German State broadcaster, ZDF, made a video comparing Trump to Hitler 4 days after he took office

The only reason the CBC didn’t do one like this is there production values don’t come even remotely close to this. But they certainly broadcast this sentiment at every occasion.

PI News in Germany has written this article about the satire above:

ZDF looking at problems after Trump/Hitler comparison

On January 24th ZDF’s “Frontal 21” presented a typical lynch-media contribution regarding the newest bogeymen of all leftists: US president Donald Trump. But this wasn’t just one of the usual and daily hate-filled small-minded contributions that was after another hair in the soup, another wrong dance step, or another mismatched tie of the new man in the White House. No, this time the brainwash-training channel went one step further, and maybe they went one step too far. In their report “Messiah or Hitler”, which we are supposed to understand as satire, Donald Trump was put in direct comparison with Adolf Hitler.

by L.S. Gabriel

No one is laughing anymore, from the blackest of black-humored Brits to the most moronic fan of weak jokes, after an all-in-all dumb video contribution by the authors Werner Doyé and Andreas Wiemers. This irreverent piece just could not be surpassed. That’s exactly how the publisher of the Jewish Review (Jüdischer Rundschau), Dr. Rafael Korenzecher, sees it, and that’s why he not only wrote an open letter to the ZDF, but he also forwarded the report directly to the US authorities.

 Korenzecher wrote:

Open letter to Herr Kurt Beck, chairman of board of directors of the ZDF

Dear Herr Beck,

Allow us to forewarn you that we deem your contribution on ZDF’s “Frontal 21” from January 24th, 2017, about the newly elected US president Donald J. Trump as defamatory.

With suggestively trimmed video material and accompanying words the entire program about the President of our most important ally and the most important Western democracy was manipulated to produce a prima facie resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

This is not only against the law and extremely defamatory, but it also trivializes the historical assessment of the unprecedented crimes committed by this German war criminal and those responsible for the murder of six million Jews.

We are bringing this incident to your attention because we assume that you missed the broadcast of this deliberately false narration, and that therefore no action has been taken in the exercise of your political and ethical responsibility regarding to the content of broadcasts of this institution of the public broadcasting corporation.

With all due respect for the absolutely indispensable democratic bestowal of freedom of the press, we are of the conviction that the irresponsible propagation of historical falsehoods and defamatory content should not be part of the contributions of the public broadcasting corporation ZDF. We therefore await an appropriate and suitable initiation of a public rectification of this scandalous issue, and we expect a long-term guarantee that a repeat of such incidents in the future will be efficiently prevented.

As a matter of form, allow us to point out that we have forwarded the information about this outrageous behavior of the “Frontal 21” editors to the appropriate US authorities, and have therefore made it possible on their part to consider the potential for an initiation of criminal procedures against the responsible parties.

With greatest respect,

Dr. Rafael Korenzecher

Publisher, Jewish Review and Evrejskaja Panorama

My guess is they will take the CBC approach. Wait a few days till 99% of the impact of it is made, then take it down with a note from some kind of ombudsman which no one will see and fewer will understand as being meaningful.


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7 Replies to “German State broadcaster, ZDF, made a video comparing Trump to Hitler 4 days after he took office”

  1. You cannot un-see what has been seen. There is no effective way to compensate for the damage done. At this point, ZDF should face criminal charges for such slander. If it were the ZDF abusing Merkel in this manner, the entire editorial staff would have been jailed by now. Amazingly, they are already looking for a scapegoat to distract the jihadist abused population from the mess made by the German government. Maybe they have miscalculated here – give it a week.

  2. The alt left is desperate, they are losing everywhere, often despite massive voter fraud, and will do anything to slow their loss of power. This is why the paid riots are taking place in the US and why the protests are occurring overseas. We can expect a lot more turmoil and lying articles and videos for the next 8 years.

    The result of these attacks is going to be a second Trump administration, probably followed by a Pence administration.

  3. I find it interesting that German state run TV would produce such a slander against a “Foreign Dignitary” when they put one of their own comedians on trial for doing just that less than a year ago.
    Do you guys remember the comedian that was tried for insulting Erdogan?

    • curious where the other commenters live – the video isn’t deprecating enough to be funny! not even close to “slander” — knowingly falsifyng personal information that materially impacts the victim

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