Polish media covers the ongoing riots against TWO Kabab shops run by killer muslims

This is worth watching to the end. The interview with the man who moved back to Poland from Sweden because of islamic migrants, and the crowd, who looked up the second location of kabab shop by the same killers, and ransacked that also.

Earlier today we posted a couple of other items on this same important story. A Polish news article, and a set of videos of the riots.


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14 Replies to “Polish media covers the ongoing riots against TWO Kabab shops run by killer muslims”

  1. Let’s see just how far this chain reaction manages to go.

    Finally there is some serious reprisal. All of these murderers get their assets kicked. This is the sort of language that Muslims understand rather fluently. In fact, it is one of the only forms of communication that registers at all on Islam’s ossified, vacuous skull.

    For decades, spineless Western leadership has been desperately trying to convince itself that diplomatic negotiation will work with Islam. With equal desperation, they try to ignore a historical record which consistently indicates that Islam responds only to brutal, oppositional force.

    If Islamic countries were, for the most part, fully modernized places, then there might be some hope for negotiations to succeed. Instead, Muslim majority nations routinely rank among the world’s worst sewers of corruption, constant violence and human rights abuse. Again, the Butcher’s Bill continues to climb as Western leaders keep repeating the same failed diplomatic experiment hoping for different results. We all know what Einstein would have to say about that.

    • We are dealing with people who mistake restraint for weakness. Worse, we are dealing with people who don’t understand why we practice such restraint: because when our ire is really and truly aroused, we’re so terribly good at war. Far more than their desert skirmishers imagine.

      The last time Western Christendom had a religious war, it ended with much of Central Europe depopulated, and that was in a time when flintlock muskets were the cutting edge of weapons technology. The last time Western Civilization fought a (secular) total war, it ended with two cities nuked.

      When it becomes clear to the decisionmakers that no, restraint only encourages them, and the gloves come off, I daresay that the survivors will understand that HP Lovecraft’s warning “do not summon what you cannot dispel” applies to human wrath as well as eldritch nasties.

  2. The first places it will spread to will be in Eastern Europe, they are the ones with the history of what having Moslems in their nations is like. Then the braver ones in Western Europe will decide to follow in the Easterners footsteps.

  3. It is to be cautious with every news story. We do not know the past history, of say there were threats to them by gangs, or the firecracker was intended to harm someone.

    Muslims kill for ideological reasons. They have been serving these Poles halal meat for years. I therefore don’t imagine they would kill their compliant-dhimmis off, from whom they make their living, unless provoked or their numbers had risen to 40% within that town where another kufr had been accused of ripping the Koran.

    So as it stands, it appears there may something more going on. Sure, deconstuct Islam because it is the violent, brutalizing and dehumanizing cult to Muslims, their children, and all their neighbors; but it is not clear yet, if they were triggered, or they were really out to defend themselves.

    That we too become triggered is not a good thing.
    Have a reflection and a cup of tea, and wait and see if this is Islam.

  4. RT -Poland: People ignite fireworks, clash with police, after man killed at kebab shop

    Unrest rocked the streets of the northeast Polish town of Elk, Sunday night, after a local man was killed at a kebab restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

    The clashes erupted after several hundred people gathered in front of the Prince Kebab diner to hold a vigil for a 21-year-old man who had been stabbed to death in a brawl allegedly involving an employee of the diner. The brawl broke out after the victim reportedly threw a firecracker towards the restaurant. Four suspects have been arrested since the launch of the investigation.

    SOT, Agata Kulikowska de Nalecz, Press officer of Elk Police Department (Polish): “The most aggressive people in the crowd have been detained. They remain in custody. Each of these incidents will be dealt with separately. These people are going to be held accountable for their actions.”

    SOT, Tomasz Andrukiewicz, Mayor of Elk (Polish): “I want us to be safe and remain calm because the police need time and tranquillity to explain the circumstances of this great tragedy when a young man was killed on New Year’s Eve. I ask the residents of Elk to remain calm because this is the only way to deal with this tragedy.”

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