Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff at OSCE exposing the real nature of “hate speech”

As probably no-one will know, the communist implementation think tank, OSCE, which seeks to create more diversity in Europe by making sure no one says anything different or holds a different opinion than they do, is back doing its dirty business in Warsaw again.

And again, some truly great people are there to try and stop them, and when they cannot stop them, at least try and expose their totalitarian and Orwellian agenda.

The first video we are posting is of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, warning them about how bad “hate crimes” already is in Europe in terms of damage to the pursuit of truth.

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3 Replies to “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff at OSCE exposing the real nature of “hate speech””

  1. “…to ensure that truth can never constitute Hate Speech.”

    “They say truth is an absolute defense in libel cases.

    “But what about when you’re accused of “hate speech”? What then? Is truth a defense?

    Recently, [2014] WND, my news organization, was accused by Google of spreading hate speech through the use of a two-word term – “black mob” in stories about, well, black mobs.

    But this wasn’t just an accusation. It was also a threat to punish WND materially by the removal of Google ads and, more importantly, the suspension of an account that allows us to use Google’s technology to serve ads from other clients.

    It all began two years ago when WND made the decision to begin tracking what appeared to be a rise in unprovoked black on non-black violence. Through the reporting, WND first alerted the nation to “the knockout game,” in which perpetrators seek to render unconscious innocent and unsuspecting victims usually with a single blow to the head. We reported on coordinated riots and seemingly spontaneous uprisings occurring in major cities and small towns from coast to coast.

    As a result of the reporting, mayors and police departments around the country began responding. Our reporting was condemned by racialists quick to excuse or cover up bad behavior in minority communities and extolled by many, including black scholar Thomas Sowell, who strongly and repeatedly endorsed a groundbreaking book WND published by Colin Flaherty called “White Girl Bleed A Lot,” which includes much of the reporting he did for WND.”

    Three temptations…
    1. Turn these trainers into street-credibility.
    2. Take Welfare in its many wonderful shapes and guises
    3. Serve any man who is associated with God in the same breath.

    Raising a mob into any victim-identity group is easy whenever they enter Free Pre-Nursery. They are told they are special. Same for a Muslim Boy or a Feminist Girl. Suicidal from the start.

    NIKE (No Intelligence Knowledge or Experience]
    AntFa (AntiFather)
    BLM (Bisexual Lesbian Mothers).

  2. Hate speech laws are thought control laws, when you are forbidden to speak certain thoughts you end up either rebeling or stop thinking the forbidden thoughts.

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