Iran sponsored Antisemitic march in Toronto updates

Today is anti-Israel day according to Iran, who is the core of the organization of antisemitic marches across the world, thinly disguised as objections to the existence of the state of Israel.

We have a friend at the demo who I will not name for now, to keep them safe but will send photos and updates as events dictate.

It is still some time before the demo begins, but they did send a photo of the US consul with a large rainbow banner hanging from it, which is right at the location of the demo, as is the Toronto Masjid.

The one made semi-famous by the number of imams, one of them a prominent Toronto eye surgeon, demanding death to all the Jewish people of the world. Updates will be added TO THE BOTTOM of this post as they come in.

So please start checking this post now and again as of 2:00 ET today when it begins.

US consul in Toronto celebrates having sexual contact with unusual things.

1:45 PM, no one at the location but police and a paramedic SUV. Still fifteen minutes till the destroy-Israel march is set to begin.

2:17 PM, Counter-demo, JDL and so on appearing. Cops keeping both sides more than a brick throw apart.

2:35 PM

3:02 PM, it is rumoured that Antifa is approaching the area West to East on Armour Ave. and Hamas people, North to South on University Ave.

There is a marked rise in Police numbers. The counter protestors are at the corner of University, and something the auto-correct spell checker on our source’s phone changed to, “armpit avenue”.

5:45 PM and now hundreds of Antisemitic Muslims can be seen marching towards the location. The number of police has shot up dramatically.

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