Germany: Diapers in the Kiddie Pool on Women’s Bathing Day

An original translation from Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung:

Problems at the women’s bathing day
Guests violate hygiene rules
The women’s bathing day in the Vahrenwalder Bath is getting out of kilter. Bathing guests enter the pool fully dressed. The bath’s female employees aren’t able to assert themselves. The town is considering counter measures.

Hannover. The weekly women’s’ bathing day in the Vahrenwalder Bath is causing massive ripples. Hundreds of guests, allegedly, enter the non-swimmer-pool in Jeans and ignore other hygiene regulations too. They ignore the female employees’ warnings, even threaten the public servants. The employees now turned to the city administration. This is what sports’ department head Konstanze Beckedorf has just reported in the confidential part of the sports’ committee, according to information that HAZ obtained. The municipal politicians were stunned and demanded that the bathing regulations must be respected.

The city’s administration is officially answering the HAZ’s enquiry that the problem is known, and that currently, meaningful measures are discussed. „The cancellation of the women’s’ bathing day is not an option“, says city spokesman Ulrike Serbent.

Each Friday, the Vahrenwalder Bath is open for women only between 5PM until 9PM. Mothers can also bring boys up to the age of three. The women’s bathing day is, by all accounts, welcomed particularly by Muslimas. Now, numerous problems surface. Women enter the pool in street clothes, and dye their hair in the non-swimmer section. They enter the sauna in street clothes, too. Diapers are thrown into the paddle pond, dustbins used as toilets. Sometimes the women are having picnics at the poolside.

The female employees of the bath are now anxious. If they remind the bathing guests to adhere to the rules, this often prompts massive arguing. Some guests threaten to fetch their husbands and brothers. Allegedly, the bath’s employees have issued house bans for people, but these are being ignored. The female employees have now complained to the bath’s administration.

According to HAZ information, the administration is considering to position security staff at the entrance. Further, they consider employing a male pool supervisor, if necessary. The city intends to better regulate the influx of visitor on women’s’ bathing day in the future, and to prevent the pool from getting overcrowded. The majority of the town’s politicians welcome the planned measures. Abandoning the women’s bathing day should just the last resort, is the opinion heard from the politicians.

It is not the first time that there are problems at the women’s bathing day. In 2005, guests reported that women were getting into the pool fully dressed. The city administration denied this and called it rumors.

Translator’s note:
Most large German mainstream newspapers abolished their comment sections, or don’t allow comments under ‘sensitive’ articles. Only smaller local newspapers, like the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung here, do. We seized this rare opportunity and translated a few of the German readers’ comments. You decide: Is there still hope, or is Germany lost?

Staunch Democrat 13.12.2017, 20:02:00
What, counter measures? The cultural competence of the female bath employees must be strengthened, and they should receive anti racism training.

# 13.12.2017, 21:25:00
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blackhawk60 14.12.2017, 06:50:00
Too much vagueness
There is too much “allegedly” in the text. It would be good to have clarity. Especially, before getting into a fret.

framue 14.12.2017, 07:42:00
Not vague at all
I can tell you from my own experience as a pool supervisor 20 years ago that an above-average number of muslim co-citizens do not adhere to the rules. Violent assaults were business as usual, theft, house bans, police actions.

Bodie72 14.12.2017, 08:23:00
The dream of multi culturalism, cultural enrichment, integration (and willingness to integrate), hand in hand with the readiness to unlimited self-denial, leads to the abuse of respect and freedom, and the opposite for those who grant the consideration. The daily living together is not made easier, but more difficult. If people don’t wake up in this country and oppose such bloomers, then we will have unbearable conditions in the near future. Folks, wake up, at last!

Nachodka 14.12.2017, 09:05:00
It’s not good to defame other bathing cultures like that. Where is the problem when someone enters the pool with fresh and clean street clothes? The pool has got an efficient filter system, and the water is chlorinated. We should have more consideration, and maybe simply join in the picnic at the poolside.

rene 14.12.2017, 09:56:00
These Muslim co-citizens partially live in parallel societies and have no will or readiness to integrate. “Islam belongs to Germany” For that to become true, some Muslims will have to change 180 degrees. If the circumstances depicted are true (and I suppose they are), then the Muslims living in Germany won’t be accepted, and they are just fostering stereotypes of rejection.

a human being 14.12.2017, 11:26:00
why not have a picnic in the bath? Of course, defecating into the pool and dying hair is a Nono, but apart from that I find the idea quite endearing to organize your trip to the swimming pool nicely. The food you can buy on site is disgusting and unhealthy – why not bring your own? A picnic is connecting, and eases the atmosphere. Why not walk new paths? Oh, right, because we are in Germany. The country that defines community by stiffly adhering to rules. Other cultures have more joy for living in daily life. I miss that. I do not enjoy swimming pool visits because I think the sterile, cold, impersonal surroundings is repulsive.

framue 14.12.2017, 11:49:00
@ a human being
Wonderful, we’ll come over to you, have a picnic and inspect your household. Don’t be awkward in this square Germany with no joy for living.

a human being 14.12.2017, 11:56:00
A private apartment and a public bath are different concepts.

Frank.H. 14.12.2017, 13:48:00
Unfortunately, I have witnessed several times that Muslim co-citizens relieved themselves completely in the showers and in the pool. Unfortunately, all respect is lost, there is no will, and there is an enormous aggressiveness. After we made a comment in the bath, they waited for us outside with an axe-knife.

# 14.12.2017, 16:10:00
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  1. Merkel invited a bunch of 7th Century savages into Europe, why does anyone expect the women to be less savage then the men? They are all followers of Mohammad who believe his bull about them being the pick of the world who will inherit everything. Why should they follow the rules of the Kurrer who are put on this earth to pick up after the Moslems and provide all the Moslems need to live.

  2. Cases of infectious diseases will soar. Westerners will require aggressive treatment for illnesses to which they have minimal immunity. That’ll accelerate mutations to antibiotic resistant bugs.

    NorseRadish has totted the butchers’ bills before.

    This incidental germ warfare adds another item to the debit column – on top of complications from FGM, congenital abnormalities from inbreeding, and battleground numbers of polytrauma victims.

    Positive side of the ledger: Ethnic Germans will die prematurely from inadequate treatment of common age-related conditions. Pension-funding becomes a non-issue.

    sauve qui peut !!

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