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(Keep one eye on the news and another eye out the window today, as communist groups such as “antifa” fantasize about another Bolshevik revolution in the US)

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  1. Taliban chop off elderly woman’s limbs before murdering her in Helmand (khaama, Nov 3, 2017)

    “The Taliban insurgents have brutally murdered an elderly woman on charges of cooperating with the government and security institutions in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

    According to the local government officials, the elderly woman who was around 85-year-old, was initially kidnapped and was later murdered in a brutal way in Garamsir district.

    The provincial governor’s spokesman Omar Zwak confirmed the incident and said the woman was murdered by the Taliban insurgents few days ago.

    He told BBC’s Afghanistan service that the militants initially chopped off the limbs of the elderly woman before murdering her on charges of cooperating and supporting the government…”

    • In the 1979 movie “Apocalypse Now!” there’s a scene where Col. Kurtz (Brando) talks about how the Vietnamese Communists cut off the arms of recently vaccinated village children and tossed them into a pile. The screen writer John Milius said that had actually occurred in a Soldier of Fortune magazine article.

      • This happened several times in Nam, letting the Government in the South take care of the people was something the left couldn’t do and still win the war. Even when they were this ruthless we had destroyed the Cong and fought the North to a stand still when the war protesters in the States convinced the politicians we couldn’t win. In his autobiography Gaip the Defense minister for the North said that if we had stayed in the South for 6 more months the North would have pulled their forces out of Nam, Laos and stopped supporting the communist in Cambodia.

        This is one of the facts about Nam that you will never see on a PBS documentry.

  2. The Latest: Sen. Graham disappointed in Bergdahl sentence

    Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’s “incredibly disappointed” in the sentence Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl received from a military judge.

    The South Carolina Republican, who served as an Air Force lawyer for more than 30 years, says Friday he has tremendous respect for the military justice system. But he says “this sentence in my view falls short of the gravity of the offense.”

    Bergdahl pleaded guilty to endangering his comrades by walking away from his post in Afghanistan. A search for Bergdahl left several U.S. troops badly wounded. A military judge ruled Bergdahl should serve no prison time but gave him a dishonorable discharge, reduced his rank to private and fined him.

    Graham says, “an independent judiciary is the heart and soul of the rule of law but no one is beyond criticism.”


    2:30 p.m.

    A soldier who was wounded searching for Bowe Bergdahl says the lack of prison time in his sentence is “unacceptable.”

    Scores of troops searched for Bergdahl after he walked off his post near the Afghan town of Mest. Prosecutors cited two missions that resulted in serious wounds to two soldiers and a Navy SEAL.

  3. Channel 4 News Presenter Tells Hungarian Minister: ‘Christianity is Not Really a Fundamental of Europe’ (breitbart, Nov 4, 2017)

    “Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a presenter for publicly-owned broadcaster Channel 4, left the Hungarian prime minister’s spokesman “stunned” after asserting that Christianity is “not really a fundamental of Europe”.

    The journalist began his interview with Dr Zoltán Kovács, Hungary’s Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, in a decidedly hostile fashion, asking him “what it is about migration that he’s afraid of”.

    “It’s an uncontrolled and apparently unstoppable form of migration,” the minister explained.

    “It’s illegal migration, per se. We’ve seen altogether almost two million people arrive into Europe in less than two years, and that’s an alarming issue especially if it’s related to those areas and events which are surrounding Europe–”

    “Do you mean Muslims?” the journalist interjected angrily.

    “No, I mean civil war areas from where potential terrorists are coming, and as a matter of fact we all know that the perpetrators of the Paris and Belgium attacks did come through the illegal migration way,” replied the Hungarian.

    Guru-Murthy, who is from a Hindu background himself, continued to push his guest to admit it was Muslims “you most object to”.

    Dr Kovács said frankly that his government believes that “the large-scale migration of a different culture into the European continent is a problem,” prompting a furious response.

    “Why? What do you mean, ‘a different culture’?” Guru-Murthy demanded.

    The journalist was incredulous when the Hungarian began to elaborate on the role of Christianity in shaping European civilisation.

    “For Europe? I mean, that’s not really a sort of a fundamental of Europe, is it?”, Guru-Murthy asserted.

    “It was stunning, really,” Dr Kovács wrote when recalling the interview.

    “To listen to this interview is to behold the yawning gulf that has grown between the Western media elite and the people of Europe, particularly the citizens of Hungary and Central Europe.

    “For example, when I spoke of our opposition to the large-scale migration of a different culture to the European continent and that Christianity is the core of European culture, Guru-Murthy said this: ‘But Europe? I mean, [Christianity] is not really a sort of fundamental of Europe, is it?’

    “Stop and let that sink in for a moment. ‘Christianity is not really a sort of fundamental of Europe.’

    “Never mind that it’s historically false. Put aside for a moment all of European history … Even today, that view expressed by the Channel 4 journalist is completely at odds with the view of many, many citizens of Europe.”

    Dr Kovács also clashed with Guru-Murthy at length on the subject of Hungarians who travel to Britain for work legally, with the journalist repeatedly insinuating that they are no different from the illegal migrants Hungary is holding back with its successful border wall.

    “The Freedom of Movement is for European citizens. It’s not for third-party citizens, or those who are trying to come to Europe as illegal migrants,” the Hungarian insisted, branding Guru-Murthy’s efforts to conflate the two “disturbing”.”

  4. Teaching Union Slammed for Defending Islamist Trojan Horse Plotters (breitbart, Nov 4, 2017)

    “The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has been slammed for appearing to support an event where speakers were expected to defend the Trojan Horse plotters and argue the scandal was part of an anti-Muslim conspiracy.

    The event – titled “Trojan Horse: The facts!” – was attended by the NUT’s general secretary Kevin Courtney, as well a journalist who argues it was “a lurid figment of the neo-Conservative imagination,” and the banned former school governor at the centre of the scandal.

    The event was organised Friday night by Muslim lobby group Mend, who have been described as “Islamists posing as civil libertarians” who have promoted “extremism” and even justified attacks on British troops.

    UKIP’s Education Spokesman, David Kurten, told Breitbart London: “It is gravely disturbing that members of the country’s largest teaching union are thought to be joining MEND at a conference where speakers are expected to defend the Trojan Horse plot.

    “This scandal put thousands of British children in real danger of having their minds warped and damaged by Islamist ideology.”…”

  5. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri Announces Sudden Resignation – Reports (sputniknews, Nov 4, 2017)

    “The prime minister of Lebanon said that he fears there’s a “plot to target his life,” according to local media.

    In a televised address on Saturday, Prime Minister Hariri announced an unexpected resignation saying the atmosphere in the country resembles that before the assassination of his father, former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, who was killed in 2005.

    The politician pointed out he “sensed what is being plotted covertly to target my life,” according to Reuters…”

    • MoA-Lebanon – Hariri’s Resignation – The Opening Shot Of The Saudi War On Hizbullah

      […]Today the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri resigned with a statement issues from Saudi Arabia on the Saudi Arabian TV station Al Arabia

      […]The Hariri family made its money as owner of Saudi Oger, a construction company in Saudi Arabia. The Hariris have Saudi passports. Business has gone bad under Hariri junior. In July Saudi Oger closed shop and the former billionaire family is rumored to be bankrupt. The Saudi rulers sponsors them.

      […]They sent a private jet and hauled Hariri to Riyadh. There the Saudi clown prince Mohammad bin Salman gave Hariri his resignation statement (written by Thamer?) to be read by him on Saudi TV.

      Irony alert: The Lebanese PM (with a Saudi passport) resigns on order of Saudi Arabia, in Saudi Arabia, on Saudi Arabian TV. In his Saudi written resignation statement (excerpts) he accuses Iran of foreign meddling in Lebanese politics.

      • ‘Moon-over-Alabama’ is worth reading to understand how a certain segment of the conservative base shapes reality. He’s very knowledgable, convincing till you see the systematic distortion. I might come to the same conclusions as he does, but for very different reasons.

        It’s the foreign policy prism of Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul. It’s where gadflies on the left, like Pepe Escobar, meet those on the right, like Ann Coulter. RT gets it, promotes them all.

        The arguments are ALWAYS framed against Zionists, globalists, banksters, and neocons. Israel-firsters and their useful idiots are everywhere. When both Democrat AND Republican align PRO-Iran and ANTI-Israel, neither sees the essential absurdity.

        It’s clever and often credible. Especially to people disposed to believe the joooz run the world on behalf of Satan. The comment sections are most revealing.

        [*]See, for example: Diplomatic Frauds: Kerry, Power, Kirby Lying and Shilling for ‘Body Bags’ and War in Syria.

  6. Spain issues arrest warrant for Catalan leader Puigdemont

    Madrid (AFP) – A Spanish judge issued an EU arrest warrant for Catalonia’s deposed separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, a day after he failed to appear for questioning over his role in the region’s tumultuous independence drive.

    The announcement added to anger and dismay in a second straight night of demonstrations in the wealthy north-eastern region, with protesters chanting and waving Catalan flags of red and yellow stripes with a white star.

    Spanish prosecutors want to charge Puigdemont, holed up in Belgium, with rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds. On Thursday the 54-year-old ignored a summons to appear before the same judge in Madrid.

  7. Republicans seek special counsel’s removal from Russia probe

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three Republican U.S. lawmakers called on Friday for Robert Mueller to resign as special counsel investigating Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, the latest in a series of conservatives’ criticisms of the FBI and Justice Department during the probe of how Moscow may have influenced the campaign.

  8. Source who is being examined by special counsel: “It’s every man for himself”

    Less than a week after two top former Trump campaign officials were indicted and another adviser to the campaign had already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, the pressure on others under scrutiny appears to be growing. One source whose actions during the 2016 election are being examined by the special counsel’s office and who is reluctant to talk publicly tells CBS News, “It’s every man for himself.”

  9. Germany Loses Track of 30K Refugees That Were Denied Asylum

    A new report reveals Germany is struggling to keep track of all the refugees its letting in after doubling its admittance of asylum seekers over the past two years.

    According to new government figures, by the end of 2016 Germany saw a total of 1.6 million people seeking asylum with over half being men.

    This number is more than double of what it was in 2014.

    In addition reports indicate that up to 30,000 migrants who had their asylum request denied and were supposed to be deported disappeared off the government’s radar.

    The new numbers come out as parliament talked over immigration reform were delayed on Thursday.

        • Only if you are fighting a major war, in peacetime 30,000 would be a Division and a half. At the end of WWII the 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels) was the seize of a peacetime Army Corps.

          I was talking about the total number of invaders the Germans have lost track of, memory says it is over 100,000 but I don’t know how much over.

  10. Obama apparently hid 470,000 bin Laden documents so he could mislead America
    By LU Staff November 3, 2017

    Bin Laden is dead, al Qaeda is on the run? Eh….not so much. That was a lie invented by Barack Obama to secure his 2012 reelection as was the myth that Benghazi attack was caused by a lousy anti-Islam movie trailer on YouTube, and the ’80s called they want their foreign policy back. Now thanks to Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard we find out one more Obama national security subterfuge designed to make voters think he was a successful president deserving reelection and to save his legacy Iran deal. The reason why we never got to see those Bin Laden documents till now, was Obama kept them hidden because they hurt his “al Qaeda is on the run” pitch and they revealed an Iran/al Qaeda alliance.

  11. Iran: Thousands commemorate US Embassy takeover in Tehran

    Thousands of people rallied to mark the 38th anniversary of the 1979 incident in which Iranian students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days, in the Iranian capital, Saturday.

    • Iran: Tehran displays ballistic missile outside fmr US embassy on National Day against Arrogance

      A Qadr-F ballistic missile was displayed in downtown Tehran on Saturday, as part of events marking the anniversary of the 1979 US embassy takeover and hostage crisis incident, also known as the ‘National Day of the Fight against Global Arrogance’.

      Thousands of people rallied in front of the former US embassy in Tehran, also known as the “Den of Espionage”, to mark the event.

      NO Access Israel Media/Persian Language TV Stations Inside And Outside Iran/Strictly No Access BBC Persian/VOA Persian/Manoto 1 TV

    • “Canadian Caper: 6 Americans escape from Iran with the help from the CIA and the Canadian Embassy.wmv” usmc7242 – October 6, 2012

      • Under comments, Peppi La Put recommended this documentary:
        “Our Man In Tehran 2013 Documentary”
        Pa. D – Published on January 21, 2016

  12. Germany: Pro-Kurdish protesters rally for PKK leader Oecalan’s freedom

    Several thousand pro-Kurdish protesters and the members of over 40 European organisations staged a demonstration in Duesseldorf on Saturday, demanding the release of the former President of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Abdullah Oecalan.

    People marched through the streets chanting slogans and holding banners with photos of the imprisoned leader, calling for justice.

  13. euronews -The long goodbye: Greece closes refugee centres

    Greece is closing down several temporary refugee centres this weekend.

    For most it’s the beginning of a new, better life in Athens.

    For aid worker Lisa Campbell, it’s been a tumultuous 18-month adventure. She has been the project manager for “Do Your Part” – an American non-governmental organisation she co-founded that started work in Lesbos in 2015.

    “I have learned to love these people that I serve. I’ ve learned, I’ve reinforced the fact that I’ve always known.

  14. Danish immigration minister flees deportation center chased by angry migrants

    Police and security had to intervene to help the Danish immigration and integration minister escape a potential assault by a crowd of rejected asylum-seekers, indignant over her decision to focus attention on only one family in the deportation facility.

    On what was supposed to be a photo op on Friday for Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing Inger Støjberg at the Sjælsmark deportation center on the island of North Zealand, things went awry as a group of failed asylum applicants encircled her, Danish broadcaster DR reported.

    A crowd of around 40 disgruntled residents of the center, all awaiting deportation, confronted the minister as she was about to drive away.

    “When we came outside after the visit, the atmosphere started getting aggressive. Residents started gathering around Støjberg,” journalist Martin Torpe, who witnessed the scene, said as cited by DR.

    At that moment, the minister’s security detail and police began to push through the crowd as they escorted her to the car. The crowd became more enraged and attempted to prevent her from leaving by blocking the car. In a video of the incident posted by DR, a woman can be seen jumping under the wheels of the moving vehicle, which does not stop. Police said the woman was only slightly hurt and her injuries are believed to not be serious.

    The minister was joined by several lawmakers and journalists on the visit and was filmed for DR. The unrest was reportedly triggered by Støjberg’s decision to speak with only one family of Kurdish asylum-seekers, with rumors circulating that the family would be granted asylum afterwards.

    “They had baked cakes, bought flowers and made signs on which the words ‘we are not criminals’ are written. But we are all [considered to be] problems, so all she did was go in and talk to one chosen family,” Valid Rahmatti, one of the residents of the center, told Politiken. Following the incident, Støjberg thanked her security and driver for keeping her safe. “Without you it could have ended completely wrong,” she wrote on Facebook.

    Denmark took in around 21,000 refugees at the height of the European refugee crisis in 2015. The following year, it only accepted 6,072 people and cut social benefits for refugees in half. As a result of the policy change, 532 asylum-seekers voluntarily left the country last year.

  15. Data: 30 Percent of All Foreign Nationals with ‘Diversity Visa’ Came from Terror-Sponsored Nations

    WASHINGTON, DC — Roughly 30 percent of all foreign nationals who have entered the United States through the Diversity Visa Lottery program in the last five years came from terrorist-sponsored nations, new data reveals.

  16. Dawa: Sowing the Seeds of Hate

    by Judith Bergman
    November 4, 2017 at 5:00 am

    While the West is preoccupied with fighting “hate speech”, “Islamophobia” and white supremacist groups, it appears more than willing to ignore the cultivation of Muslim hate speech and supremacist attitudes towards non-Muslims.

    It is a cultivation that occurs especially in the process of dawa, the Muslim practice of Islamic outreach or proselytizing, the results of which seem to have been on show this week in a downtown New York terror attack. The terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, originally from Uzbekistan, was apparently only radicalized after he moved to the United States. The mosque he attended in New Jersey had been under surveillance by the NYPD since 2005. A 2016 U.S.-commissioned report said Uzbek nationals were “most likely to radicalize while working as migrants abroad,” according to the U.S. State Department.

    On the surface, dawa, or outreach — in person or online — appears to be a benign missionary activity, about converting non-Muslims. Legal in Western societies, it is allowed to proceed undisturbed by the media or government. Dawa generally attracts little attention, except when members of an outreach organization suddenly turn up in the headlines as full-fledged jihadists.

    Politicians and the media in the West seem to prefer viewing Islam solely as a religion and not as a political system that, according to critics, seeks to impose its own laws and regulations, sharia, on the world.

    • VICE – Uzbek Muslims Are Living in Fear After the New York Terrorist Attack

      New to the city and relatively unknown even to other Muslims, this growing community is already experiencing a backlash.

      […]In response, even before Tuesday’s attack, Muslim organizations had ramped up their ground game with an interfaith prayer vigil, a second round of self-defense classes for Muslim women, and a renewed push to report suspected bias crimes.

      The bloodshed and ensuing venom from the White House on down just make things even more complicated.

      […]But for Ashrafova and many of the roughly 18,000 other Uzbek immigrants estimated to live in Brooklyn, Islamophobic anger is a relatively novel threat, and the tools to cope with it frighteningly foreign.

      […]”Our key goal is to effectively respond to any incidents of bias, including any hate crimes that are documented in the aftermath of the attack,”

      […]Like Saipov, many of Brooklyn’s Uzbek Muslims arrived within the last decade through the so-called diversity lottery program,

      […] banning diversity visas for this reason wouldn’t make much sense,” Ashrafova said. “One troubled man does not represent the entire nation.”

      […]”I’m sure stuff like that will happen more, but you will probably never hear us reporting it,” Sabina, the student anxious about possible hate crimes, told me. “Now we are actually terrified.”

    • BREITBART – Neighbor: ‘About 30 Men’ Regularly Gathered to Pray at Suspected NYC Terrorist’s House

      Sayfullo Saipov’s neighbors and acquaintances have been coming forward to paint a portrait of the suspected New York City terrorist.

      One Tampa neighbor casually dropped a remarkable detail deep in a Washington Post story on Wednesday: a group of “about 30 men, young and old, gathered at Saipov’s house to pray” on “most weekends.”

      No further information is provided about these men or whether they are persons of interest to law enforcement.

      The neighbor, Kyong Eagan, spoke well of Saipov, describing him as a “very polite man” who gave her water, juice, and even home-cooked meals during the year he lived in her apartment complex.

      She expressed astonishment that he committed a terrorist atrocity: “He never said anything hateful about the country. He’s a monster now.”

      An imam at a mosque Saipov attended in Tampa told the New York Times he “worried Mr. Saipov was misinterpreting Islam and urged him to calm down and study the religion.” This imam asked for anonymity because he feared reprisals from other radicals. This information does not paint Saipov as an encouraging candidate for holding prayer services, although he might only have provided the venue.

      According to the Washington Post profile, Saipov left Tampa at some point during the spring. Eagan has a receipt dated March 8 for donating some goods he left behind to the Salvation Army.

      CNN’s timeline has him arriving in the United States on his now-notorious “diversity visa” from Uzbekistan in 2010 and later becoming a legal permanent resident. He married a woman from Uzbekistan in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, in 2013, billing himself as a truck driver on his marriage license and registering two auto-related companies during his time in Ohio.

      From Ohio, he moved to Tampa and then to Paterson, New Jersey, where the FBI extensively examined his residence and the surrounding area.

      People from each of these areas have different recollections about Saipov. Classmates from Uzbekistan recalled him as a calm, studious, and kindly boy from a good family. “He is not the kind of boy to hurt people, not the kind to kill people,” a resident of his neighborhood in Uzbekistan told CNN.

      “He liked the U.S. He is no terrorist,” a fellow Uzbek immigrant who knew Saipov in Florida told NBC News.

      An acquaintance from Ohio described him as a “nervous person” but reported seeing no signs of radicalization. Another friend painted a darker portrait, claiming, “Everyone in our neighborhood knew he was a little bit troubled” and recalling several public outbursts, including angry responses to unhappy customers when he worked as a delivery driver. His record includes five traffic violations spread across Maryland, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. The latter was the most serious, leading to his arrest on a misdemeanor for skipping a court appearance after he was cited for failing to properly maintain the brakes on his truck.

      A neighbor from Paterson was somewhat suspicious, remarking upon Saipov’s habit of driving empty pickup trucks rented from Home Depot around the block with two unidentified friends as passengers but added he found Saipov to be a “calming influence” and a “peacemaker” during personal encounters with him.

      The New York Post quotes the manager of a Paterson supermarket where Saipov frequently shopped, who described him as “rude,” “erratic,” and prone to angry outbursts.

      “I feel like he was prejudice[d] to the cashiers – whether they were covered or not in a hijab – he would belittle them. He was talking good English, proper, but he would call the cashiers dumb, uneducated – how they didn’t know how to scan the items,” the manager said, adding the detail that Saipov often tried to underpay for 12-packs of Canada Dry ginger ale. talked to a Paterson neighbor named Slavo Petrov who described Saipov as “unfriendly,” complaining that he “never says good morning and never says good afternoon.” While Petrov called Saipov a regular attendee at the local mosque, a 17-year-old named Omar who visits the mosque five times a day claimed to have never seen Saipov praying there. The mosque has reportedly been under New York Police Department surveillance since 2005, and possibly federal investigation as well, as a possible site for “budding terrorist conspiracies.”

      The New York Civil Liberties Union sued the city over this surveillance in 2013, leading to a settlement in March 2017 that agreed “race, religion or ethnicity can no longer be motivating factors in the department’s decision to run surveillance operations.”

      A federal law enforcement official told NBC News that Saipov appears to have “self-radicalized” by consuming a large amount of Islamic State propaganda online. Officials in Uzbekistan have also insisted he was radicalized after he emigrated to the United States. The most recent comments from law enforcement officials indicate he was planning his attack for about a year. Saipov reportedly told investigators that an Islamic State propaganda video questioning the killing of Muslims in Iraq inspired his attack.

  17. DAILY MAIL – Egyptian cleric says men can marry their own daughters if they are born out of wedlock

    Mazen Al-Sersawi cites prominent Muslim scholar in making his argument

    Girls born out of wedlock are not really daughters so not ‘attributed’ to father

    According to his argument in these circumstances a man can marry daughter

    The comments have been widely criticised and greeted with revulsion

    A prominent Egyptian Salafist cleric has suggested Islam allows men to have sex with their illegitimate daughters and marry them.

    Mazen Al-Sersawi cites prominent Muslim scholar Imam Al-Shafi’i as saying because illegitimate daughters are not officially attributed to their fathers they can be married to them.

    He makes the claims in a video which has gone viral and he has been widely criticized for the comments.

    In the video, Al-Sersawi said Imam Al-Shafi’i is known for saying men may marry their own daughters that are born out of wedlock

    Al-Sersawi, who teaches at the prestigious Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, claims Al-Shafi’I says a girl born in an adulterous relationship is ‘not really his daughter’.

    Because an illegitimate daughter does not carry her father’s name, ‘she is not his daughter according to Sharia. She is not officially attributed to him’.

    The video was made in 2012 but has recently resurfaced online.

    Many have expressed their revulsion about his claims with one man tweeting ‘what is this madness?’ and a woman simply saying ‘ewww’.

    Earlier this year, another Egyptia cleric Muftah Mohammad Maarouf, said in televised debate the age for marrying should be low enough for new-born babies to be married off.

    He said long as ‘no harm’ is done to the child, there is no problem ‘preventing her from getting married’ adding ‘in Islamic Sharia there is no set age for marriage when it comes to females’.

  18. The mainstream media remains silent as the liberal terrorist organization “Antifa” makes good on their promise to spent the anniversary of Donald Trump’s election “making white people pay” for overwhelmingly making him President.

    Already there are reports of arson, at least one casualty, and even a kidnapping in Antifa’s “civil war” against white Christians. One victim of the Left’s attacks was Mabel Gouldman, a Catholic woman who had stopped at Saint Margaret’s Parish in Wikihow, Alaska for confession Saturday afternoon.

    According to local news reports, 97-year-old Gouldman was “beset upon by four armed thugs wearing black scarves and hoods to conceal their identity.” The four attackers beat Ms. Gouldman with a crowbar, kicking her when she was on the ground.

  19. Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital

    By Tim Lister, Ammar Albadran, Hakim Al-Masmari, Sarah El Sirgany and Eric Levenson, CNN

    (CNN)Yemen’s air force on Saturday targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia’s capital with a ballistic missile, according to Yemen’s Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry.
    But the missile was intercepted over northeast Riyadh, the Saudi Ministry of Defense said in a statement carried on government-backed Al-Arabiya television.
    Yemen’s Defense Ministry said the missile attack “shook the Saudi capital” and the operation was successful. It said the attack was conducted using a Yemeni-made, long-range missile called the Burqan 2H.

    The Riyadh airport tweeted that it hadn’t been affected.

  20. Acid Attack Capital: London Corrosive Liquids Crime Surges 186 Per Cent in 15 Years (breitbart, Nov 4, 2017)

    “The rate of acid attacks and other acid-related offences being committed in London has soared in recent years, while the average age of suspect for the crime has plummeted, with children now the most common age group attacking others with corrosive substances.

    New statistics released by the Metropolitan Police reveal between 2002 and 2016, “violent offences” involving acid increased from 145 to 416 — a 186 per cent rise. These shocking figures are set to become even worse once 2017 levels are taken into account, however, as the Summer surge of attacks seen across the capital were at twice the levels seen during 2016.

    There have been 739 total corrosive liquid related offences in 2017 so far, 411 of which were classified by police as violent. The remainder could include people being caught banned substances, or be using it to harass or threaten others, reports London’s Evening Standard…”

  21. Austria’s Right Wing and Populist Parties Agree to Slash Migrant Benefits, Taxes in Coalition Talks (breitbart, Nov 4, 2017)

    “Austria’s conservative People’s Party (OVP) and the right wing populist Freedom Party (FPO) have agreed to slash benefits for migrants and introduce five-year residency rules to curb welfare for European Union (EU) nationals.

    Austria took in a huge number of asylum seekers, equivalent to more than 1 per cent of its population in 2015. The largest groups of arrivals into the nation have been Syrians, Afghans, and Nigerians…”

  22. ‘Europhobe F*ck… SLAP’: Pro-EU Paper ‘Glorifies Violence’ Against Brexit Voters (breitbart, Nov 4, 2017)

    “A newspaper dedicated to reversing the results of the Brexit referendum result has been slammed for publishing cartoons “glorifying violence” against those who voted to leave the European Union (EU).

    The New European was set up after the nation voted to leave the EU and has previously been caught accidentally releasing plans to “stir up controversy” in towns that backed Brexit.

    Now, they have published a cartoon strip depicting Brexit voters being punched and slapped by Remainers described as “fantastic”, and titled: “TALES of LOVE from the TRANSITION PERIOD.”…”

  23. Deadly Plague at ‘Crisis Point’ in Madagascar – WHO (sputniknews, Nov 4, 2017)

    “An ongoing deadly plague epidemic on the island of Madagascar has reached a “crisis” point according to disease experts.

    Two thirds of cases have been a result of the airborne pneumonic plague, a lethal strain, which spreads through coughing, sneezing or spitting.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is deeply concerned that the outbreak could reach mainland Africa, and has requested that nine African countries, including South Africa, Seychelles, La Reunion, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros and Mauritius, make emergency preparations for a potential outbreak.

    Paul Hunter, professor of health protection at the University of East Anglia, told the Daily Mail that “the big anxiety is that it could spread to mainland Africa.”

    “If we don’t carry on doing stuff here, at one point something will happen and it will get out of hand control cause huge devastation all around the world,” Hunter stated…”

  24. Suicide bomb kills & injures dozens at refugee gathering in Deir ez-Zor, Syria (RT, Nov 4, 2017)

    “Dozens of refugees were killed and scores injured by a car bomb in the city of Deir ez-Zor on Saturday, Syria’s SANA state news agency reported. Women and children appear to be among the victims.

    The bombing targeted the largest refugee gathering in the region, Sana reported. The blast occurred in the outskirts of the city, in the area near Conoco and al-Jafra gas fields.

    The agency said that “large numbers of children and women” fell victim to the explosion, citing its own correspondent at the scene.

    The attack took place in an area considered to be largely under the control of the US-backed Syrian rebels from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). It was reported that the SDF captured the Conoco gas field in late September following clashes with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL), which had been holding the oil-rich area since 2014.”

  25. Authorities missed 14 opportunities to stop children being abused in rural Somerset despite two teenagers having abortions after being groomed by Turkish men at their barber shop (dailymail, Nov 4, 2017)

    “A number of agencies failed to recognise and prevent the exploitation of at least nine teenagers in Somerset, it has been revealed.

    The serious case review comes after two Turkish men were jailed last year for a total of 32 years after being convicted for rape and sexual offences against six children aged 14 and 15.

    Authorities missed 14 opportunities to prevent the abuse of two of the teenagers, who sparked the initial review – who believed they were in a loving relationship with the men, legitimising the sustained abuse.

    Both girls fell repeatedly pregnant and had a number of forced abortions and miscarriages, as well as being subject to physical and emotional abuse during a four-year period in Yeovil…”

  26. Senior Saudi royal ousted, princes reportedly arrested (abcnews, Nov 4, 2017)

    “Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Saturday removed a prominent prince who headed the National Guard, replaced the economy minister and announced the creation of a new anti-corruption committee.

    The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel also reported late Saturday that 11 princes and dozens of former ministers were detained in a new anti-corruption probe headed by the kingdom’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was also named to oversee the new committee.

    Al-Arabiya reported that the committee is looking into devastating and deadly floods that overwhelmed parts of the city of Jiddah in 2009 and is investigating the Saudi government’s response to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus that has killed several hundred people in the past few years.

    Meanwhile, the kingdom’s top council of clerics issued a statement saying it is an Islamic duty to fight corruption— essentially giving religious backing to the high-level arrests being reported.

    The government said the anti-corruption committee has the right to issue arrest warrants, impose travel restrictions and freeze bank accounts. It can also trace funds, prevent the transfer of funds or the liquidation of assets and take other precautionary measures until cases are referred to the judiciary.

    The royal order said the committee was established “due to the propensity of some people for abuse, putting their personal interest above public interest, and stealing public funds.”

    Saudi nationals have long complained of rampant corruption in government and of public funds being squandered or misused by people in power.

    The 32-year-old crown prince has been seeking to attract greater international investments and improve the country’s reputation as a place to do business. It’s part of a larger effort to diversify the economy away from dependence on oil revenue.

    The king ousted one of the country’s highest-level royals from power, removing Prince Miteb bin Abdullah as head of the National Guard. He was replaced by Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf al-Muqrin, who had held a senior post with the guard.

    Prince Miteb’s father was the late King Abdullah, who also had led the National Guard and had transformed it into a powerful and prestigious force tasked with protecting the ruling Al Saud family, as well as important holy sites in Mecca and Medina, and oil and gas sites.

    Prince Miteb was once considered a contender for the throne. His ouster as head of the National Guard essentially sidelines one of the most formidable rivals to the current crown prince, who has amassed enormous power in less than three years since his father, King Salman, ascended to the throne.

    It comes just three months after Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was ousted from the line of succession and from his post as interior minister, overseeing internal security.

    With the two princes now sidelined, control of the kingdom’s security apparatus is now largely centralized under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is also defense minister.

    The monarch also replaced Minister of Economy and Planning Adel Fakeih with his deputy, Mohammad al-Tuwaijri.

    Admiral Abdullah Al-Sultan was also sacked as commander of Saudi Naval Forces and replaced by Admiral Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghifaili.”

  27. US tells Somalia mission staffers to leave over threat (abcnews, Nov 4, 2017)

    “The United States has ordered all non-essential employees of its mission to Somalia to leave the capital, Mogadishu, because of “specific threat information” against them.

    The order came a day after the U.S. military carried out its first drone strikes against Islamic State group-allied fighters in Somalia, saying “several terrorists” had been killed in the northern Puntland region…”

  28. Greece-bound boat with 310 migrants stopped in Turkey (abcnews, Nov 4, 2017)

    “Turkish authorities say 310 migrants have been stopped from crossing the Aegean Sea to reach Greece.

    Turkey’s coast guard said the migrants were stopped Friday afternoon while travelling in a fishing boat south of the Dardanelles in western Turkey.

    The coast guard says the passengers included 110 Syrians, 179 Pakistanis and Afghan, Indian, Sri Lankan, Somali and Iranian nationals.

    It says seven Turkish and two Belarusian nationals who are thought to be migrant smugglers also were on board.

    The International Organization for Migration estimates that more than 857,000 migrants reached Greece from Turkey in 2015. A March 2016 deal between Turkey and the European Union dramatically reduced the number of people attempting the trip.

    More than 3.2 million Syrians who fled their country’s civil war have ended up in Turkey.”

  29. zero hedge – SAUDI ARABIA – In Shocking Purge, Saudi King Arrests Billionaire Prince Bin Talal, Dozens Of Others In Cabinet Crackdown

    In a shocking development, Saudi press Al Mayadeen reported late on Saturday that prominent billionaire, member of the royal Saudi family, and one of the biggest shareholders of Citi, News Corp. and Twitter – not to mention frequent CNBC guest – Al-Waleed bin Talal, along with ten senior princes, and some 38 ministers, has been arrested for corruption and money laundering charges on orders from the new anti-corruption committee headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, while strong>Royal princes’ private planes have been grounded.

    Among those fired and/or arrested are the head of National Royal Guards, Miteb Bin Abdullah, the Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel Fakeih, and Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Sultan, the Commander of the Saudi Naval Forces.

    As the local press further adds, the supreme committee chaired by Crown Prince and billionaire stops “on charges of money laundering.”

    al-Waleed bin Talal is perhaps best known not only for his periodic CNBC appearances, but for his recurring on and off spats with president Trump:

    According to al Arabiya, among those sacked and/or arrested are Moteib Bin Abdullah, Minister of the National Guard, and Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf has been appointed as his replacement. A second Royal Order was issued to relieve Minister of Economy and Planning, Adel al-Faqieh, from his duties, and the appointment of Mohammed Al Tuwaijri as Minister of Economy and Planning.

    According to a Royal Decree issued by King Salman on Saturday the anti-corruption committee is chaired by the Crown Prince with the membership of: Chairman of the Monitoring and Investigation Commission, Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Chief of the General Audit Bureau, Attorney General and Head of State Security.

    As Saudi analysts were quick to point out, the purge by the Saudi King means that King Abdallah’s last remnants (Riyad firmer gov. & head of Nat. Guard); media moguls; SAGIA & financial policy officials have been purged.

    As Bloomberg notes, changing the head of the National Guard, an institution that’s been controlled by the clan of the late King Abdullah, “is not like changing the minister of oil,” said Kamran Bokhari, a senior analyst with Geopolitical Futures and a senior fellow with the Center for Global Policy. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this leads to greater fissures within the royal family.”

    Arabiya adds that King Salman also issued sacking and replacement orders for Admiral Abdullah bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Sultan, the Commander of the Naval Forces, is to be terminated and be retired; his replacement is Vice Admiral Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghifaili, to be promoted to the rank of admiral and be appointed as Commander of the Naval Forces.

    Additionally, Minister of Economy and Planning Adel al-Faqieh was replaced by Mohammed al-Tuwaijri, SPA said, quoting a royal decree. Commander of the Saudi Navy, Abdullah al-Sultan, was replaced with Fahad al-Ghafli. The king also replaced Minister of Economy and Planning Adel Fakeih with Mohammad Al Tuwaijri, his deputy.

    Al Tuwaijri, formerly vice minister for economy and planning, had already played a key role in shaping Saudi economic and fiscal policy over the past year. Before joining the government in May 2016 he was Middle East chief executive for HSBC. He’s served as a frequent spokesman for the government’s economic reform plan on TV and with Western journalists.

    King Salman also issued an decree forming an anti-corruption committee headed by the crown prince. Its powers include the ability to trace funds and assets, and prevent their transfer or liquidation on behalf of individuals or entities, along with the right to take any precautionary actions until cases are referred to relevant investigatory or judiciary authorities, according to a government statement.

    The committee’s formation was deemed necessary “due to the propensity of some people for abuse, putting their personal interest above public interest, and stealing public funds, the Royal Order said.

    more :

  30. MEMRI TV – Hamas Official Ismail Radhwan: People in Security with Israel Burn in Hell

    Hamas Official Ismail Radhwan: People Involved in Security Coordination with Israel Will Be Gathered in the Hellfire with the Apes and Pigs

    In a recent Friday sermon, Hamas official Ismail Radhwan said, citing a hadith by the Prophet Muhammad, that people involved in security coordination and normalization of ties with Israel “will be gathered in the Hellfire along with the apes and pigs.” “In other words,” Radhwan added, “the Hellfire will gather them together with the Jews, to whom they were loyal and whom they supported.” Radhwan, a former Minister of Religious Affairs in the Hamas government, delivered the sermon on October 13 at the Daoud Al-‘Ali Mosque in Wadi Al-Zeina, Lebanon, was broadcast by the Lebanese Al-Quds TV.

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