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4 Replies to “Black pigeon on the end of Canada and Germany”

  1. The suicidal cycle the left has pushed us into can be reversed but we will have to defeat the left before we can do this.

  2. Wow! Just, WOW!!!

    Please know that I had posts in today’s hopper of “Reader’s Links” for both the boyfriend’s “honor rape” and the relocation of hominid origins into Mediterranean regions. To Black Pigeon’s absolute credit, mention is made of how this “missing link” discovery negates the popular we are all Africans narrative.

    Of equal (if not greater) importance is this clip’s observation that current Egyptian populations have more in common with sub-Saharan genotypes than the more northern Mediterranean clans which actually built the pyramids—thus driving another (otherwise emphatically denied) nail into that coffin of the über-myth about how Muslims or Blacks somehow built the Pyramids at Giza.

    Ugly as it most certainly promises to be, a significant part of exposing the overwhelming fallacy of many commonly accepted civilizational narratives fables will involve (for many) inconvenient uncomfortable racial truths that substantiate (what will all-too-often prove out as) totally contrary and, ultimately, howlingly “waaaycist” assertions that Blacks—and that other peculiar “race” called “Muslims”—will protest more stridently than the way that modern-day Feminists deny Islam’s near-universal misogyny.

    Go figure.

    • Did you see that batch of videos showing Sub-Saharan Africans being ferried to Italy? These “humanitarian NGOs” are operating in cahoots with mafia/-human traffickers.
      Just look at the numbers. Horripilation-ville.

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