Mayor of Cologne speaks at brand new mega-mosque

Take your antiemetics before watching this:

All we could find when we looked this shiny new mosque up, pointed to it being part of the Turkish organization, DITIB. To understand who they are, watch the two videos below.

It is also worth knowing that rumours were circulating around the construction that it was designed to be taller than the Cologne Cathedral, the tallest structure in Cologne, and at one point, the tallest in Europe. The intention was to dominate the skyline with this mosque.

But pay particular attention to what the mayor says on what freedom of speech is not. In times of less soy in the diet, it would be grounds for revolution.

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7 Replies to “Mayor of Cologne speaks at brand new mega-mosque”

  1. Germany has gone full Nazi/communist and have made a treaty with the Islamofascist Erodgan to allow his people to dominate the Turkish and eventually the entire Islamic population in Germany.

    The statement that freedom of opinion is not freedom of dissent is the most telling of the treasonous Mayors statements, it is the open statement that Germany has become a one party, one thought nation,. She talked about the 100 religions and 180 different nationalities, I wonder how long it will take before they start forcing all of the religions and nationalities into one German Islamic people?.

  2. …and the sirens in the back ground from the major´s speech in Cologne…Eerie reminder of all the extra work the emergency services have been having since the beginning of Ramading-dong.

  3. This is Nancy Pelosi in German.

    “Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of dissent”? That sounds rather Orwellian does it not?

    And this was in Cologne of all places, scene of the New Years gropefest that the cops could not stop because they couldn’t break through the rioters.

  4. “Meinungsfreiheit bedeutet nicht Widerspruchsfreiheit” = Freedom of opinion doesn’t mean freedom from disagreements

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