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One Reply to “Interesting interview from Hungarian TV of (I think) Coptic priest”

  1. Who can argue. Father Maximus finds strength to fight from the same faith, he says, there has always been. Nothing has changed. Maybe so.

    But what if history did not give Islam the Post Modern protector inside the Gates as it now does? Does this change the defense? Yes, faith gives us the resolve we need, but the modern soldier must be armed with Truth as well. Truth pierces the layers of language armour wrapping the tyrant. –Pronoun language creates power where there was none. Phobic language creates leverage where there was none. Guilt language moves money and shuts mouths wherever it rolls.

    So what simple truths do we speak? We are not all Vlads or Eeyores, who probably spat out their soothers to categorically shred the injustices served by parents, childhood and the universe. Nope. We’re not all them, and this is the problem. What about children who are so vulnerable to potlitically-motivated adults in the classroom?

    We know the Long March has been successful. What about our own long march back? Every single day children are guilted, cowed and indoctrinated by authority-figure teachers using weaponized language. If you don’t have school-aged kids you can be excused for not knowing what goes on. It is all done by pulling the simple emotional levers of false sympathy. Kids need help. They need a rhetorical Krav Maga. This is the Israeli-born self defense discipline. It isn’t a martial art and doesn’t pretend to be. It’s a short cut to defending oneself. Children need a sort of field kit. Firstly, they must realize when they are being indoctrinated. Is the teacher playing on emotions or just delivering facts. Are they giving their own political opinions? This won’t be easy. If anyone thinks it’s a stupid idea say so, otherwise your input is needed to help come up with a simple package:

    The Child’s Field Guide to Rhetorical Self-defense (snappier titles welcome ):

    1. Is the person speaking to you trying to make you feel guilty about something you never did, such as stealing land from native people, or any other historical wrongs?

    Answer: I didn’t steal any land or do anything wrong so why should I feel guilty? Why are you trying to make me feel guilty?

    2. Is the person talking to you trying to tell you what to think? Are they making you think something that may sound right but may be wrong? Such as Trump is bad or socialism is good?

    Answer: Stop telling me what to think. Please give me my safe space by not invading my mind. If you tell me what to think then you are the aggressor and I am the victim. Why do you want me to be a victim?

    3. Is the person who is speaking to you using weaponized words? Examples are Homophobic, Transphobic, Islamophobic, or any other “phobics” ? These are not real words, but inventions meant to sound like real words to make you afraid.

    Answer: Please define “_____phobia”.

    This is called Identity Politics. It means that you’re not a nice person if you question anything.

    The above examples are rough. If anyone can do it better please do. I believe this to be a neglected area of combat. In my own limited experience my child has already managed to put on guard an aggressive leftist teacher. All he did was ask such very simple questions. But we need more. We need to help our kids fight against indoctrination.

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