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16 Replies to “An analysis of the rape/murder of a leftist’s child by Muslim illegals”

  1. The pressure cooker that is Germany is on the stove and the pressure is building with the safety valve tied down, how long will it take to build enough pressure for the cooker to explode? Another rape/murder? Another New Years Eve like the last one? Or will it take the Moslems breaking out their weapons and trying to take over cities?

    • @ Richard: “the pressure cooker ….with the safety valve tied down” !!! What an excellent metaphor !!!
      I hear that there is a bitter appointment in some circles (the ones on our side I dare say) in Germany who had hoped that now, that evil has struck finally even among high ranking Merkel Loyalists, things will finally come to a head ! No such decency apparantly: these people are a huge part of the problem.

      • It is going to take more then one murder of a member of a high ranking politicians family before the Socialist react and by the time they start reacting the people will already have the nooses ready for the politicians necks.

        OT: In a different threat Martin as what the German for <keep honking I'm reloading Google translate says this is Halten Sie hupen Ich bin neu laden but I don’t know if a mechanical translation will accurately translate the meaning of that bumper sticker advice. Is it good or is there a different German phrase that means close to the same thing that is better?

        • @ Richard

          Sometimes English is so much easier…but my translation (although not sounding quite as funny) would be:

          “Hupen Sie weiter”
          “Bleiben Sie an der Hupe” (stay on the horn)

        • No Richard. Your translation means “stop honking I’m reloading”
          “halten” means stop

          The word “keep” means to hold. to stop.
          Google translates this as “halten sie”, this is not what is meant.

          A better translation would be “hupe nur weiter (you asshole)”
          “keep on honking”

          Another problem would be the second part “laden”
          Like in English German has words that can have several meanings.
          What meaning is intended must apear from the context.
          There is not enough context here to show the real meaning.
          “Laden” can mean store, shop or filling, loading.

          May I suggest the word “Durchladen”, loading thru, pulling the slide and chamber a new round.

          So your translation could be;
          Keep (on) honking I’m reloading.
          Hupe nur weiter Ich bin am Durchladen.

            • You can always expand on that phrase if you wish.
              You could add a sense of urgency and threat to it by saying;
              Hupe nur weiter du Arschloch Ich bin schon am Durchladen.
              (keep on honking you asshole I’m already reloading)
              It all depends how much real estate you have on your bumper sticker.

  2. Eeyore .. this is a beautiful tribute to this lovely young girl.
    Heartbreaking, along with the millions of other girls that have
    been consumed by the Jihad.

  3. i have read the news about this murder in German newspapers. At the beginning, couple of newspapers mentioned that the father of the victim was a lawyer working in EU bureaucracy. Then the next day none of the follow up articles wrote about the father’s occupation. Also, there were two murders, that one and the similar murder nearby.(I think the other one happened a little later) In the other murder police did not find the perpetrator.

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