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7 Replies to “Tonight’s crop of French muslim and leftist riot videos”

    • Poorly, but unless there is a civil war they can’t do any thing, not unless Marine le Pen wins and carries enough people with her to allow her to govern without a coalition government.

  1. They “feel” they have it hard… liberalism, communist and Muslims united like a buch of brats destroying other’s properties. They should all be send to jail . Water, bread for one week. No phone, no TV, no attorneys for one week. Let see how they would manage? No police on sight.
    How can they be aloud to protest ?
    France always wants to be “love” see how long they “love” these thugs?

    • I noticed a young white woman standing alone in the crowd, shaking her fist, shouting nonsense. Simply and completely barking mad.
      We should be using face-recognition technology to screen for these. Ban them from entering our country. Last thing we need is more like that.

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