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2 Replies to “Worth the time, analysis of the trial of the alleged shooter of the Quebec mosque”

  1. If this is manufactured “right-wing extremism” then we’re in real trouble. If you go shopping for a fascist do they come in anything other than white? If you can’t find one at Wal-Mart does it mean you have to make your own? Well, that’s not so bad because then you tailor it, right? Personally, I think it’s a pretty sad commentary on political consumerism and general societal downfall when you can only buy a dang fascist in white. It’s like shopping behind the iron curtain in the old days. Not much to choose from. I want my fascist in stripes or paisley, damnit! If only the forces of evil would offer us a little more variety the world would be a better place. Peace.

  2. It’s a political trial. I think they don’t want him to testify in his defense. Truth will be known, what kicked him? Justin’s Open Door Refugee tweet. Very bad for Justin.
    They’re looking for a plea agreement to shut down disclosure.

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