Facebook blocks conservative groups, organizers of national independence day march

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From this Polish language news site:


The deputy head of MS blocking nationalists on Facebook: In Poland there is no consensus on censorship

In Poland, we don’t accept censorship; we will analyze in legal terms, what we can do about Facebook blocking profiles associated with the national movements – announced on Wednesday, Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki. It’s outrageous – he believes.

National-movement-activists reported on Twitter that in recent days some profiles disappeared from Facebook, among others, the March of Independence, the National Movement, the National Radical Camp and All-Polish Youth. Administrators also blocked profiles of activists.

Nationalists, who are blaming, primarily employees of the Polish branch of Facebook for the removal , planned for a November 5th protest against the Warsaw seat of the social networking site.

Patryk Jaki, Deputy Minister stressed on Wednesday in “Signals day” in the radio Jedynka that Poland is “the cradle of democracy and freedom.” “We don’t accept censorship” – he said.

Asked whether the prosecution should look into blocking of the patriotic pages and and pages with a related content among others” the Independence March, the deputy head of the Ministry of Justice replied: “We will analyze in legal terms, what we can do, because actually what happens on Facebook, but also on Twitter, is outrageous.”

Asked whether the prosecution can do anything against a company, that is outside the Polish jurisdiction, he said: “Today we’re wondering if we can do something. Probably, the possibilities we have, are limited, but even the ones that we have, I think we should use them “.

“There are allowed (on Facebook) pages, that offend the Catholic Church, vulgar ones, others- referring to the communist ideology, but not allowed are Polish patriotic slogans? Something here is not right and it absolutely can not be accepted,” – he said.

According to him, “evidently patriotic Polish pages are often being harassed.” “Only one type of [FB] page in the political dispute is being harassed (…), and the others, even the most vulgar ones, act freely. Here, clearly something is wrong with freedom and democracy,” – said the deputy minister. In his view, blocking patriots “is a question of those people, who are responsible for these sites in Poland.”

Also digitization minister Anna Stre?y?ska, expressed her opinion and wrote Tuesday on Twitter: “Concerning FB problem, I act as I see fit and reasonable, within the law, and my competence; in order to solve the problem rather than inflame it.”

Polish League Against Defamation [non-government civil rights organization] on its website published a statement in which he states that “censorship used by Facebook,” is a violation of, among others, Art. 54 of the Constitution, which says that “everyone shall have the freedom to express opinions and to acquire and disseminate information, and preventive censorship means of social communication and the licensing of the press shall be prohibited.” “Because FB operates on Polish territory is obliged to adhere to the Polish legal order” – emphasized Polish League Against Defamation.

The organization also announced that it filed two notices of a possible crime by the administration of Facebook regarding the violation of article. 196 CC, which reads: “Whoever disrespects the religious feelings of others, by desecrating publicly an object of religious worship or a place for the public performance of religious rites, is subject to a fine, imprisonment or imprisonment for up to 2 years.”

“Facebook, despite repeated calls from many people, does not delete profiles insulting St. John Paul II, which violates Art. 196 CC” – they justified.

[Translators note]

Please note, that Polish law prohibits desecration/vandalism of/against religious objects and places (paintings, sculptures, crosses, churches), which might be perceived as diminishing free speech for some.

For a video interview with a Polish conservative politician on the matter, and a great video of Poles burning Facebook icons, please click here. 

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