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8 Replies to “Police in the Netherlands shoot at knifeman shouting “Allah hu ackbar””

    • I have been shouted at by a womanly Dutchman on a train even for standing up to drunken white youths on a train because “they might have a knife”. Dutchmen are good at not pretending to be brave.

      The location of this incident is key. It was in Urk, which used to be an island in the middle of the IJsselmeer (formerly the Zuiderzee), across the water from Amsterdam and just north-west of Kampen. It’s not on the way anywhere, it’s a town full of fecund white churchgoing fishing families and it’s noted for its patriotic conservatism. The man was either a “dispersed asylum seeker” deliberately placed (as many are) out in the Bible Belt to undermine it, or made a beeline to Urk because it’a a byword for what the Netherlands uses to be.

      • Thank you, we are sadly lacking information on what is happening in Holland and Belgium. We can guess that it is the same as France and Germany but that is just a guess, solid information is always helpful.

        • Yes, it is like France and Belgium, but surprisingly regionalised. The least resistance to Islam is by the Franks, a tribe spanning northern France, central Germany, most of Belgium and the urban core of the Netherlands. Other regions of all these countries are less Frankish, less statist and more patriotic than the dominant bits of the respective countries.

          • I know the Franks were the keenest Crusaders, but in hindsight they did it for power and secret societies and to wreck other forms of Christianity and Judaism and to build their empire, not for the defence of the Gospel.

          • Ditto Richard:
            _Thank-you_ for supplying context we can’t get elsewhere. The history is crucial – that’s a priority target for those who would destroy the nation-state.

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