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13 Replies to “Two videos about former president Obama’s political beliefs”

  1. Eeyore, I don’t know where you found the clip of Alan Keyes but there is no way to express how deeply gratifying it is to see a genuine man-of-color so eloquently express such indignation and appropriate moral outrage at what a political poseur like 0bama perpetrated upon the USA during his usurping tenure.

    As part of my professional editorial duties, I helped sort through (and, in a few places, contributed to) a majority of chapters in a 1,700 page book exclusively dedicated to tracing (as Keyes himself duly notes) the origins of the Constitutional term, “natural born citizen”.

    In no way does 0bama remotely meet this single, imperative criteria. The book’s author did not merely trace the origins of the term, “natural born citizen”, he invested some $30,000 to $40,000 in purchasing original printings of books whose editions once graced the desks of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. As in, early, original copies of Emer de Vattel (a Swiss philosopher, diplomat, and legal expert whose theories laid the foundation of modern international law and political philosophy) and other early legal experts.

    How do I know? I held them in my own hands as part of validating the author’s own footnotes.

    0bama was the most monumental fraud ever perpetrated upon the United States of America. Worse yet, his hatred for this nation and all it stands for (as Keyes additionally notes) was of a sort that one would normally associate with trials for treason.

    Despite whatever differences we may have, it is this sort of content that continues to place Vlad Tepes Blog at the very top of my online visiting list. Please take that as you will.

  2. Anyone who takes a hard look at who raised Obama and what their political belief’s were know that he was raised to be a communist and to hate the US. His actions through out his entire time in office show that he goal while in office was to destroy the US. He couldn’t get his radical plans through Congress even when the Dems controlled Congress and thus resorted to Executive Orders. Now Trump is busy reversing those executive orders this is why the Dems want him out of office. They think that if they can kick Trump out of office they can frighten SP Pence into allowing the far left to continue the destruction of the US.

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