Series of videos from 2014, 2015, and 2016 from Italy on subject

1. Accusing the EU of hypocrisy on the migrant issue:

2. Gianluca Buonanno busts the EU for its double standards on acceptable art:

3. Northern League demo. Fiery, entertaining:

4. Gianluca Buonanno: Picking coconuts

5. Same guy: “Teach them to fight and send them back to earn their own liberties”

6. Getting the facts straight on migrants and refugees

7. Another Italian politician: “Cannot deny Islamization”

8. If the Jews in Europe are afraid, then…


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3 Replies to “Series of videos from 2014, 2015, and 2016 from Italy on subject”

  1. 4. Gianluca Buonanno: Picking coconuts

    Odd as it may sound, here’s an old Brazilian proverb:

    “When the devil goes to carnival, he comes dressed as a clown.”

    These invaders may be dressed and acting like clowns, but they have the devil at heart.

  2. As an American of Italian descent, I cannot thank you enough for posting these videos of GianLuca Buonanno. Up until I saw them here on your excellent blog, I had not idea that Italy had such a brave, courageous and outspoken leader. When I first saw the videos, I felt a great surge of hope for Europe but I then came to find out that Mr. Buonanno had been killed under mysterious circumstances.

    If you or your other readers have any more information about GianLuca, I would greatly appreciate it if you or they would post it.

    Thanks as always for the valuable service that is performed by you and all the other bloggers who are working so hard to get out the truth about the Muslim invasion.

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