Student refuses mosque visit: 300 Euro penalty

A original translation by Nash Montana with much thanks!

From this German website: OE24

Parents are lodging an appeal. But still a 300 Euro penalty is looming and a forced visit to a mosque

According to the syllabus-topic “The Orient – power factor water and crude oil”, a school class in the German Rendsburg was scheduled to visit a mosquee. But one 13 year old student did not want to participate, as the online portal “” reports. The parents were seeking dialogue with the school after the announcement of the field trip destination.

Since they aren’t members of any denomination or faith community, they were of the opinion that no one can be forced to step inside a religious facility. “Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers”, the parents asked the school.

300 Euro penalty and forced visit

The German Constitutional law would agree, but the responsible parties at the school see it differently. The school headmistress filed a complaint with the police and the county school inspector decreed a penalty charge notice, against the mother as well as against the father of the student. Reason: The child did not attend the “information event” at the mosque.

Now the parents look like “dangerous felons”, they say. There never was a hearing. The penalty charge notice never considered any exculpatory circumstances. Therefore the parents “didn’t in a satisfying manner care, for their child’s school attendance”.

Now a 300 Euro penalty charge looms and a forced visit to the mosque. The parents have filed an appeal. Therefore this case will be heard in district court soon.

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  1. I don’t have much hope that reason and the law will prevail and the court cancels the visit and the fine, the German governments are too deep in multiculturalism for that to happen.

  2. That seems extremely odd to me. I don’t really see what the offence is. Are they saying that a High school education is not complete without a visit to a mosque? Is it the three “R”s and the “M” in Germany now? I’ve never heard of anything like that in Canada. So the kid doesn’t go on the field trip. Big deal. It would appear that the Germans are going off the deep end yet another time. Oh, goody…

  3. “The school headmistress filed a complaint with the police…”

    In China, Chairman Mao first gave this same power to all the teachers, (these who installed isolation rooms in schools ), and then switched control over to the bitter pupils who joined the Red Army and ripped these Socialists limb from limb, to create Communism.

  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Liberal ideological blackmail.

    ““Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers”, the parents asked the school.”

    One can only speculate as to what sort of bureaucratic, multicultural, pyschobabble their (very pertinent) question was answered with.

  5. There is an error in translation. The German text does not say “There never was a hearing”, but “There was a hearing” (“Es habe eine Anhörung gegeben”), The translator seems to have read “keine” instead of “eine”.

  6. Truly one of the best sites (THE BEST?) I came across researching for my personal fight against EURABIA! from the Belgian war zone…
    NB: Vlad, you have my email. I would be delighted to get in touch with you! I am in touch with the daughter-in-law of… Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. She is wonderful and infuriated at what the writings and actions of her in-law have lead to. She lives in fréjus, close to… Nice (France).
    And, because we all like Vlad Tepes: This is the BEST documentray I have ever seen on the Count (Dracula, not C-K! :-))

    Stanislaw is currently busy wiritn a film that will feature
    … myself on Mount Everest – will be shot (the film, not me – well, who knows? Better than behaeded, anyway) in 2017-18!

    • Hi, Damien!
      I’m Yucki, the YankeeKafir.
      (Though the East Coast of the USA may be Enemy territory at present, some of us tough Yanks are still kicking. Don’t count us out yet!)

      • Yucki, where are you based? I have a good friend in NYState who would like to kick some Takfiri ass… I’m afraid Killary C. will, as a good friend from Nebraska wrote a couple of days ago, “do all she can to destroy this (US) country and Europe”… We are being slaughtered, with the help of our own “elite” (politicians, media, decision-makers), a FIRST in human history. It’s so big and unbelievable that only… Adolf’s words are fitting: “In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility.” The EU is murdering Europe. Djihad-City 1 (Brussels) is one hour away; Djihad-City 2 (Verviers) just 15 minutes; Cologne is 1 hour away, too, and Paris 4 hours. I am in the middle of it all…

        • Boston.
          We’re not all as crazy-left as it seems. We’re victims of one of the most vicious political machines in US history: The Kennedy Organized Crime Gang. The individuals may perish, but the Machine continues to function smoothly.

          Nothing and no one I’ve ever voted for has won in Massachusetts-style “free and fair elections”. And I’m not alone. Sometimes the Boston Globe – the “paper of record” – doesn’t even mention the NAMES of opposing candidates!

          At times in the dark of night I hear the bones of John Adams thrashing.

  7. Would the authorities act the same if, let’s say, a Muslim student refused to visit a Christian church on a field trip? Religion should be a matter of personal choice, not something enforced by public schools. The principal sounds like a former Stasi agent too. It pains me to see Germany slipping into tyranny once more.

  8. Der Spiegel – Gymnasium in Schleswig-Holstein Eltern streiten mit Schule über Ausflug in Moschee

    Klassenausflug in eine Moschee, doch ein Schüler fehlt: Seine Eltern weigern sich, ihn in ein islamisches Gotteshaus gehen zu lassen. Das Ordnungsamt verhängt ein Bußgeld.

    Die Staatsanwaltschaft Itzehoe ermittelt im Fall eines Schülers aus Rendsburg in Schleswig-Holstein, der einem Schulausflug in eine Moschee fernblieb. Die Eltern des 13-Jährigen wollten offenbar aus “weltanschaulichen Gründen” nicht, dass ihr Sohn mit seiner Erdkundeklasse ein islamisches Gotteshaus besucht.

    Die Schule hatte daraufhin das Ordnungsamt eingeschaltet, welches die Eltern aufforderte, jeweils 150 Euro Bußgeld zu zahlen. Dagegen legten die Eltern Widerspruch ein.

    Der NDR und die “Schleswig-Holsteinische Landeszeitung” hatten über den Streit berichtet. Der Itzehoer Staatsanwalt Peter Müller-Rakow bestätigte der Nachrichtenagentur dpa am Mittwoch, dass man die Angelegenheit prüfe. Die Entscheidung, ob es zum Prozess vor dem Amtsgericht kommt, stehe noch aus.

    Nach Ansicht des Gymnasiums haben die Eltern eine Ordnungswidrigkeit begangen, weil sie ihr Kind im Juni vorsätzlich vom Unterricht ferngehalten hätten. Rektorin Renate Fritzsche sagte dem NDR, das Ministerium habe Schulen dazu ermuntert, Moscheen zu besuchen. “Es ist ein wichtiges Ziel unserer Erziehung in der Schule, die Bereitschaft bei den Kindern zu erwecken, sich mit fremden Kulturen zu beschäftigen und sie zu tolerieren.”

    Der Anwalt der Eltern, Alexander Heumann, kann dem Moscheebesuch hingegen nichts abgewinnen. Er engagierte sich in der AfD und ist Mitglied des Vereins “Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa”, der vor einer “Islamisierung” der Gesellschaft warnt. Im Netz hat Heumann eine “Verteidigerschrift” veröffentlicht, in der er die Rendsburger Moschee als einen “architektonischen Schandfleck” diffamiert.

    Darin schreibt er über seine Mandanten: “Die Eltern und das Kind gehören keiner Glaubensgemeinschaft an und vertreten die Auffassung, dass man niemanden gegen seinen freien Willen zum Betreten eines Sakralbaus zwingen kann.”

    Außerdem fürchteten die Eltern um “Leib und Leben” ihres Sohns. Sie hätten so viele Berichte über islamistisch motivierte Gewalt gehört, da wollten sie ihr Kind nicht “zu Menschen schicken, die es als sogenannten Ungläubigen verachten”, zitiert Heumann sie in seiner Schrift.

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