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8 Replies to “President Trump informs Abbas that the US Embassy shall move to the Capital of Israel”

  1. Israel peace process

    If somebody comes up to you and declares that the sky is bright green and that the ocean contains no water, and then the twenty people they brought with them all chant, “Yeah, that’s right. The sky is green and the ocean is dry.”, then the journalist they brought with them from the paper they own writes an article about the green sky and the dry ocean, is it then incumbent upon you to simply accept their “truth” and play along with it, even though it’s utterly ridiculous? Does the sheer fact that the majority have gone crazy mean that you have to join in on their insanity?

    Well that’s what’s been happening with this stupid “Jerusalem” issue. With the possible exceptions of Tokyo and Beijing, there is no city in the world that is as clearly the homeland of a People as is Jerusalem the homeland of the Jews, and still we are humiliating ourselves by going along with this Arab bullshit. How would the Muslims like it if people started saying that Mecca had nothing to do with Muhammad or Islam? How would they like that?

    Good for Trump. Stop letting these sneaky lying sons-of-bitches win all the time. Stand up to them and call them out for the lying murdering rats that they are.

    • Thank you so much, yucki.

      That Europe remains so voluntarily unaware of the abject evil which Hamas represents is a resuscitation of WWII Antisemitism that Nazi Germany would have been ever-so-proud of.

      There is little irony that Germany is drowning in the Antisemitic predators that have invaded been welcomed across their borders. Were the German people truly undeserving of this horrific fate, nothing could be less fitting. Instead, this tsunami of ambulatory bipedal filth has brought about another wave of genocidal sickness that only merits instant rejection.

      Go figure.

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