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11 Replies to “German police shut shopping mall on fears of attack”

  1. There’s no telling what it will take to finally break the “new normal”. However, it can be stated with total assurance that whatever eventually does shatter this “new normal” of constant jihadist attacks will involve some horrific countermeasures.

    Equally apparent is that the longer this process takes, the more vicious any backlash will be.

    Swaddled in their mindset of moral superiority, the vast majority of Muslims simply have no idea of what a thoroughly angered and vengeful West is capable of. Pauvre petit.

    • Swaddled in their mindset of moral superiority, the vast majority of Muslims simply have no idea of what a thoroughly angered and vengeful West is capable of.

      The Moslems aren’t the only ones who don’t realize the depths of the anger the ordinary people have for our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and the Moslems who are bribing them. The ordinary people in almost all of the Western nations haven’t changed very much from the people who built the European Empires and made the world tremble with their wrath in WWII. So far the ordinary people haven’t had a leader to channel their anger and direct it at the people who are trying to steal our freedom. Brexit, Donald Trump, Geert and le Pen are a sign to all who oppose liberty that the ordinary people are pissed and ready to move. It won’t take too much to start a civil war in one western nation and once it starts it will spread to all of the others.

  2. Same, here in America, nothing short of a purge will normalize the disruption of the koran. We are being taxed through “halal” funding the enemy. Obama stole millions through misappropriations of Americas tax dollars to build new mosques in islamic countries. Resettlement money continues to flow through the dark-state, against Trump’s agenda.Obama sent Soros five millions of dollars for the destabilization of Macedonia. Obama the islamic-apologist considers himself king in waiting, OFA.

      • A purge is coming, the question is will it be peaceful or violent.

        Ah, yes. The ancient dilemma of choosing twixt purge and putsch. Although the spelling for this pair of seemingly synonymous words share the same first two letters, meanings tend to veer wildly off course directly thereafter.

        Remember, it is irrelevant as to whether the supporters of “borderless states” are Muslim termites, corrupt EU bureaucrats, (Hillary Clinton), willkommenskultur loons, or just the usual Politically Correct imbeciles. Whomever voluntarily deters or delays the immediate resolution of this predicament—purposefully or not—irrevocably promotes the advent of hideous violence as one of the only remaining available problem-solving tools.

        Please consider this … isn’t that the implicit intention of Islam?!?

        As in: Isn’t this how it’s always been over the last dozen-or-more centuries? Has Islam ever sought any alternative form of conflict resolution? Pay heed … Islam ALWAYS must be repaid in fresh-flowing blood. Is there any doubt?

  3. great comments here everyone. video drones will record the grizzly
    blood bath for our nightly news. there is no doubt what so ever,
    it’s just around the corner.

    going thru 80 or so posts is alot for me .. so lemme’ just say,
    ‘Thank You’ to Vlad for this ass kickin’ site i read every nite.

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