Germany: Potsdam Christmas Market Evacuated – Explosive Charge with Nails

This is breaking news.
An original translation from Focus:

Major Police Operation in Potsdam
Device on Potsdam Christmas Market contains nails – blasting agent still unclarified

On suspicion of explosives or arson, a major police operation is underway at the Christmas market in Brandenburg Street in Potsdam. Police forces have identified a suspicious object in Dortustraße.

  • Suspicious package found at Christmas market in Potsdam
  • Special police forces on site
  • Christmas market was cleared
  • Police confirms suspicion of explosives

6.06 pm: According to information from Brandenburg’s Minister of the Interior Karl-Heinz Schröter (SPD), the package found at the Potsdam Christmas Market contained nails. It is unclear whether explosives had actually been in it, said Schröter on Friday evening.
5.37 pm: The police report that the explosive device at the Potsdam Christmas Market has been defused.
5.20 p. m.:”At present it is still unclear whether it is an explosive or arson charge,”Torsten Herbst, spokesman for the Brandenburg police, told FOCUS Online. The blocking circuit has been extended. There is a suspicion of a USBV (a non-conventional explosive or fire device).
5.11 pm: According to police, the suspicion of explosives has been confirmed, according to the “Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten”.
5.07 p. m.: Special forces continue to investigate the package.
4.33 pm: According to the “Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten”, the package is a package measuring 40 x 50 centimetres which was delivered to a pharmacy. According to the news portal, one employee found suspicious wires in it.
4:20 p. m.: Special forces are on site to inspect the suspicious object. This was confirmed by a spokesman of the Brandenburg police.
16.09: The Christmas market is closed from Lindenstraße to the fashion shop H&M and Dortustraße. The area has been cleared. Shops and restaurants are also affected.

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  1. This is a re post of Wrathofkahns post on the readers links

    Islamic Extremists Urge Lone Wolves in Europe, Australia and the U.S. to ‘Burn Children With Oil’ (breitbart, Dec 1, 2017)

    “Calls by an Islamic State-linked group for so-called lone wolves to murder Western children are going viral in Islamic fundamentalist chat rooms.

    The violent message was uncovered by the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist activity on the internet.

    “I wish that I could travel to Europe or America or Australia and, by Allah, burn their children with oil in place of their men and women,” read the message, which was disseminated widely online.

    “I would not choose a market, club, shopping centre, or park… no… no… no… I would choose a kindergarten and a maternity hospital to slaughter them.”…”
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  2. Will no one rid us of these abominable Esquimaux assailants?!?

    After all, who else could it be that strikes in such cold weather? Certainly not the Arabs!!!

    Worst of all, what will it take to ensure that somnolent Europeans finally manage to realize exactly when, how, and where-from these terrorist atrocities arise?

    What sort of abhorrent mass-slaughter will be required to permanently persuade these all-too-tranquil Continentals about how mistaken they are regarding the error of their ways?

    I cannot bring myself to wish upon them any sort of 9-11 Atrocity. All the same, through willful ignorance and an adamant refusal to recognize the obvious, these slumbering Multicultural loons are inviting a terrorist attack that will make all previous jihadist horrors fade into insignificance.

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