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8 Replies to “Milo Y in Oz. Protests, arrests, the banality of the leftist violence”

  1. Somebody, probably the girl with the no hair and the sign, has a pipeline into George Soros and some activist groups, and is probably buying free beer at the leftist watering hole tonight after the protest is over. She probably majored in Protest and knows where all the buttons and levers are hidden. Then they can drink free beer and congratulate themselves on being heros as she puts another credibility feather in her hat.

    I for one do not think it should be legal for foreign billionaires to pay people to start riots and act unreasonably. Protest yourself if you think something isn’t right, but paying people to start trouble should be simply criminal. It’s just not right. It goes against natural law – the one against being attacked by a predator. These people are taking bribes to do harm to their own people; they should not be encouraged in any way…

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