Britain seems to be waking up, and much much more: Links 1, Oct. 8, 2017

1. At University of Texas, even a factual and private statement about discomfort of the facts about Islam is grounds for potential dismissal.

(Please go and read the article, and listen to the secret recording of this event. The degree of sharia compliance at what were formerly Universities, is staggering.)

2. Trump says N. Korea diplomacy has failed, ‘Only one thing will work’

(There is some speculation that Oct. 9 is a significant day for North Koreans, and so they may attempt a provocation of some scale tomorrow. Its worth watching the news for that, and the skies if you are in Japan, California or Vancouver.)

Washington (AFP) – US President Donald Trump said Saturday that diplomatic efforts with North Korea have consistently failed, adding that “only one thing will work.”

Trump has engaged in an escalating war of words with North Korean strongman Kim Jong-Un, trading insults amid rising tensions between the two nuclear-armed rivals.

“Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid,” Trump tweeted.

It “hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!”

3. Angry Gay Owner Unleashes On Christians Drinking Coffee In His Shop [VIDEO]

A gay Seattle coffee shop owner kicked a group of Christians out of his coffee shop Sunday, after declaring he would “f*ck Christ in the ass.”


The owner heatedly tells the Christians to leave his shop immediately in a video posted to Facebook by Abolish Human Abortion, a Christian group seeking to end the practice of abortion.


“I’m gay, you have to leave,” the owner tells the group. “This is offensive to me. I own the place. I have the right to be offended.”

(The most effective and powerful tool of the postmodernists in control of our civilization is selective enforcement. Usually of laws and regulations that simply shouldn’t exist in the first place, even if they were enforced according to equality rather than equity. I post this because we know what would happen if a gay shop owner threw muslims out with the very real and very justifiable claim that Muslims, if in sufficient control, would murder him and in fact do around the world, and in fact did in numbers in California. This should be monitored for legal consequences.)

Video is here. Its quite a stunning thing to see. I bet if you asked the gay person who threw out the Christians, he would claim he was the one who was a victim of discrimination.

4. UK soccer club on terror alert after staffer converts to Islam, sends photos of stadium to Pakistan.

Yet again we see that a convert to Islam gets the idea that his new religion commands him to become a traitor to his own people and to plot mass murder. But there is no reason to be concerned: the British authorities have him under mental health examination. Because what else, after all, could this possibly be? Jihad? Pah! What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

“Millwall placed on highest terror alert last month over fears of a plot to attack The Den,” by Paul Jiggins and Jake Ryan, The Sun, October 7, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

MILLWALL were placed on the highest terror alert last month over fears of a plot to attack The Den.

Club bosses were tipped off after discovering a member of staff, who converted to Islam, had been sending mobile phone footage of the Lions’ stadium to a pal in Pakistan.

The employee’s Facebook page contained screen grabs of the FaceTime conversation as well as links to the controversial Finsbury Park Mosque.

5. The weather in Athens is even more fire and broken glass than usual at the moment.

Leftists and anarchist protesters clash with police under hail of fire in Athens on Saturday. The protesters gathered at Alexabdras Avenue and marched to the Police headquarters where they claimed the “torture of a protester by Police” took place.

6. Arrests made in France as ANTIFA gets a demo referred to as “far right” by RT, cancelled.

It may be far right, whatever that is at this stage, or it may be classical liberals. We won’t know from this. But one thing is for sure. If you want a Nazi revival, the government-media complex is going about it exactly the right way.

7. Is Britain waking up?

(Doesn’t seem to be much antifa around. What a shame. This group could have made short shrift of them.)


10-year-old girl was assaulted by her classmates and the home of a family was daubed with racist graffiti in two Paris-area incidents deemed antisemitic.

The alleged assault was reported to France’s ministry of education by the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism, or BNVCA, the watchdog group wrote in a statement on its website Tuesday.  Separately, the same group reported that unidentified individuals on Wednesday wrote antisemitic slogans on the side of a home belonging to Jewish family in the eastern suburb of Noisy le Grand.

(You have to read the whole article to get the slight hint that it was muslims)

Thank you Richard, JohnnyU., Xanthippa. NorseRadish, M., Wrath of Khan, Jenny, Gates of Vienna, Tundra T., and many many more and welcome to our new translator from Italian, Elle Bowlly, for your contributions and work.

Some of the video embeds coming, and the Italian one posted earlier, and perhaps more and more, will be from This means that some people won’t notice at all, and others will have issues.

I hope that everyone has multiple browsers and the solution is to please try and play the video on another browser if the one you are using doesn’t work properly.

As I understand the technology, the website makes a torrent out of the video file, distributes it across a network of computers or servers, but even home computers, and sends whoever clicks on it the file in pieces. This is old tech and familiar to people who have been using it via via torrent to send and receive very large files. But what is new, is that this uses your browser to assemble it on the fly, so the experience is pretty much like Youtube.

If enough people pay attention to it, and use it, it can represent a genuine alternative to the mega-corps. that have massive servers that ultimately either by choice, or by government pressure, start to censor and select what gets seen. Bitchute is distributed, so its much harder to control. Some might say impossible, but we all know that the internet is a game of never-ending, technical leapfrog.

I notice that Brave at this point doesn’t like Bitchute. That for me at least, Safari will play it but sometimes I don’t see controls. So I can only click start and click stop on the video.

Firefox is very good with it however. Its worth having Firefox for that feature, and that you can get plugins that allow downloading of materials you feel are important to you, such as Facebook or Youtube videos.


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20 Replies to “Britain seems to be waking up, and much much more: Links 1, Oct. 8, 2017”

  1. RE: Gossip about Milo
    I was away from the keyboard, so I heard more than I would’ve.
    Maybe I just don’t get this genre.
    • Anybody talking at me like that, get to the point or PAY ME. Big bucks like a shrink or a hooker specializing in men whose wives-don’t-understand-them.

    • Retailing gossip? Go elsewhere.
    That kind of stuff is need-to-know only. I’m not interested; if I were, I’d have to abstain with regret.
    It’s a 3-fer sin, a hit on 3 souls: the tale-bearer, the listener, and the subject of the story.

    • Should it be pulled? I figure this will be another torpedo against him, and I wanted to explain how I saw it before that happens.

      • That video is junk. I do not denigrate anyone that holds Christian beliefs but… If you want to give me a talk about Christianity before you give me “the bombshell” well, I turn you off. So, whatever you have to say, I don’t really want to hear it.
        I don’t know who this guy is and I don’t really care. If this were a real story it would have been picked up by a source that I am familiar with.

  2. “Firefox is very good with it however. Its worth having Firefox for that feature…”

    I would try
    Pale Moon first. Similar codebase and – as far as I know – not owned by the PC idiots.

    • For the first time I tried using it with Chrome, and was delighted to see that it actually shows the torrenting info, as well as play controls. So you can see how many peers online and the up and down speed as you watch. very cool.

  3. Diplomacy won’t work with North Korea anymore then reasoned discussion will with the Dems, Kim is a Dictator who is use to getting everything he wants and 25 years of the US paying him off has made him greeder. The Dems want to remove all weapons from US civilians because they know we can’t be forced into communism while we are armed.

    The Football Lads are scaring the British politicians, it they weren’t the news wouldn’t be censored about their march, let them keep up the good work and Britian will become a free nation with the rule of law.

  4. The University of Texas incident shows why we have to investigate, prosecute and imprison Hillary and all of the other Obama people we can gather evidence on, including Obama himself. With special people and special groups above the law our descent into barbarism will continue. We (all Western nations) must reverse the descent into barbarism before we are forced to use barbaric means to expel the Islamic Invaders. We are all facing this problem with some nations being further down the road to barbarism then others, Three nations (Finland, Denmark and France) have already lost control of their nations and are headed into full blown dictatorship with special laws and privaliges for the radical leftist and the Moslems. There are other European nations that are almost at that point who are experiencing varying degrees of resistance by the native population. We must work to see that the rest of the west don’t sink to the level of putting troops in the big cities to maintain law and order.

    • That’s breathtaking.
      The sharia-compliance sounds like what Russian friends told me about growing up under Stalin. Their parents couldn’t say anything the kids might hear and repeat outside the home.

      This case has to be taken to court. Taping conversations, reporting them to authorities, talk about lashon hora – “bad mouthing” !

    • …we have to investigate, prosecute and imprison Hillary and all of the other Obama people we can gather evidence on, including Obama himself.

      Be still my beating heart.

  5. 7/ Buck’s videos in Readers’ Links are an uplifting sight!

    These are the same people I know from war movies as the ‘People on Our Side’ and ‘Why We Fight’.

    The men who always called me [and everybody else] “love” or “lovey” in London, men I could trust even as a child.

    Same as the Kiwis I know best, and the guys down at the wharf in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

    This is the real thing. Not than synthetic Britain First mob…though I shouldn’t turn up my nose, or get up on my high horse, or –

  6. I wander why it is that so many gays oppose the pro-life movement, after all it wouldn’t seem to involve them. I suppose it is because they associate with the ‘old-fashioned’ idea that sex is related to child birth, and that in turn relates to traditions of marriage. In other words, irresponsible sexual activity is what they really believe in and, often, nothing else.

    • My guess is that many, but probably not most homosexuals, are Marxists, either knowingly or unknowingly. They would see Christians who are against abortion as against Women’s rights. They would see it as a sign of a package of values they are violently opposed to.
      Which would include the paragraph in the bible about men not laying with other men as they would a woman.

      Remember, a LOT of what we see today from violent leftists has to do with the Nazi trick of placing a label on a group of people which for the most part, you fully imputed the attributes of, and then attacking that group for being harbingers of the attributes to assigned to them.

      The 1920s leftists, the Nazis, did exactly this with the Jews. and contemporary leftists are doing the same thing except they use the word, Nazi, and Christian and so on to draw licence from the label in order to physically attack them or otherwise abuse them.

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