Germany: THREE Refugee Accommodations Torched This Weekend! By Nazis? No…

… by their own occupants.

A original translation from B.Z. (Berliner Zeitung):
21 Injured
This Weekend, Germany Saw Three Refugee Hostels Burn

B.Z./dpa November 5, 2017

This weekend, refugee hostels in North Rhine Westphalia, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Bavaria were burning. There are no cues as to the arsons being committed from the outside.

At the fire in the refugee accommodation in Rüthen (North Rhine Westphalia) in the night from Saturday to Sunday, about 20 people suffered light smoke poisoning. Paramedics treated them on-site in the night to Sunday.

An occupant of the accommodation was arrested as the suspect. The 22-year-old Moroccan is suspected to have initiated the fire in his room. The man was inebriated, it was announced. Criminal Police began investigations.

120 asylum seekers saved in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Early Sunday morning, a fire broke out, too, in the fitness room of a refugee accommodation in Jürgenstorf (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). A foam mattress went up in flames. Smoke spread through the whole building. Firemen evacuated all 120 occupants. No one was injured, the damage is minor.

The Police rules out that the arson was committed by outsiders, they are investigating into grave arson.

Room on fire in Bavarian refugee accommodation
Already late Friday evening, there was a room on fire in a refugee accommodation in Ettringen (Bavaria). One occupant was injured. He suffered a minor smoke poisoning, police announced. When the fire broke out on Friday evening there were 18 people in the building. Many of the occupants were only dressed lightly and were provided blankets by the rescuers.

The accommodation will not be inhabitable in the near future, it was announced. It was still unclear how the fire broke out.

Düsseldorf, June 7, 2016: The Refugee accommodation ‘Messehallen’ burns to the ground. A Moroccan started the fire, because he was dissatisfied with the Ramadan dinner.


5 Replies to “Germany: THREE Refugee Accommodations Torched This Weekend! By Nazis? No…”

  1. Before you get mad remember that in their culture charity is for their families only, charity to strangers means they are afraid of the strangers. They are simply applying their culture, we are giving them things, we are afraid, burn the hostel and the people who are afraid will give you better accommodations.

    Now get angry at the politicians that let them in and the invaders who are trying to conquer Europe

  2. The Muslim battle plan has not changed in 1400 years because it keeps on working and working and working. In the first stage, while they’re building their numbers, they are peaceful and kind and show you the “Mecca” verses from their Quran and everything’s fine and dandy. Then, when they become stronger, they begin the process of taking over. And anyone who says anything at all is immediately accused of violence and bigotry and oppression, and then the Muslims have a grievance to nurse. And if the Infidels start to wake up, they can always slow it down for a few years as their numbers quietly grow. And always, they mask their own aggression beneath false accusations of aggression from the Infidels, who are in fact just defending themselves. Eventually, the Infidels will flee the occupied areas and the real estate will be effectively Muslim. It’s just that simple. That do you think London is going to be like it is now after the British people leave and Sharia law becomes the law and the Muslims start demanding a “Homeland-by-the-Thames”?

    And you know what? For failing to alert us to the danger of encroaching Islam and for siding with the Muslims rather than with us, I would gladly see the whole bunch of the mainstream media sitting atop sharpened stakes waiting for the pointy bit to stab through their bodies and finally – but not too quickly – end their well-deserved agony. The traitorous bastards are allowing this invasion to happen by constantly pretending to be fooled by the enemy’s lies as they pocket their pieces of silver…

    • What I wish upon them is even crueller: living out their old age in one of the many heavily “enriched” areas, with about 800 € pension per month. The life they sentence average Germans to.

    • It’s the MUG – media, university, govt – that compromised us like HIV weakens the host. Muslim invasion is a classic opportunistic infection.

      Dr. Bill Warner says we suffer from Stockholm Syndrome with respect to Islam. The historical experience was so devastating, we never came to terms with the reality. We wrote it out of our recorded history, it was just that bad.

      He had to do a great deal of scientific research to reconstruct what really happened: the ports silted up, the desertification, the mysterious distortions in demography.

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