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8 Replies to “Viktor Orban gives a definitive statement on behalf of the V4 on illegal migration and Europe”

  1. It will be interesting to see what the V4 becomes. As peripheral countries like Romania and Serbia aspire to EU membership, they will realize the folly of membership. Will they join the V4 despite any historical grudges with each other? See how Orban pushes for free movement of Ukrainians so to release the partitioned Hungarian minority that would help solve Hungary’s labour shortage in the face of that country’s unique growth in the region?

    There’s lots going on.

    • I have a theory about the reason getting Ukrainians visa. One of the primary excuse for Merkel and ilk for the import of mass quantities of illiterate goat herders is labor shortage. With the joining of Ukraine a large quantity of white Christian worker could join the workforce (most of them properly trained) would take out this primary excuse from the Globalists’ hands.

      • CrossWare
        A lot of Ukrainians are working legally and illegally in Poland, some people say that there are about a million Ukrainian migrants in Poland. Many are working legally as they got accepted as a refugees. And I can assure you that there are not many complains against Ukrainians. They quickly learn Polish, as our languages are very similar. For the most part they are hard workers. They have similar attitudes to Poles towards many things. Yes, the Ukraine is a mess, but for the most part Ukrainians are fine people.
        However I am not sure about free movement of Ukrainians. Ukraine is not a part of EU. The border between Russia and Ukraine is nearly non-existent. There is still fighting in the Doneck region. In fact, the territory of so called Doneck People Republic is not controlled by Ukrainian government And the present Ukraine government is very, very corrupt.

        • Given the unrest all around the world it is dangerous for any nation to allow free movement from any other nation. Especially the movement of people claiming to be refugees, sensible precautions need to be taken to reduce the number of terrorists that make it into the nations that are now part of western civilization.

          If we aren’t careful the compassion of the useful idiots and the treason of the alt left will destroy our nations.

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