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18 Replies to “Oz woman asks Milo the important question”

  1. The woman posing the question could as easily reside in Canada. Here’s an interesting glimpse into eastern geopolitics via Putin’s year-end annual address. It is not said outright, but be aware that the assemblage of eastern and Asian trading countries amount foremost to an extra-dollar exodus. –It is laying ground for the post US reserve dollar world.

      • “On China: “I have full confidence that cooperation with China is beyond any political agenda. We will always remain strategic partners, for a long period of time. We have similar approaches to the development of the international system. We are both interested in joint [economic] projects, including integration of OBOR [One Belt One Road] and the Eurasian Union.”

        Crafting the integration soundtrack
        And that takes us to the heart of the geopolitical New Great Game in Eurasia: the Russia-China strategic partnership, once again reaffirmed, and the deepening of integration between the New Silk Roads, formerly OBOR, now Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAUA).”

  2. ‘Use their own warfare against them.’

    This hijacking of the Center by the Far Left. Adam does not compete with Eve. He is not a helpmate in her sense but his.

    The role of the Right is this:

    “114. Simon Peter said to them, “Make Mary leave us, for females don’t deserve life.”

    Jesus said, “Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven.””

    This added-later verse really sums up this Gospel, and that is, like Buddhism for the Hindus, it deals with how to balance the human mind from the femaled brain – of being receptive to an outer dominant force in Heaven or Earth – to an inner one like living water, the “I Am who I Am” which is the Left Brain hemisphere in full action. “Frankly mam, I don’t give a damn.” The alpha dog that all humans should be. Male and female. Whole, independent and individual beings. That is civilization. There is time for every purpose to be met perfectly.

    Extreme polarization of the genders – as chattel in Islam or as rapper muggers in Socialism – to make one gender so stupid they are Hijab or Black Proud – is not the achievement here.

    Totalitarianism is a herd of fright. A Right Brain dystopia. The fatherless afraid of the Father. Turned into a reality so that he is an acted-out deadly predator in Sky or Soil. So the Left Brain does not reside in them. Excluded and killed by Law. Thinking for yourself is forbidden. Blasphemy and Hate Speech ascribed. This inner voice that does not ever swear because It does not need to.

    This is Milo. The femaled standing in for the male. An attached existence of Identity, fixing the very thing what his brain-set had created – for now it is the fairness for helping oppressed straight white men. A newly discovered Victim Group to come in from the cold.

    And all the weak for mommy’s love surrender to be nearer the fire. The homosexuals will help them.

    It is like a fourth dimention. It only appears in the Right Brain whenever their victims suffer enough so that they now feel sorry for them too. Until then, they are shunned and reviled. The healthy chid ignored over the disabled one.

    The Audacity that Obama heralded.

    And now is Entertainment for the masses. A level playing field for those who know nothing of themselves.

    • Just as the Far Right are really the Far Far Left (National Socialists created from a reaction to International Socialists), the New Right are the Old Left. Damned without a father.

      • I wasn’t crazy about the answer. But i did like the question. I admire people who say “i don’t know” more than a weak answer just to have one.

      • Milo is an open homosexual. This is the crossover from shame to having an addictive personality of pride through submission to it. A new creature emerges. Conscience is gone. Sex before marriage? You’re kiddng that’s an issue right? https://youtu.be/3t549cp7MeU

        Which makes him equal to a Muslim or a Socialist. They too capitulated and became blind. Nurture a woman, what’s that? Men have values? Yeh their wallet.

        So you are dealing with ghouls and not souls.

        And until these ‘religions on their sleeves’ are removed by their own repentance, and journeyed the painful 40 Days and 40 Nights (of Left and Right brain dominated worlds – words and images – instructions and dreams – respectively), there is no clear out of their no-go zones.

        Any child that does go there will be corrected through exposure to their horror. The rage that is their life source.

        The creatures of the day and those of the night.

        These who feed you what you want to hear. The Agenda driven.

        Conservative. Ha!

      • The lion or the sheep, raised by humans, become too civilized to return back to nature. Fear, rage and anger does not motivate them instantaneously, to survive in the jungle. They need to be wild.

        Conversly, if animals are raised by Socialists, Homosexuals and Muslims, (In the Name of the Mother, Daughter, and Moon God) those animals are mad and disturbed. Beaten to submission to be good in those households. Controlled puppets. Love, Identity, Memorization. Issued their Halal/Haram rewards.

        How much more then, a child?

  3. He is right, use their protest adn civil disobedience tactics against them. When the tens of thousands of soccer fans and vets marched in Britain the government did nothing and antifa stayed well away. Organize to protest and protest to change the world, we have to create a new world to replace the one the left has destroyed. This new world should include the freedom loving people of the world protesting the efforts of the left to enslave them.

  4. Use Their Own Warfare Against Them

    It’s long overdue for this meme to have finally surfaced. Unfortunately, this is not the most ideal method of its application.

    The time has come (actually, since well over a decade ago) to use Islam’s own types of warfare against its complacent and too often un-protesting ummah. First and foremost would be:

    Collective Punishment

    Jihadist terrorism is a pure embodiment of collective punishment. Innocents and combatants alike are heaped together upon the pyre of cruel Muslim efforts to establish globally enforced (Islamic) sharia law.

    Sooner or later, Western powers will be obliged to overcome their squeamishness about imposing upon the Islamic world many of the same brutal tactics that Muslims have used throughout Islam’s entire 1,400-year history.

    For each jihadist attack (be it Sunni or Shiia, etc.), somewhere between 100X to 1,000X reciprocal fatalities will need to be incurred. Preferably in a village-of-origin for the the assailant (or villages of assailants), but in the absence of such data, however many targets chosen at random will do just fine. After all, rarely is the West graced with anything approaching this same degree of calculated sensitivity, eh?

    To be clear, I have talked to more than a few members of the American military (including an individual that oversaw high-level handling of US nuclear weapons) who regularly expressed astonished disappointment that certain Middle Eastern targets Riyadh were not promptly vaporized in response to the 9-11 Atrocity.


    Mohammad famously said, “war is deceit”. To quote Jean-Luc Picard, “Make it so!”

    Mislead our Islamic foes, allow them to cluster up for convenient bombing runs. I no longer have any sympathy for an enemy that deliberately seeks to misdirect the West’s military replies. The next well-attended Taliban funeral deserves a MOAB.


    Perhaps, it’s time for this world’s Islamic population to experience the exact same uncertainty that so many people in the West are now obliged to fret about.

    As mentioned above in, “Collective Punishment”: Providing random Muslim communities (regardless of size or global situation) with a chance to undergo all of the worrisome and devastating outcomes that Islam’s (frequently out-of-uniform) troops exuberantly impose upon the West just might inspire these—be they of urban or rustic location—with a slightly more sympathetic (mayhap, non-denominational) attitude. Who can tell? Who farking cares?!?

    It is the very least that can be done—by so many ever-conciliatory Western powers—to share (with the constantly-pleasant ummah) whatever joys there are to be had from being routinely exposed to beneficent jihadism.

    Demolishing Theocracy

    The notion of Western Civilization returning to a centuries-pas model of stringent religious governance should be more than sufficient when it comes to inspiring non-Muslims about why (violently) opposing Islamic sharia law is so crucial.

    Any possible concept involving religious councils deciding cases of law, rather than Constitutional, judicial courts and peer juries, should be all that’s required to induce jelly-kneed quivering in most sane Western minds.

    These are but a short-list of countermeasures. The actual inventory would take pages.

    Clearly, nothing of the sort is happening. This is why—although Milo Yiannopoulos’ intentions are of the very best and most articulate sort—there is a “next stage”, as referred to above, that will bring to bear a level of violence and warfare which too few in the West (including Milo) seem relatively unaware of.

    To close, there is no small irony that a flamboyant gay like Yiannopoulos somehow manages to disregard the “Clash of Civilizations” (per Huntington) which approaches with inexorable rapidity. How Milo is able to convince himself otherwise merely remains a cause for even greater concern.

    PS: Perfectchild’s ASSessment (with the emphasis on ASS) will be of immense curiosity.

    • Out.
      Just get them out.
      Keep them out.
      Pack their enablers a box-lunch and send them out too.
      Out. Out. Out.
      Staff and volunteers from humanitarian NGOs will deplane in Pyongyang.

    • Prior to WWII A British Officer Ord Wingate protected a pipeline through the holy land by using a Jewish Militia to enforce collective punishment. Every time the pipe line was bombed they destroyed the nearest Arabic village. It didn’t take too long before the Arabs were patrolling the pipe line and killing the terrorists to save their villages.

      • It didn’t take too long before the Arabs were patrolling the pipe line and killing the terrorists to save their villages.

        Curious, that…

    • My ASSessment NorseRadish is
      the West is too dependent on Islamic oil.

      This is why there is no declared war, while cvilians are being killed.

      The oil will just goes to Russia and China.

      Your plan to do to the Nazi as they do to you is not inspired.

      • Perfectchild,

        Please spare me the Nazi crap. As if they invented collective punishment.

        You can do better than that (in every best sense).

        Sadly, averting Western dependence upon MME oil by using hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is suicidal. We can upend OPEC, but it requires something better than poisoning our deep water aquifers.

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