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10 Replies to “Gavin McInnes on the Battle at Berkeley”

  1. I feel Gavin may be underestimating ANTIFA as well as not allowing for the depth of commitment that is that cult.

    I agree. However, it may not be so much a sense of “commitment” as it is fanaticism. Remember:

    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”
    — Winston Churchill

    That is a pluperfect description of the ANTIFA types. This obsessive hatred of the right should not be confused with genuine commitment. That said, one should be equally wary of fanatics. A single glance at Islam confirms the need for such concern.

    Be that as it may, it still is gratifying in the extreme to see ANTIFA thugs getting their @sses handed to them. Their immediate resort to violence deserves to be answered with even greater opposing force. Like with the jihadists, they must be repaid in the only currency they respect, violence.

  2. I feel Gavin may be underestimating ANTIFA as well as not allowing for the depth of commitment that is that cult. They will regroup and plan something worse. People will die soon. ANTIFA will not accept a loss.

    Gavin hasn’t seen the history we have, he doesn’t realize that the far left will use this as an excuse to escalate the violence to guns and knives. They probably already have the plans for using the weapons, once they do use weapons it won’t take long before they appear in the antifa hands in all western nations.

    Considering what Berkley is like was there collusion between antifa and someone in the Berkely government to let the police disarm the pro-freedom people and then order the police to stand down before the antifa groups moved in? Or is this a paranoid conspiracy theory?

    • Based on the first few accounts I read and saw Richard, it seemed like that to me. But in one of the videos, a reasonable person, it may have been Gavin, said that in fact the ANTIFA never entered so they didnt get searched and had planned this in advance.

      The police may have stood down because they knew that the people inside would win the day and didn’t want to interfere. But I cant say that for sure. I do believe that it likely was not a conspiracy with ANTIFA and Berkeley. But I am certain that there is a conspiracy at the top of ANTIFA and someone. The Democrat party, labour unions, foreign governments and or George Soros and other billionaires who wish to bring down the temple.

  3. James Boom’s opinion of ANTIFA

    A lot of people are under estimating ANTIFA, I believe they are run by hard core communists and have direct links to European Socialist Governments, they have killed and will kill again.
    They claim their forefathers were the “resistance” to Hitler in WW2, possibly? However they have morphed into the totalitarian thugs the “resistance” despised.
    People claim ANTIFA are not organised, I disagree, the black clad idiots on display are only part of it, it’s much more pernicious. It is in University, Government, Media, Business, Judiciary …. it is the dark force that has you fired for speaking your mind, blacklists you for not going along with their edicts…… it is anti-western and will use any means to destroy you.

    That is my opinion of ANTIFA.

    • That is pretty much how I see it. I have been listening to the audio book, “explaining Post modernism” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQcNjHNXnEE which was written some years ago. I am about 1 hour in and many parts of it define and explain ANTIFA behaviour with perfect clarity.

      I will post it to the site likely later today. It is so far, so good that its the kind of thing one should decide to use in order to get done that repetitive chore that has needed doing for some time while listening.

      Apparently Jordan Peterson says it is required reading. (listening)

      In any case, it explains what I see and hear in videos of ANTIFA. the clear hierarchy, the screaming and hyperbole replacing reason.

      • If you bother to look and have a good sense of history you see the hierachy, you also see the layers of followers and it is only the bottom layer that is only semi disciplined. There are higher layers that are very disciplined and who are ready to spill a lot of blood to achieve their goal, you see this readiness in the heavy rocks that are being thrown and in the plastic bags they were trying to force over peoples heads. They also have close ties to some radical groups in the US (Black Panthers, Nation of Islam) that are armed and semi trained, we can look for those groups to come out to support antifa later this summer.

    • Right down to the emblems, looks like the losing side in the Spanish Civil War. Communists and “organized anarchists”[*] and fascist agents provacateurs.
      [*]Sounds like an oxymoron, I never figured that out

    • They claim their forefathers were the “resistance” to Hitler in WW2, possibly?

      Maybe in the context of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), which was a proxy war. Stalin vs Hitler and Mussolini. It was an opportunity both used for testing armaments and tactics.

      Of course people didn’t realize it at the time, and very few would’ve been drawn to either side at the outset. But hardcore ideologues came from all over the world. For example the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.


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