Katie Hopkins, Swedes try and block useful info, more: Links 1, December 5, 2017

1. Katie Hopkins responds to fantasy writer, JK Rowlins, who attacked Katie on social media for mentioning things which are true, and raising questions people who wish to survive, will ask.

2. Obama out on the public stage, and claims that America has a “lack of leadership on the issue” of climate change. But in fact for once America does have good leadership on it, as they are dealing with the facts and the science and not ‘the religion of Western industry is causing the end of the world’. That after all, seems to be consistent with the climate change cult member’s behaviours.

3. Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects.

Sweden has proposed banning the public use of legal document search engine Lexbase, which is used to identify the ethnic origins of Swedish criminal suspects.

According to the Swedish government, the data released by the website is too sensitive for the public and should be limited only to professionals like lawyers, journalists, and researchers.

Previously, the website was protected under the Swedish Freedom of Expression Act, but the new legislation could limit what data they are allowed to release, Dagens Industri reports.

(1984 was meant to be a cautionary tale. Not an instruction manual)

4. Finnish presidential candidate for the Finns party TV advert:

5. This appears to be a Christmas public spectacle in Poland Try as you may, you won’t see any Tard guards, Diversity barriers or Koran blocks anywhere near and there are endless references to all aspects of Christmas.

Dear readers. There is a stunning amount of interesting, important and relevant links to news items in the Reader’s Links post for today as well as the last couple of days. Please do take a look. One example, but just one, is how the former 2IC of France, Manuel Valls, actually admits that Islamic terror is absolutely about Islam and we have to admit it or perish to it. He is still on about moderate muslims etc. But its still a pretty far cry from Sweden now wanting to block public access from any database that actually shows where violent criminals are from.

Thank you EB., M., Wrath of Khan, Kathy, Johnny U., Perfect Child, and a long and deeply appreciated list of people who diligently find and post links to this site’s Reader’s Links post every day to maintain one of the few places that actually attempts to deal in reality instead of a narrative of make believe.


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  1. “COUNTER terror police have charged two men over an alleged plot to kill Theresa May in Downing Street, it emerged last night.

    Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman and Mohammed Aqib Imran are accused of planning to carry out a suicide bombing and knife attack on No.10.

    The pair were arrested during raids in London and Birmingham last week, a Met Police spokesman said.

    Rahman, 20, and 21-year-old Imran have both been charged with preparing acts of terrorism and are due to appear at Westminster magistrates’ court today.

    News of the arrests came hours after it was revealed MI5 has foiled nine terror attacks on UK soil in the past year”

    Christmas the way it used to be?

    Not while Islam has a free-for-all. (The Communists have torn the society wide open).

    Which permitted escape should the Sarah Tominson-Blythes take?
    Transgender, Feminist, Ghetto or Musselma?
    E-née, Meany, Min’y, or Mo?

    • There is a lot of gang activity in Columbia, both Crips and Bloods are well represented. Mothers move to Columbia to keep their kids out of the gangs but the kids are already in the gang. St. Louis on the east is one gang (Bloods, I think) KC is Crips (I think) one or more shootings every day and break ins every night. If I lived there I would carry a gun at all times even inside my house.

  2. Obama laments lack of US climate leadership

    Can this turd-in-the-punchbowl make himself any more annoying?

    Let’s hope not.

    0bama’s efforts at being a post-presidential figurehead are nauseating in the extreme.

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