Berlin Police Leadership: Pushing Diversity, Neglecting Ordinary Officers

The stream of allegations is not ending. It appears as if, while Diversity was pushed onto the Berlin Police (see also this interview with the Deputy Police Chief here), the issues of the ordinary officers, policemen and firemen alike, were not so high on the list of priorities.

1. Video: Berlin Police get prescribed a “Culture Change”:

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2. An original translation from Focus:
Grievances in Berlin Police Academy
The Long List of Allegations Against the Deputy Chief of the Berlin Police
By Joseph Hausner
November 03, 2017

The Deputy Police President of Berlin, Margarete Koppers, has come under fire. An instructor lamented in a voice recording what allegedly are fatal circumstances at the capital’s police academy, and spoke of hatred, refusal to learn, and violence, in a class with many police students with migration background.
Shortly thereafter, Focus released excerpts from an anonymous letter of a Land Office Of Criminal Investigations Detective to the police president of Berlin, in which he accuses Koppers of being too close to criminal arab clans. „She is legally represented by a lawyer who also represents an Arab clan“, the letter said, among others.
The experienced detective from Berlin warns of a subversion of the Berlin police by the clans. „Applicants of these clans are accepted at the police – even when they have a criminal record. Allegedly, findings about this are withheld by this very same Deputy President (and future Attorney General).“

Police President Klaus Kandt denies such allegations, speaks of „unfounded, defamatory, possibly even indictable remarks“ against him and Koppers. But the current reports are not the only cases for which the Deputy Police President has come under critics.

1. Gun Range Affair: Dead and sick police officers, because Koppers did not act?
As the ventilation did not work in many gun ranges, it appears that Berlin’s police officers were exposed to poisonous gunpowder fumes and minerals for years. Koppers allegedly learnt already in late 2011 when she was the provisional police president that a report warned of acute health risks from contaminated breathing air, and recommended closing the gun ranges. But for the longest time, nothing happened.
In the meantime, many shooting instructors and police officers have become ill, suffer breathing and lung conditions. Some of them have developed cancer. Five have died, Radio Berlin Brandenburg reported in March. First charges are laid, some doctors see a connection. Some of the victims blame Koppers personally. The police took up investigations against unknown, for suspect of inflicting bodily harm by professional negligence.

2. Manipulated credentials
„Tagesspiegel“ reports a case from 2012 and 2013, when Koppers already was provisional respectively Deputy Police President. A high-ranking position in the Land Office of Criminal Investigation was to be staffed. According to the report, Koppers changed the credentials of a head of division in hindsight, even though it already constituted a legally binding document at that point – to the negative. She downgraded several of his grades. At the same time, the grades of a different candidate, whom Koppers possibly preferred, were upgraded. The Federal Administrative court ruled that this was an unlawful manipulation of a proceeding for a high-ranking position. It were „not perceptible that Deputy President Koppers had sufficient knowledge“ about „the accomplishments“ of the officer, it said. The officer won a temporary ordinance against the staffing of the position. The court did not answer the question whether Koppers might have committed forging of documents.

3. Firemen duped of their afterhours?
End of July, Focus reported that Koppers’ authority might have duped the firemen of Berlin, for whom she is responsible, of paying their afterhours. They had been working up to 55 hours a week for years, even though only 48 hours were permissible. Koppers’ authority said in different procedures that the claims were partially lapsed, and that the firemen had been informed that the authority would assert lapse of time. This led to the demands of the firemen for 2001 until 2004 being rejected. But an employee information from 2008 shows that the firemen were promised exactly the opposite: „The authority will not assert lapse of time of claims“, it says.
The opposition in Berlin sees an initial suspicion of collusion in this contradiction. The interior administration did not want to comment on the allegations back then. In a statement it only said, one „stood with the fire brigade of Berlin unrestrictedly“.

4. Koppers is getting a new top position – but there are inconsistencies in the selection procedure
In November 2015, the position of Attorney General for Berlin was advertised. Koppers, who allegedly is close to the Greens, applied for the position. In the end, she was head to head with the jurist Susanne Hoffmann, who is close to the CDU. So the Justice Senator at the time, Thomas Heilmann of the CDU, convened a selection panel, staffed with, among others, conservative federal judges. Koppers remained absent from each single one of the selection interviews, took a sick leave.
Then in December 2016, after the elections for the house of representatives Berlin, the Green politician Dirk Behrendt replaced the former CDU Senator of Justice Heilmann. Behrendt decided to fully replace the selection panel. As soon as the new panel was appointed, Police President Koppers, who had been on a constant sick leave before, showed up to the interview for the first time. Just a few days later it was decided that Koppers will be the new General Attorney.

There was outrage in parts of the capital. The opposition of CDU and FDP railed at “Green Sleaze”. The defeated competitor – in contrast to Koppers an experienced prosecutor, even Deputy Chief Investigator in Brandenburg – pressed charges. But the District Court rejected the lawsuit at the first court. Now, Hoffmann wants to take the lawsuit to the Higher Administrative Court.

Gun Range Affair: as the General Attorney, Koppers would be chief of the investigations
The Green senator Behrendt is happy about the decision at the first court: „Berlin will get an intrepid and energetic General Attorney. She has already proven this in several positions“, he said.
The opposition views it differently. „Koppers is responsible for the desolate situation at the police“, says Marcel Luthe of the FDP Berliner to FOCUS Online. „And now she will move on, to damage the Prosecution next?“

The investigation against unknown for causing bodily harm by professional neglect, in the gun range affair, are ongoing. If Koppers indeed becomes General Attorney, she will soon be the boss of the investigations.

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9 Replies to “Berlin Police Leadership: Pushing Diversity, Neglecting Ordinary Officers”

  1. Berlin Police Leadership: Pushing Diversity, Neglecting Ordinary Officers

    Ask any career military professional, non-com or commissioned officer about what happens when the rank-and-file are studiously neglected. A few words spring to mind:

    • Noncompliance
    • Insubordination
    • Fratricide
    • Fragging
    • Mutiny

    Perhaps others with more service-based experience (like Richard) will be kind enough to help clarify about the risks carried by those who willingly disregard those who serve.

    Like Islam, there is no happy ending to this sort of willful, command-level misconduct.

    • Don’t set with your back to a window that doesn’t have heavy drapes, listen for the spoon to fly off the grenade (sounds like a zippo being opened) make sure your body guard isn’t one of this who are pissed.

      And the smartest thing to do, “Get the hell out of Dodge.”</st

      Her actions have the rank and file ethnic Germans pissed at her. Her actions have torn down the restriction that society places on violence. Her action have caused the rank and file ethnic Germans in the police fear the police who aren't ethnic German. Armed people don't like being afraid and they don't like being shit upon by the higher ranks, They are the people who can respond to violence with armed violence and she has removed most of the restraints that society places o. the police. She has set the police towards a future of ethnic violence in their ranks, fragging of the superiors who are shitting on the lower ranks and possibly a mutiny that will turn into a full fledged civil war.

      If she wants to survive the coming chaos she needs to get out of Dodge and change her name. That wont help if experiencef investigators start tracking her unless unless a lot of records are destroyed in the Chaos but it will add a few years to her life.

  2. From what this article’s second photograph indicates, we might wish to thank our stars that Margarete Koppers eschews the headgear and body armor which her subordinates so sensibly adopt.

    Unlike those other grunts employees that she has so carelessly deployed or furnished with such a deplorable lack of that now-rare ingredient—LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE—there is no excuse for her unprofessionalism.

    Please make no mistake about how this lack of Leadership by Example remains, with few if any reasonable exceptions, one of the most fatal and counterproductive aspects of modern politics and Politically Correct (or what passes for) current military command.

    Let’s all hope that some keen-eyed Islamic zealot manages to discern how Margarete Koppers’ flagrant disregard for regulation PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) regulations might merit an atypical degree of attention when it comes to directing some sort of all-too-energetic reminder in her cranial personal direction.

    Again, Koppers’ prinking about with total disregard about setting whatever sort of professional (i.e., PPE) example for the rank-and-file represents a degree of exceptionally harmful disregard, which—not only breeds counterproductive disrespect for well-established safety procedures but—establishes the most harmful and erosive sort of “accepted practices” for those who have the most to lose.

    In this age of ubiquitous high-performance body armor, such staff-level (i.e., institutionalized) indifference regarding PPE amounts to the sort of pompous disregard that WWII officers showed by refusing to shed their shoulder-boards in front line positions.

    Again, I sincerely hope that Richard (or other military veterans) will confirm these conjectures of mine.

    Sidebar: Despite whatever marginal support my career efforts provided, as in, I am not a military veteran: That said, I “fought” in the Cold War and helped to propel crucial USA programs like the Space Shuttle, B2 Stealth Bomber, European Stealth Fighter, and the “Star Wars” SDI (Strategic Defensive Initiative) program—which essentially bankrupted the USSR—through deployment of such critical defense projects.

    Back to the topic at hand: After all, Margarete Koppers is the “brains” of this Politically Correct (anti-indigenous European) operation and full-well deserves every last bit of (merited-or-not) regard that attention whores like her deserve. It can only be hoped that she attracts the notice of someone that will provide her with the richly-deserved rewards that such treasonous, race-traitors, so earnestly merit. Full stop.

    • Basic rules of command:

      1) Live in the same style and eat the same food as the troops

      2) Never order someone to do something you won’t do

      3) Never give an order that you don’t have a responsible expectation of being obeyed.

      3) Never make the troops think you don’t care about their welfare.

      4) Never take things away from the troops that regulations says they are to get.

      Things to always remember, The life expectancy of a Second Lieutenant in combat is 15 seconds, one of these days they will figure out how long it takes the enemy to kill one.

    • NCOs are what keep units together and she has the NCOs complaining about her. This is the worse thing that can happen before the people start refusing ot obey her orders.

      • … she has the NCOs complaining about her.

        The woman’s days are numbered. If she isn’t fired for breeding up dissent, it’s only a matter of time before one of her pet “immigrant” cadets takes a disliking to being ordered around by a woman (kuffar, no less!).

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