The Clinton crimes exceed the criminal imaginings of any single person and more: Links 2 on November 2 – 2016

1, The Rebel daily 5.

2. Huma Abedin again. Will she get away with this series of pernicious and deliberate lies?

Judicial Watch asks the big question. Why was it up to them?

3. Boston law firm accused of massive straw-donor scheme.

(It isn’t that the crimes and corruption of the Clinton organizations eclipse the imagination of what a person could think of who wished to profit by criminal schemes. Its that the crimes and corruption of the Clinton crime family meets the efforts of a team of criminals who invented and deployed criminal schemes to advance the Clinton lust for power and wealth.)

Video at site above.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is returning thousands of dollars in donations linked to what may be one of the largest straw-donor schemes ever uncovered.

A small law firm that has given money to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Harry Reid, President Obama and many others is accused of improperly funneling millions of dollars into Democratic Party coffers. The program was exposed by the Center for Responsive Politics and the same team of Boston Globe investigative reporters featured in the movie “Spotlight.”

The Thornton Law Firm has just 10 partners, but dollar for dollar, it’s one of the nation’s biggest political donors, reports CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil.

But according to the firm’s own documents – leaked by a whistleblower — days or even hours after making these donations, partners received bonuses matching the amount they gave.

“Once the law firm knew that we had these records, they didn’t deny that this was the case,” said Scott Allen, Boston Globe’s Spotlight editor.

4. Top Democratic Hillary donator inside DNC circles: “Blacks are seriously fuc**d in the head”

5. WikiLeaks: DOJ official gave John Podesta a heads-up on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

(Cant it get worse? Well clearly it will. But it is hard to imagine. At this point the simplest thing to do would be to put bars around the entire executive branch from the White House, the DoJ., and possibly much of the FBI and start sending in 3X daily halal meals.)

Peter Kadzik, the assistant attorney general of the U.S. Justice Department involved with the probe into Huma Abedin’s emails, gave John Podesta a heads-up on when the State Department would start releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“There is a HJC oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify,” Mr. Kadzikemailed from his personal gmail account, with the header “Heads up.”

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa, Kathy, Tanya and all who sent in materials for this post, recent posts and generally overall.

In the video with Judicial watch, the question is asked, “Why was it up to them to do the investigating?”

This question needs a lot of thought and good answers.

Clearly in a democracy, the watchers have to be of the people and not the government. Money changes everything. The US constitution was meant to be an enfranchisement of the people, for the people, and by the people. It will always be down to us. Complacency means sliding into tyranny anywhere and everywhere. We saw it in Venezuela alone, where the most successful nation in South America slipped into tyranny seemingly overnight.

The key is to protect the principles of the constitution that allow the people to oversee government. The very thing that the Obama admin wanted to change.

And now we know part of the reason why.


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8 Replies to “The Clinton crimes exceed the criminal imaginings of any single person and more: Links 2 on November 2 – 2016”

  1. Peter Kadzik, the assistant attorney general at US DoJ, needs to be brought up on charges of obstruction of justice. His flagrant tip-off to John Podesta is both actionable and worthy of hard jail time. Kadzic is emblematic of the partisan corruption that is destroying America’s bipartisan political system.

    • The vast majority of the Clinton administration needs to spend a long time in the pen. The question is how because when Trump wins the election Obama will pardon everyone before he leaves office. Someone would have to prove that Obama got some benefit out of the pardons before they could be set aside.

      • Obama will pardon everyone before he leaves office.

        How do you pardon someone who has yet to be convicted? It doesn’t appear as though there is any sort of presidential exoneration that could preempt charges not yet filed.

        All the prosecutors would have to do is drag their feet a little and, Hey Presto!, 0bama will be out of office. And we all know how notoriously slow the progress with these federal cases can be.

        Someone would have to prove that Obama got some benefit out of the pardons before they could be set aside.

        Given his flagrant collusion with Hillary’s minions, that shouldn’t be too hard to prove.

        • Richard Nixon was pardoned without being indicted, in fact the special prospector later said there was no evidence he had committed any crime.

  2. 2- Lou Dobbs is wrong, the FBI can’t call for a Grand Jury and if one is empaneled they can’t present evidence on their own. The Justice Department has to call for one and only a prosecutor (Normal or Special) can present evidence to one.

  3. check out the stuff on twitter hector morenco will blow your head apart ..
    tweets are on the web too. says HillY & Ofraud greased bengazi people
    because they got in the way of their Syrian plans .. & will be coming out.

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