Major attack on Sufi mosque in Egypt’s Sinai region: Links 1, Nov. 24, 17

1. A couple of links about the Wilfred Laurier political reeducation camp. A phoney apology, and a counter demo which I watched via Faith Goldy’s Periscope feed.

2. It appears the huge attack on a mosque in Egypt was Sunni V Sufi. Typically these attacks are based on religious versions attacking more liberal forms or Sunni V Shiia. This appears to be type B. In today’s attack in Egypt’s Sinai, hundreds where killed. The Sufi are seen by the Sunnis pretty much like they view the Shiia, but just some other flavour of theme as the Sufis tend to have saints and other things the orthodox Sunnis consider polytheism and shirk.

NYT link:



3. The Pope continues his heretical and Globalist ambitions.

4. Hackers Substitute Porn on ISIS Sites

(FWIW this is RIGHT out of Season 5 I think it was, of Homeland. The year that focused on Germany. It opened with exactly this scenario.)

A group of Iraqi hackers placed porn on encrypted message sites used by Islamic State’s ‘news agency’ Amaq.

The hacks are meant to disrupt the flow of communication between ISIS jihadis by creating havoc in the organization and mistrust of supporters for each other.


“Our intention was to flood the market with fake Amaq content in order to dilute the credibility of Amaq – a so-called news agency,” one of the anonymous hacker told Newsweek.


The hackers call themselves Daeshgram, a play on the name of the encrypted messaging application Telegram that is favored by ISIS supporters. “Daesh” is an derogatory acronym in Arabic used to refer to ISIS.

Its been a psychotic day in some ways. Lost track of everything. Mia Maxima Culpa to all but thank you for sending in links. Please do read the daily Reader’s Links post. Always the best part of the site.


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