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8 Replies to “The cost of migrants per capita to the German taxpayer”

  1. I did some cocktail napkin math about this a few years ago and the numbers are staggering. See: Benefits in Europe: country by country

    Average social benefits can be up to €30,000 per year. When you add in all of the medical costs associated with elevated Muslim birth rates, ailments of genetically inbred children, and complications of genital mutilation, the numbers take a serious jump. Then, as Germany is now learning, there are the costs of apprehending, convicting, incarcerating, and paroling immigrant criminals (redundant, I know), again all the numbers make another big jump.

    Now, add in the cost of therapy for rape and other crime victims, extra policing, cleaning up vandalism, expanded drug interdiction efforts, carbeques (there’s an easy €20,000 a shot), massive amounts of insurance claims related to property damage, plus all the extra wages for the additional social workers necessary to process these chronically unemployable thugs. Then there’s all the unrecoverable medical costs of just ensuring that those entering the EU are not vectoring extremely dangerous diseases like MDR TB (i.e., Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis).

    Finally, add in all of the anti-terrorism expenses plus treatment of victims. Please recall that the Pulse Night Club massacre (with its +200 gun shot wounds) in Orlando, Florida generated hospital bills of well-over $5.5 million. More recently, passenger carrier Air France estimated that the November 2015 jihadist terror attacks at Bataclan and Stade de France (called “the deadliest assault on French soil since World War II”) caused a drop in revenue of $76 million for the airline.

    Just the 2004 Madrid train bombings cost an estimated €212 million to the regional economy of Madrid, equivalent to 0.16 per cent of the regional GDP (0.03 of the national GDP). This is the “Terrorism Tax” and cost estimates of the 9-11 Atrocity costs range from $300 billion to $3 trillion. Just the trial of Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan, ran up a $5 million dollar bill. His automatic death penalty appeal will cost another million dollars all by itself.

    My own SWAG (Scientific Wild-@ss Guess) is an easy $1 million per European immigrant. And the Merkel Gang has let in over a million of these incorrigible parasites. Perhaps this makes it more clear as to why I predict such an unhappy ending for these modern-day invaders. Once indigenous Europeans realize that they have nothing to lose, things will get very ugly, very fast.

  2. A quick check says that in Canada the refugees get either $786 or $1800 per month depending on which side of the argument you believe.

    In the US the refugees cost the tax payer Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred and a few odd dollars, call it Twenty thousand a year for each refugee and you won’t be far off.

  3. I love the part where he says, “oh, you might be thinking these are isolated cases”. Ha-Ha!
    This really makes me irate – the showering of money on these freeloaders, and all the crime and terror they bring with them. Merkel deserves something worse than prison.

    Look at this sh*t: (sorry no subtitles- it´s about a “refugee” that terrorises a neighbourhood by masturbating on the street – in front of children)

  4. Look at this sh*t: (sorry no subtitles- it´s about a “refugee” that terrorises a neighbourhood by masturbating on the street – in front of children)

    Paging Lorena Bobbitt to the white courtesy phone!

    Old joke: I tried to telephone Lorena Bobbitt and she cut me off!

  5. The narrator really drives this issue home with his final point about how,with €1,000 per year in government furnished child support, indigenous German women would gladly have many more children. The vicious social welfare policy of rewarding parasitic invaders far out of proportion to native Germans is just one more example of why Angela Merkel and her gang should stand trial for crimes against humanity. Pay Germans that €1,000 per child and nobody would need to import these cretinous savages to make up for negative population replacement numbers.

    All of this just rips the mask off of Merkel and the EU’s true agenda.

    Please know that I am less-than-happy to see my own financial guesstimates borne out.

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