Austria: 16 year old muslima stabs woman in park

An original translation by Nash Montana with many thanks!

From this Austrian news source:

Because she was offended, a student stabbed a woman with her knife

As just now has been made public, a Vienna woman (23) was walking through the Josef-Strauss-Park on April 5th nearing 2:00 PM when she came upon the Chechnian girl. The muslim girl was apparently provocatively asking “what are you looking at”?

The 23 year old snapped back and said “I can look at anything I want to!”, and then supposedly muttered under her breath “effing muslima”.

Pierced Lung

This apparently was enough for the veiled teenager to charge at the woman. Armed with a small kitchen knife she stabbed the woman three times in her upper body. One stab pierced her lung and injured the 23 year old seriously.

In shock, the injured woman ran out of the park and towards a person who dialed 911. When the ambulance arrived, the woman was able to speak and she was immediately brought to the hospital. Nothing further is known about her condition as of now. After the attack, the 16 year old muslim girl – she is to be considered innocent until proven guilty – went to her school, where she was arrested by the police after a call to the school principal.


The girl has been charged for causing serious bodily harm. The Chechnian girl is now in detention. Whether the girl and the woman knew each other is not known, interrogations have not been made so far. It is entirely feasible that the Prosecutor will seek to charge the girl with attempted murder.

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11 Replies to “Austria: 16 year old muslima stabs woman in park”

    • Once it does explode if the German government will stay out of their way the Germans will probably revert to the first class fighting men of history and make the Turks and other Moslems wonder how they could have so misjudged the Germans.

      • I hope you are right Richard, but the country is infested with liberalism. I’m hoping that the violence, killing and pain will not have reach an unbearable intensity.

      • Most germans have been neutered by the post war years and commies took over Id say in 20 years at this rate of decline there will be no germans capable of defending their culture

  1. Once it does explode if the German government will stay out of their way…

    We’re taking about Austria, Richard. Fortunately, the rest really doesn’t matter.

    Stab someone and watch the knives come out. At whatever point, this willingness to assault people on their own ancestral turf can only translate into some serious hurt. Any expectation otherwise represents a degree of delusion that only encourages even more profound levels of compound fractures and loss of bodily fluids.

    At some point, Europeans will cease to care, and these new arrivals will gain a sharp awareness of exactly what it means to harm people on their own home ground. When that happens, be sure to stop placing any bets on the newcomers.

      • I guess I was having a senior moment.

        No you weren’t and all of us who care about you at Vlad Tepes Blog aren’t about to believe that modest crap of yours for a single moment. You have dedicated so much sincere effort (at this site alone) towards expanding awareness about jihad that all we can do is thank you. Capisce?

        Yer pal,


  2. She called 911 from Austria ? To where ? The USA ? Did they send the ambulance. If you want to make something believable use the real number which is 112 across all Europe. This seems bad edited or fake.

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