Two stories on the state of Canada

1. Ezra discusses the Quebec mosques refusing to allow women to do construction near them. The English media has indeed been hiding this story but its all over French news. Check Reader’s Links comments for the past couple of days.

2. Canadian journalist FIRED from A Bell Media TV station, (the same organization that fired all of their Islam and leftist critical radio hosts at CFRA in Ottawa) for appearing on Fox News where he discussed the state of Freedom of Speech in Canada. The excuse they used is…

Below is the interview that got him fired:

H/T M., MdB with much thanks.


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  1. Canada is following Britain down the road to becoming a Police State, their leaders just aren’t as smart about hiding their efforts to strip the rights from the people.

    All of you Canadians remember Tuckers offer and instructions, if necessary come down and claim you are a free speech refugee.

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