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13 Replies to “James Comey LIVE on Russian interference”

  1. They asked many questions but omitted the most important one: ”Did you leak or pass on the information to the media?”

  2. You are watching Islamic Islamisist destablization behind the Democrats agendia. Making America ungovernable and blaming the Russians. Meanwhile the Islamic colonists are collecting Halal tax for products sold in our markets. American universities, with Sadia indowments turning out a whole generation of indoctrinated professionals.

  3. What a sad joke this hearing was. The questions themselves were often anti-Trump propaganda. The answers came from Comey the patsy who works for O. This is the Nomenklatura on display and at work. If Comey (the homey) had anything of substance to say he would’ve said it. They’ve got his back. No one made him squirm.

  4. “There is an important strategic lesson here. Honest language is precious. It makes unity and agreement possible between men and women of good will. But the enemy of unity and agreement puts words to an entirely different use. The sower of confusion, the literary murderer, uses words as weapons.”

    This is also precisely the same strategy of Truth Inversion deployed by Soros. “Truth” to the Useful Idiot comes with a simple twist and slight of word, sensible on the surface but in fact as deep as piss in a pan. Works like a charm for those with too much education but no brains. Comey’s artful dodging is all telling.


  5. This was a dog and pony show intended to damage President Trump, the political establishment, the deep state, what ever you want to call it thinks that the voters will set still and allow them to destroy our best chance of getting our rights back. They have no idea the depth of the anger and hatred for their attempts to take away our rights. We have patiently waited for a long time and have now found a leader who is working to restore our rights. Assault him at your peril, the anger is still them but muted because we are getting things done peacefully, the assaults on us by the Soros paid thugs is insuring that the anger remains high and that eventually there will be an explosion.

    Remember what Trump does can be undone by the next liberal Democrat President, we have to work to ensure that the changes are protected, at least partially, by the Constitution.

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