humanities compulsory for all students instead of just a mandatory elective for the few still in real sciences.

  3. This is not going to end good for Canada, so far only the US with the election of Donald Trump has managed to pull back from a lesser level of communist control without a total collapse of the economy and the government. We are now watching the formerly free world to see if other nations can pull back from communist control without a massive collapse and at times a violent revolution. The big question right now is how much police and military force the government is willing to use against their own citizens.

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