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  1. Iran and the New Land Corridor

    Executive Summary: “Reports emerged recently suggesting that Iran-backed forces are closer to controlling the Syria-Iraq border. This would mean Tehran will now be able to link up with its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. If this scenario is correct, after 12 years of conflict in Iraq and another conflict in Syria, Iran is steadily transforming into a more powerful geopolitical player whose influence will be projected hundreds and maybe thousands of kilometers beyond its borders.”

    • It will take a few years for Iran to establish a safe corridor to the Med. if they manage to establish a safe corridor and build a Naval base politics around the Med are going to be very different. Think about the problems in Europe if Iran can land people and equipment anywhere on the European shore to aid the Islamic invaders already in Europe.

  2. Dems Backtrack On Calls For Franken Resignation

    During a Tuesday appearance on CNN, Democrat Sen. Chris Van Hollen pointedly dodged questions over whether he would continue to push for the resignation of Sen. Al Franken – who was accused of groping a sleeping female soldier.

    It seems, after the razor thin victory that Democrats won against Roy Moore in Alabama– with the help of loudly trumpeted assault allegations – there is no reason to boot Franken from his seat. Indeed, the chorus of voices calling for Franken to resign has been replaced with a saner, yet transparently and hypocritically self-serving, line of throught.

    On Monday, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin described it as “atrocious” that the Democrats did so little to have Franken’s back. “The most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen done to a human being—and then have enough guts to sit on the floor, watch him give his speech and go over and hug him? That’s hypocrisy at the highest level I’ve ever seen in my life. Made me sick,” Manchin said.

  3. New Terror Groups Poised to Take Over From ISIS

    Political analysts commenting in Iraqi media have cautioned that at least four jihadi groups in the country are poised to take over from the defeated Islamic State.

    The terror groups are mainly operating in the areas south of Kirkurk and the northern part of the Diyala region. Sources have also not negated the possibility that al-Qaeda is resurfacing in Iraq and that these new groups are part of al-Qaeda.

    The foothold these groups are acquiring has been made possible mainly by the withdrawal of Kurdish forces in the Kurdistan region. Armed Kurdish units were forced to withdraw by the overpowering Iraqi army in the aftermath of the Kurdish vote for independence at the end of September 2017.

    Fighting alongside the Iraqi army were the Popular Mobilization Forces, or Hashd al-Shaabi, Iranian-backed Iraqi Shiite militias hostile to the Kurds. The militias entered areas where sizable parts of the population were Shiite and burned the houses of the Kurds, causing the Kurds to flee.

  4. This shows the futility of calling this a war on terror, you take out one terror group and another pops up. This wack a mole war will continue until either a new Caliph emerges that unites the majority of the Islamic world or the West wakes up and realizes that the vast majority of the followers of Mohammad (most of Islam) is at war with us and decides to fight this like the war of survival that it is.

    • Can’t teach law enforcement and intelligence officers the basics about Islamic jihad till the White House gets rid of sharia shills and communists. They’re preventing the hiring of people like Coughlin, Spencer, and Lopez.

      Who’s tasked with killing PC revisions to training materials? We could all cite names and damning quotes from the “team” [opposing team] PT’s put together. Any policy professional could do even better: Replace the suckers.

      These positions don’t require Congressional approval. No Deep State machinations here. Potus simply CHOOSES not implement the policy he’s espousing.

      This one is on him.
      He’s blowing hot air. Personnel is policy.

      Doesn’t want another slew of enemies?
      I get it.
      But don’t make hypocritical noises. We’re flying high on positive “winning” noise – the markets, consumer confidence, anticipated RoI.

      But at some point the rubber meets the road.
      Another year of incompetent bunglers cranked out of law enforcement academies. That’s priced in lives lost. Not a good deal.

  5. Europe’s “Arab Street” Rises Up

    by Douglas Murray
    December 20, 2017 at 5:00 am

    It is now a fortnight since President Trump made his historic announcement about the status of Jerusalem. The speech which announced that America would drop the pretence that Jerusalem is not the capital of the State of Israel was relayed live around the world. Across the major networks and the world’s front pages the response was almost unanimous. They proclaimed this a major foreign policy blunder which would lead to any number of problems including — many predicted — an immediate “third intifada.”

    The world’s cameras immediately turned to Bethlehem where a small group of enterprising Palestinians burned an American flag for the cameras. This picture went around the world. Otherwise, not very much appeared to be happening. Hamas called for a “Day or Rage” — as opposed to the days of peace and harmony the terrorist group ordinarily calls for — but this did not spill out very far. The Friday immediately following the announcement might have been a flashpoint, tempers being famously frayed after the act of afternoon worship. And yet, as the BBC’s veteran reporter Jeremy Bowen tweeted from the scene, “At Damascus Gate in Jerusalem press pack outnumbering demonstrators.” The fabled “Arab Street” had been meant to rise up. And it did rise up. But not in the Arab world.

    • Read the entire article, it is though provoking.

      The contrast between the reaction of Potus moving our Embassy to Jerusalem is very telling, in the Islamic world the reaction was a few yawns and a hand full of people showing up for the obligatory protests with photos that will keep the Western Media around for the Arabs to exploit.

      In Europe the reaction ranged from large angry shouting protests to riots. These reactions show that the vast majority of the invaders “migrants” are committed fundamentalist who support violent jihad but who also want to conquer Europe.

  6. Britain: The “Islamophobia” Industry Strikes Again

    by Bruce Bawer
    December 20, 2017 at 4:30 am

    Founded in 1968, the Runnymede Trust describes itself as “the UK’s leading independent race equality think tank.” Its chair is Clive Jones CBE, a former executive at Britain’s ITV; its director is Omar Khan, a Governor of the University of East London and member of a variety of advisory groups involving ethnicity and integration. Runnymede’s reports are taken extremely seriously, and its recommendations heeded, at the highest levels of the British government.

    In 1994, Runnymede published a report on anti-Semitism. Its title, A Very Light Sleeper, was borrowed from a statement by the author Conor Cruise O’Brien: “Anti-Semitism is a very light sleeper.” Now, anyone familiar with contemporary Britain knows that the alarming contemporary rise in Jew-hatred in that country – as in all of western Europe – is principally a consequence of the growing population of Muslims. But the Runnymede Trust’s report seemed designed mainly to divert attention away from that fact. Tracing anti-Semitism through Luther, Voltaire, Marx, Henry Ford, and Hitler, the report did a splendid job of implicitly identifying anti-Semitism as a Western phenomenon – a product of what the report presented a distinctively Western tendency to divide the world into “us” and “the Other.”

  7. Rampant Pedophilia in Pakistani Madrassas

    by Lawrence A. Franklin
    December 20, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Sexual abuse of young boys and girls in Pakistan’s madrassas (Islamic schools) continues to be both pervasive and suppressed, according to the latest “Cruel Numbers” annual report by Sahil, a child-protection NGO operating in four of the country’s main provinces.

    A recent Associated Press (AP) probe provided accounts of the rampant pedophilia, allowed to go unchecked due to a combination of factors, among them the fact that most of the victims are from poor and vulnerable families. Those who do try to complain are often bribed or threatened into silence. As a result, the head of Sahil said, the 359 cases reported by the media over the past decade are “barely the tip of the iceberg.”

    A mere fraction of sexual-abuse allegations has reached the court adjudication stage, and only a handful of the perpetrators in those cases have been indicted; very few have been convicted. Islamic judicial officials, and even civil court judges, usually urge those accused of sexual abuse to offer “blood money” to the victim or the family in exchange for withdrawing the complaint and “forgiving” the perpetrator.

  8. Lavish SoKo think-tankie publication:
    The Forex Effect: US Dollars, Overseas Networks, and Illicit North Korean Finance

    Executive Summary
    Recent United Nations Security Council resolutions 2371 and 2375 and United States Executive Order 13810 have dramatically increased restrictions on North Korean overseas economic activity. Though North Korea has employed an array of overseas networks to counter international sanctions, the need to adapt has fundamentally changed the regime’s international economic exposure.

    Today, the regime is dependent on the flow of hard currency to function. Maintaining this access and evading international sanctions have required the regime’s foreign exchange banks to offshore critical financial infrastructure overseas. The resulting illicit overseas networks play a vital role as proxies for the North Korean banking and foreign exchange systems. However, being integrated into the international systems of banking, commerce, and logistics leaves these networks exposed to international law enforcement actions.

    In this report, we build on the findings of our previous research to conduct an in-depth examination of the structure of North Korean illicit networks through their ties to the foreign exchange system. We focus in particular on the networks surrounding North Korea’s major foreign exchange banks, which, tasked with the management of hard currency, have found themselves serving as a financial lifeline for the regime.

    Our report finds that this financial structure is reliant on a system that North Korea cannot control and is therefore vulnerable to systemic disruption.
    I’ve been reading elsewhere how profitable NorK has been for SoKo over the decades. Only fraction estimates are available in public documents. Slave labor and bargain resources seem to have played a substantial role in the miracle growth of this ‘Tiger’ nation.
    When will the South have to pay the Piper? Do they anticipate transfusions of American blood? Complicated business…

    • Some freaking at the UN, responses:
      Dec. 15: South Korea says North close to ‘weaponization’

      South Korea’s vice foreign minister says North Korea is “in the final stages of nuclear weaponization” and is urging the international community to grasp the urgency of the threat this poses and find ways to halt its nuclear program.

      Cho Hyun warned a ministerial meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Friday that if North Korea can put a nuclear warhead on an intercontinental ballistic missile “it will fundamentally alter the security landscape in the region and beyond.”
      The link looks kinkie, maybe because Lil’Snitch is cranked to the max. Asked for my zip-code, I denied, but was connected anyway.

      • I didn’t have any problem.

        This fits with the other reports, including the reports that North Korea is working on bio weapons for missile warheads. Also if the germs will survive re-entry a nuclear warhead will survive re-entry.

  9. Politico Reporter Defends Bombshell Report That Obama Admin Stonewalled Hezbollah Probe

    Politico’s Josh Meyer is standing by his bombshell report that the Obama administration sabotaged a law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah for fear of jeopardizing the Iran nuclear deal.

  10. CBC – Montreal couple cleared of terror charges

    A Montreal couple has been cleared of terror charges. El Mahdi Jamali, and Sabrine Djermane were accused of plotting a trip to ultimately join ISIS. Jamali was found guilty on one count: possessing an explosive without a lawful excuse.

  11. Sesame Street Wins Grant to Help Children of War

    The MacArthur Foundation awarded Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee $100 million Wednesday to help educate Syrian refugee children through home visits, learning centers and local versions of Sesame Street. (Dec. 20)

  12. Netherlands: Kosher restaurant attack trial suspended in Amsterdam

    The Court of Amsterdam suspended the trial regarding an attack by a Palestinian man on a kosher restaurant for three months, Wednesday.

  13. Arab Coalition: 83 ballistic missiles fired by Houthis toward Saudi Arabia so far (saudigazette, Dec 20, 2017)

    “The Iranian-backed Houthi militias have so far fired 83 ballistic missiles toward Saudi Arabia, spokesman of the Coalition forces Col. Turki Bin Saleh Al-Malki announced here on Wednesday.

    He said the Coalition was able to intercept and destroy the latest ballistic missile that targeted populated areas in Riyadh on Tuesday.

    At a press conference held at the King Salman Airbase in Riyadh, he said the Coalition welcomed the global support for Saudi Arabia.

    He announced that the legitimate government now controls 85 percent of Yemeni territories.

    He stressed the danger of Iranian intervention in the region.

    He further said that the Coalition is continuing its efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people, despite the continuation of missile launches toward Saudi Arabia.

    He said that over 11,000 Houthi militias have been killed so far.

    The Coalition Spokesman showed videos of airstrikes on buildings used for the production of missiles in Saada, Yemen. He also showed videos of the airstrikes against Houthi headquarters in the city.

    Answering questions from the press, Al-Malki disclosed that the Coalition is carrying out plans for liberating Sanaa from the clutches of the Houthis…”

  14. Erdogan denies Ottomans forces looted Medina (ansamed, Dec 20, 2017)

    “Turkey and the UAE on Wednesday trade accusations over an alleged historical incident.

    The two have long been on opposite sides of a Gulf crisis involving Qatar.

    The argument erupted after UAE foreign minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Mahyan retweeted that the Ottoman governor of Medina, Fahreddin Pascià, who was in power between 1916 and 1919, had been accused of sacking the city holy to Islam and stealing some sacred items from the tomb of the Prophet Mohamed that are now exhibited in Istanbul. The tweet was posted on Saturday and accused the Turks of having stolen most of the manuscripts from the Mahmudiyah library and having sent them to Turkey. “These are Erdogan’s ancestors, and their history with Arab Muslims,” read the tweet.

    Turkish president Recept Tayyip Erdogan reacted on Wednesday by saying that ”those miserable people who are delirious enough to shamelessly and tirelessly say Erdogan’s ancestors stole sacred items from there and brought them to Istanbul – it was to protect them from the people that came to invade”. He then accused the UAE and other countries not explicitly named of ”plotting” against Turkey, suggesting hostility to the key role taken on by Ankara in the Muslim world as part of the clash over Jerusalem.”

  15. Horrific violence against child bride sends shock waves across Afghanistan (khaama, Dec 20, 2017)

    “New distressing reports have emerged regarding the violence against a child bride in Afghanistan sending shocking across the country as violence against women remain a critical issue in various remote parts of Afghanistan.

    The child bride, Gul Hazar, who is now believed to be only 12-years-old now has disclosed the miseries she has faced since she got married.

    Gul Hazar says she has faced various types of tortures from her in-laws family members who have on certain occassions attempted to murder her.

    According to Gul Hazar, she was sent to the mountains by her father-in-law to collect fire wood and in return she was receiving the remaining foods of the dog of the family.

    She disclosed the miseries she faced after she was brought to Feroz Koh city, the provincial capital of Ghor province.

    The signs of brutal torture can clearly be seen on the body parts of Gul Hazar including her hands with her close relatives saying up to 150 torture signs can be seen on her body.

    A relative of the child Sakhidad says the in-laws of Gul Hazar have even tortured the girl sexually and on some occassions the father-in-law and mother-in-law of the girl have inserted sticks in her vagina.

    The doctors in Feroz Koh city have confirmed the girl has suffered tremendously from tortures which cannot be described in words.

    In the meantime, the security officials in Ghor province are saying that the husband, father-in-law, and mtoher-in-law of the girl have been arrested.

    The acting police chief of Dolina district Bismiallah Sediqi confirmed that the in-laws of the child have been arested an investigation is underway from the detainees who have been shifted to Feroz Koh city.”

  16. Russia deploys heavy military equipment on Afghanistan-Tajikistan border (khaama, Dec 20, 2017)

    “The Russian military has deployed heavy military equipment along the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan apparently to prevent the threats posed by the terror groups to the Central Asian countries, it has been reported.

    Chief of the Main Directorate of the International Military Cooperation at the Russian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Aleksandr Kshimovsky on Tuesday informed regarding the deployment of the military equipment in support of the Tajikistan border forces.

    He told the RT TV that the armaments will make it possible to expand the capabilities of Tajikistan’s armed forces “to repel the terrorist threat and create an effective barrier along the Tajik-Afghan border.”

    He said Russia delivered T-72B1 tanks, BTR-80 and BTR-70 armored personnel carriers, BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters, D-30 howitzers, anti-aircraft mounts, surveying equipment, communications equipment and logistics property.

    This comes as Russia has long been expressing concerns regarding the deteriorating security situation in northern parts of Afghanistan.

    The country is mainly concerned regarding the attempts being made by the ISIS terrorist group loyalists to expand their foothold in northern parts of Afghanistan.

    Earlier, reports emerged suggesting that some foreign militants belonging to the ISIS terrorist group have migrated from Syria and Iraq after they were hardly suppressed during the military operations.”

  17. Man chops off wife’s nose in Dera Ghazi Khan for refusing to return home (tribune, Dec 20, 2017)

    “A man was booked on Wednesday for chopping off his wife’s nose at her home in Dera Ghazi Khan when she refused to reconcile with him.

    Sameena Bibi had left her husband Rashid Hussain’s house in Faridabad neighbourhood a few months ago following a domestic dispute.

    Police said Rashid went to his in-law’s residence to reconcile with his wife. However, when she refused to return home with him, he allegedly sliced off the tip of her nose with a sharp knife…”

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