Turks demonstrate against Rotterdam officials for not allowing Erdogan referendum speeches in Holland

Rotterdam declares a state of emergency.

(They may as well just declare Geert PM now)

Allah hu ackbar!

Protest outside Turkish consulate in Rotterdam

Four fingers Muslim Brotherhood salute and the Grey Wolves presence

“Dutch police attacked turks”

“Turkish Family Minister Kaya blocked from entering Rotterdam consulate”

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The following video is from a few days ago. It is the Turkish FM speaking on Germany and its refusal to allow certain rallies to take place in Germany.

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23 Replies to “Turks demonstrate against Rotterdam officials for not allowing Erdogan referendum speeches in Holland”

  1. The Trojan Horse opens its belly. What a surprise. Just wait, when their numbers grow larger, all the facades will drop.

    • In Germany, Immigrants cry “this is no longer your country” and control segments of cities. In America we have “safe cities” welcoming the federaly-illegal-imigrent-crimnalist but yet the offending cities cry for federal funding. We will never win the war-of-the-womb, their birthing rate equals that of rats during the black plague. America’s social services are being bankrupted. The immigrant males will impregnate your sisters/daughters and through sharia law control your females as brides-of-koran. The history of war has always been soldiers conquering countries by rape and repopulating with their race. Europe your DNA is in short supply. America, white man is about to be a minority. It is an interesting upside down war of political-mass-murder-by-sperm-jihad. Google the (cow bird).

  2. zero hedge – Angry Turks Protest Near Rotterdam Consulate As Dutch Embassy In Turkey Closed Off

    The Mayor of Rotterdam has issued an order to vacate the city’s center, where the Turkish protesters are situated


    Turkey’s family minister Betul Sayan Kaya on twitter :

    We’re not allowed to enter into our Consulate which is part of our homeland.Is this really the heart of Europe ot the cradle of civilization

    Geert Wilders’ reaction :

    Go away and never come back @drbetulsayan and take all your Turkish fans from The Netherlands with you please. #byebye



    Turkish police on the way to detain #Dutch diplomats based in #Ankara – (Turkish police chief: Tbc)

    • State of emergency declared for entire inner city. Only inhabitants and on-a-need-to-be-there-base people allowed.


      Dutch Government’s official statement on expulsion of Turkish Minister.

      Verklaring kabinet uitgeleiden Turkse minister Kaya

      Nieuwsbericht | 12-03-2017 | 02:03

      In het onderlinge contact met Turkije heeft Nederland vandaag bij herhaling duidelijk gemaakt dat de openbare orde en veiligheid in ons land niet in het geding mogen komen. Overleg over een bijeenkomst met een kleinschalig en besloten karakter in een Turks consulaat of ambassade werd onmogelijk gemaakt door de publieke dreiging met sancties. Daarop trok Nederland hedenochtend de landingsrechten voor het toestel van de Turkse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Cavusoglu in. De zoektocht naar een redelijke oplossing bleek onmogelijk. De verbale agressie van de Turkse autoriteiten die daarop vandaag volgde, is onacceptabel.

      Het bezoek van de Turkse minister Kaya van Familiezaken was in deze context onverantwoord. In contact met de Turkse autoriteiten is deze boodschap nogmaals overgebracht en is aangegeven dat minister Kaya niet welkom is in Nederland. Nederland werkt er niet aan mee dat Turkse ministers in Nederland publiekelijk politiek campagne voeren. Desondanks heeft zij besloten af te reizen.

      Bij aankomst in Rotterdam zijn de minister alle opties geboden om te vertrekken. Ook bij het consulaat is haar herhaaldelijk verzocht terug te reizen. Zowel minister-president Rutte als minister Koenders hebben met hun ambtgenoten gebeld. Het onderlinge overleg heeft ertoe geleid dat minister Kaya wordt uitgeleid om het land via de Duitse grens te verlaten.

      Nederland blijft voorstander van overleg met Turkije. Het kabinet houdt contact met de Nederlandse lokale autoriteiten.


  3. This is a problem of duel citizenship?? America has Mexico wanting to set up law centers shielding illegal immigrants on US soil without Mexican consulate status. Disruption by a country within another country’s borders is not free speech. The result of open borders is coming to fruition. Soros’s “disruption” in countries politics is part of his play book. He wins either way, as long as anarchy is the result, if not then grid lock of political decision making.

  4. This is the logical conclusion of the leftist experiment with open borders, dual citizenship and cultural equivalence. The invaders who are loyal to their home country not the one they are currently living in and citizens of are protesting because they aren’t allowed to continue converting their new country into their old country.

    We can expect more violence that will grow in intensity and frequency as the year progresses, WWIII is going kinetic and it will grow and spread faster then most people think.

  5. I didn’t think I would watch the 35 minutes but I did. A speech only a Muslim could give. Aggressive, whining, boastful, threatening, invitational, accusatory, indignant, all in one. I liked the guy second from the right, pure security assigned to literally watch the speakers back. No clapping or smiling from him until near the end he pulls out his cellphone, reads a text, then takes a picture of the back of the speakers head and shows it to the guy beside him. Meanwhile a few of the others are doing a musical chair thing with each other. Such bold statements about bowing to no one but allah.

    This won’t end well.

  6. Germany: Turkish Minister Kaya arrives at Cologne airport escorted back from Netherlands

    Turkish Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya could be seen walking through Cologne Bonn Airport early on Sunday morning. After Kaya was prevented access to the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, she was taken to the Dutch-German border. She was stopped from speaking to a group of Turkish demonstrators in Rotterdam on Saturday.

  7. Turkey: Dutch authorities ‘trampled on’ freedom of speech – says rejected Turkish Minister

    Turkish Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya spoke to the press from Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, on Sunday, where she relayed her experience of being prevented from entering into her country’s consulate in Rotterdam.

    SOT, Sayan Kaya, Turkish Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Betul (Turkish): “We were treated harshly and rudely. The attitude of Europe – the ‘Human Rights and Women’s Rights’ lecturer – to a female minister was so ugly. Doing this to a female minister three days after the International Women’s Day is a tragicomedy. We were kept for about one and half an hours at the border. Than we took our consulate’s car and returned to Germany, where we took a flight back here.”

    SOT, Sayan Kaya, Turkish Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Betul (Turkish): “We went there to meet with our people, to tell them what the new governmental system will bring. Freedom of speech and the right to assembly have been trampled on last night. All freedoms were hanging in the air in Netherlands last night. The people that were there to gather with us face an inhumane attitude. They have been attacked by horses and dogs. The Netherlands which is always lecturing us about the freedom of press dragged journalists on the ground. Journalists have also been attacked by the dogs and horses.”

    • Turkey: Dutch flag swapped for Turkish flag at Dutch consulate, Istanbul, as tensions mount

      An unidentified man allegedly swapped a Dutch flag for a Turkish flag at the Dutch consulate in Istanbul, Sunday. The incident comes amid a diplomatic spat between the two countries, which was sparked by the Dutch government’s barring Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from landing in Rotterdam where he was due to hold a campaign rally.

      Turkish sources claim that the Turkish flag was raised with the permission of the Dutch consulate since they allege it was impossible to enter the compound due to heightened security measures. A large number of police officers have been deployed to secure the territory of the embassy since Saturday night as hundreds of protesters have been marching on the Dutch consulate to protest the Dutch government’s decision.

      Cavusoglu had intended to hold a rally in Rotterdam in a bid to garner support for a ‘Yes’ vote in Turkey’s upcoming referendum on its constitution, but permission for the event was revoked.

      Following the decision from Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government to bar Cavusolgu, Turkish Minister for Family and Social Policy Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya was sent in his stead from Germany. She was blocked from speaking at the rally and was later escorted back to Germany by police. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared the Dutch administration to Nazis for their refusal to host Turkish diplomats, threatening diplomatic and economic measures.

  8. Turkey: Protesters pelt Istanbul’s Dutch consulate with eggs as diplomatic crisis deepens

    Hundreds of people rallied outside the Dutch consulate in Istanbul, Sunday, pelting eggs at the building in protest against the decision by the Dutch government to bar Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu from landing in Rotterdam, where he was due to hold a campaign rally.

    Cavusoglu had intended to hold a rally in Rotterdam in a bid to garner support for a ‘Yes’ vote in Turkey’s upcoming referendum on its constitution, but permission for the event was revoked.

  9. Netherlands: Rotterdam residents observe consulate after night of clashes with police

    Calm returned at the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, Sunday, after a night of clashed between Turkish protesters and the police. While some broken fences were lying along the street, several international media teams could be seen in front of the building.

    The protests began after tensions escalated between The Hague and Ankara after Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s plane was barred from landing in the Netherlands. The minister had intended to hold a rally in Rotterdam in a bid to garner support for a ‘Yes’ vote in Turkey’s upcoming referendum on its constitution, but permission for the event was revoked.

    SOT, Anton Werner, inhabitant of Rotterdam (Dutch): “Turkey already tried once to conquer the whole of Western Europe, to make it Islamic. And I have the impression that this is happening again now. Erdogan is doing the same thing as what happened in those days. And I don’t think the people here like that.”

    SOT, Anton Werner, inhabitant of Rotterdam (Dutch): “[They say] we are fascists and we are a remnant of the Nazis. I am sorry, but if you say this about us, you don’t belong here and neither does your people. It is as simple as that.”

    SOT, Andre, inhabitant of Rotterdam (Dutch): “Everybody is welcome in my house, but as soon as they enter, they have to stick to my rules. That’s very logical and very clear. And I think that this absolutely didn’t happen here yesterday. This has nothing to do with discrimination, it is about knowing how to behave.”

  10. Turks react to old Geert Wilders video after their minister is evicted from the Netherlands

    After Turkish Minister of Family Affairs Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya was told she has to return to Germany, Guests on TRT World (An international Turkish news platform) react to a year old video by Geert Wilders telling Turks that Turkey is not welcome in Europe.

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