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4 Replies to “Gad Saad on the Soviet style policies at Laurier U.”

  1. You can get arrested for using the wrong pronoun but it’s OK for Muslims to preach killing Jews and Infidels. What a country!

  2. This young woman, Lindsay Shepherd, has acted heroically in the finest traditions of Western academic history. This is in no way hyperbole. She speaks reasonably to the politically-correct drones (names please!) who natter on inanely concerning protection of the feelings and identity of the individual whose “courage” amounted only to an anonymous denunciation.

    WLU scarcely deserves the title of “University.” “Cultural Re-Education Camp” perhaps. But not “University.”

    • Wonderful young woman.
      I started crying before she did. Sure hope she gets a great job on the strength of character she’s demonstrating here.
      [Goes without saying, NOT in academe.]

  3. Indeed, there should be at least hundreds of people in academia alone willing to stand up and fight against this witch hunt. They love to talk of ‘daring and challenging’ concepts but really only want tenure and a quiet life.

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