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2 Replies to “Dr. Gad Saad presentation at the conference in Toronto yesterday questioning M-103”

  1. Canada is taking longer to fall into the hate crimes/thought control trap but it is headed that direction. The people of the new nation called the United States were afraid of speech/thought control laws and insisted on the First Amendment to protect the natural right of free speech (among other rights) just as they insisted on the Second Amendment to protect their natural right of self defense of themselves and their Nation. We are living in a time when the Forces of Darkness have gained enough power to threaten the existence of freedom in all nations. We in the US who insist on freedom have managed to elect a President who appears to be doing all he can to stop the Deep State from stripping our rights from us. At the moment the US is the only nation that is still fighting the idea of oppressive government making all of our decisions. Britain was in this position during the early days of WWII but at no time were they the only free nation left. I call on all of the formerly free nations of the West to throw off the chains of the socialist governments and help us fight the Forces of Darkness that threaten the existence of Freedom.

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