Arrests in Oldenburg. Man stabbed to death on shopping street.

This event is about 1 hour old as of writing at 4:12 ET

An original translation by Egri Nok with much thanks!

From Bild.De German news site:


May 31 2017: Oldenburg – shocking bloody deed in the shopping street in Oldenburg in Lower Saxony.

A man was stabbed to death in public. He died from his injuries on the scene. The victim and the perpetrators got into a loud argument on Achternstrase around 6:00 PM. The perpetrators fled after the deed.

Officers from the homicide division secured traces at the crime scene in the shopping street.

A police helicopter was circling over the city. A large division hunted for the perpetrators.

Officers have arrested two persons who are being interrogated at the moment and investigations are ongoing.

[EDITOR: We have a source right at the scene who says with certainty that the two attackers are both Syrian refugees and suspects that this is an “enricher on enricher” event.]

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9 Replies to “Arrests in Oldenburg. Man stabbed to death on shopping street.”

    • I completely agree and the sooner, the better. They’re holding back for now, waiting for their numbers to increase.

  1. Police made a statement that it appears to have been a religious conflict.

    Oh these ill-tempered knife-carrying Catholics!


  2. Everyone, please purchase a clue. I realize that this may sound rude, but the last thing that Western civilization needs is Muslims importing their murderous, internecine slaughter into our respective domains.

    All we kaffir need is the introduction of Kabul-style atrocities into our midst because we lacked the wit to give these barbaric cretins a unanimous heave-ho.

    The West must be rid of this “retrograde” influence. So far, the vast majority of Muslim presences in the West (and abroad) has cost thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. However much longer we pretend to tolerate this loss of blood and treasure only translates into an increasingly unavoidable annihilation of all Muslims in general.

    Whatever few genuinely decent Muslims there are on this planet deserve far better than this. That said, between Islam’s collective silence, along with its abject refusal to openly oppose jihadism, and egregiously concomitant Western inaction, our world is hurtling headlong into a (Muslim) holocaust of unimaginable proportions.

    My heart grieves to think that a few crushing blows against Islam today might avoid an otherwise inevitable (and ultimately necessary) obliteration of all Muslims on earth.

    Worst of all, the final choice is held in Muslim hands. Their near-universal inaction is what will spell their collective doom, not Western idiocy.

  3. “Kurdische Nachrichten” (German-language Kurdish News) report today that the victim was a Yezidi who was eating in the street, and that this was the reason the two Syrians attacked him.

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