Massive multi-day riots in France over a rumour of police abuse

First, the article. Then more videos than anyone has time for.

Thank you Ava Lon for translating this set of basics on the riots:

From this French News site drawing on official police sources:

Aulnay-sous-bois: the version of the policeman contradicts that of Théo

By / Tuesday February 7, 2017 at 14:35

One of the policemen under investigation after a violent arrest in Aulnay-sous-Bois told a different version of the story from [the version of] Theo, who claims to have been raped with a truncheon, reports BFM TV.

What happened during the arrest of Theo, the young man of 22 years, who claims to have been raped by police officers on Thursday night in Aulnay-sous-Bois? The investigation is under way to determine the exact circumstances of the evening. But according to BFM TV, the version reported by one of the police officers under investigation differs from that of the young man.

Insults and punch in the face

He was interviewed by the IGPN [General Inspectorate of the National Police] and told the story of the case. While patrolling with three other policemen in the “City of 3,000”, known to be a high place of the drug trafficking, he questions a group of ten individuals. The tone rises, the “young” defy the forces of order. Theo, according to the account of the police officer, catches one officer by the collar and insults him. Then he punches him in the face.

While he is taken to the side to be questioned, he struggles “very violently”. The baton intervenes at this point in the story: one of the policemen uses it to “hit Theo in the legs”, “to prevent him from kicking”. The scene was allegedly violent and beatings were allegedly been given in a kind of melee, one can read on the site of the chain of information live. The police officers say that there has never been any intention to commit rape.

Theo, 60 days of work disruption

Yet this is what Theo has said since his arrest. According to him, the policeman would have deliberately used his telescopic baton to “push him into the buttocks”. At the police station, the security forces called the ambulance, after finding that the arrested young man couldn’t sit down. In hospital, he was prescribed 60 days of work disruption.

[Translator’s comments]: This is what happened more or less (from what I read in different media): Theo was arrested and while fighting the cops off he sustained a tear to his anus. He claimed rape by police baton. Police denies that. President of the French Republic visits Theo in the hospital. Riots start all over France. Medical investigation confirms the version of the police officers.

Piles of stuff at this Twitter feed:

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34 Replies to “Massive multi-day riots in France over a rumour of police abuse”

    • Martin
      Thanks for that video. It is so sad that a country like France is completely underwater because of years of leftist degenerate politics. Mary Le Pen is like Trump; she tell it like it is.
      She understands that Islam it ar war. After Paris is taking over Rome will be under Islam. Islam has been at war with Christians forever. The leftists, victims of the world United with islamofaschists

  1. I personally give more credence to the police then to the criminal. The main reason for this is that if they were going to administer extrajudicial punishment it would have been at the police station where there weren’t any witnesses or the possibility of witnesses. For this reason I am going to say that this is probably like the hands up don’t shoot narrative, utter Bull and is designed to discredit the police and make it harder for them to govern France.

  2. Truly pathetic. The President of France visits a thug based on a rumor? France needs to stop pussyfooting around and fight back.

    • President Hollande is a whore, yes and he never ever visited the hospital bed of gravely injured police – so he is just signalling what side he is on.

      But this time there is an additional – strategic point to his despicable servile action: He wants to avoid at all costs an inflammation of the situation, because, should the riots go out of hand, this will mean a nearly assured victory of Marine Le Pen at the elections that are a mere 3 months away.

  3. Ava Lon’s (Translator’s) comment is spot on.

    Meanwhile the “Accusations” of “Rape” have been publically discredited by Medical Examiners and the “Police de la Police” (these are the independant Police investigators within the police force I think).

    But any “excuse” for a riot by the usual suspects will do, even the “homo-erotic” fantasies of a thug to be “raped by the Police”. Of course, the fully complicit/corrupt Media and assorted slime will ensure that the MYTH of “PoliceRapingPoorBlackYOUTH” enters history,

    • Black Lives Matter, Hands up don’t shoot. some things are the same no matter what nation you are in, the alt left will tell any lie that causes trouble.


    Maréchal Le Pen dit que plusieurs jeunes de ce quartier (St Denis de la Seinepres de Paris) reçoivent 3000$ euros /month without having to work and driving expensive vehicle. For years the police have not gone after these thugs. Social Justice.
    The story of Theo is bizarre. An anal tear can also be secondary to chronic hemorrhoid sexual. Who is Theo? Can’t find anything about him, his productive life, nationality, religion.
    France has lost his identity.

  5. The T-shirts: “JUSTICE FOR THEO” ….. do they mean: “Please make Theo’s erotic fantasies come through” ?

    I’m reminded of the “Palestinians” (Arabs) who complained about the horrible RAAAACISM of the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) who “would not even rape their arab women”. True ! look it up !

    • I bet this Theo is notorious amongst his own. His buddies were inspired by the juxtaposition of _Stick_ and _Theo_. Fantasies soared…
      – voilà –

  6. Out of the mouth of a Muslim, suppose there is a grain of truth in what a Muslim says? I hope it was true and no lube was used and the baton was made of splintery Cedar.

    It is just a raghead pretext for rioting. Soon Westerners won’t need a pretext to send the Muslims home to Allah.

    • I hope … no lube was used and the baton was made of splintery Cedar.

      As with most Westerners, you are far too kind.

    • No homeschoolers lurking here.
      …or shouldn't be. Get out, you miserable brats!

      Haven’t checked into how GoV [G-rated or PG-13?] is covering this story. Imagine the responsibility these sites take on when they commit to parents who homeschool.

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