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10 Replies to “Italian leftist media video on Italians who oppose the migration crush”

  1. When did saving the world become everyone’s moral duty? Are people immoral when their priorities are making a living and raising a family? Are they bad to become frustrated by commie social engineering politicians whose priorities are light years from their own? What did Buck say? The fuse is lit? It certainly is. People are tired of being told what to think.

    Poetic justice may be served by Soros’s own Refexivity. As Keynesians sowed seeds of false affluence (along with the seemingly attendant luxury of moral brow beating) so have they sewn the seeds of their rejection. If illegal mass migration doesn’t trigger the kinetic responses alluded to by these angry Italians, economic breakdown certainly will. And since both are pending, or underway, it seems civil strife on massive scales will be inevitable in all western countries. Will it move like wildfire through European countries, or will native desires be quelled according to national characters? Will historic fighting abilities (or lack thereof) accorded respective nationalities bubble up or prove extinguished?

    As nothing in the Keynesian model extinguishes insurmountable debt, but only transfers it, nothing will extinguish these Italians’ anger without justice.

    • Your rant is quite good, saving the world is at times a moral duty and at times a matter of enlightened self interest. We in North America need a free Europe as much as they need a free North America, we also need free nations in the Far East and a Middle East that is peaceful. We are thus forced to free Europe from their home grown tyrants and the Islamic invaders. We are forced to protect our friends and allies in the Far East and as a matter of self defense ensure that the tyrants in South America are all home grown. The rest of the world will have to be looked at on a case by case basis.

    • Johnny-
      I couldn’t view the bitchute, but your cri de coeur is as delightfully passionate as the Italian language itself.

      *I vote for wildfire.
      The Muslim Brotherhood may be pacing it in North America, softening us up with their Explanatory Memorandum tactics and socialist seduction. Fiddling the political process, that red-green alliance is ferocious.

      But Europe’s gotten a wallop. Fast. Grubby-ugly, not all cutesy Huma Abedin and Reza Aslan, they’re up close and personal with third-world dregs. Antifa enforcers and sudden Stasi have to feel like a body blow.

      When the free-stuff runs out, as it must, the natives will go crazy. Wildfire.

  2. Just finished Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. The Israeli says: ” It’s written…only Israel survives the nuclear holocaust.”

    “Yoni,” I say, “Shhhh–. I’m with you but…” The Iranian brother-in-law sits 10 feet away but can’t hear because of all the kids. “Let it go just for the day. For the kids. You know what I mean…”

    And he does.

    What I go through these days.

    I should write a novel about this family and these times but I’d be an esthete and the illiterate many would never read it.

    Eh, NR and PC? Veil the whole damn thing in epic poems so the Assholes can’t get you a la the east Europeans under the Soviet, and say what you want.

  3. Eh, NR and PC?

    The truth outs. All we can do is ensure that it happens. You’re firing on a cylinders, Johnnyu!

  4. Europeans are not responsible for saving African savages.There is no economic entitlement to migrate to the West. Open borders means white genocide. I pity the fools who are too obtuse to understand that. Only if we look after ourselves we can help others. That’s pretty much it.

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