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8 Replies to “Pat Condell: America finally has a real choice”

  1. As usual, Condell knocks it out of the park. Truly, this will be one of the most decisive elections in modern American history. Hillary merely represents a third term for 0bama’s routinely failed policies. However odious Trump may be, he most certainly comes from outside the existing political arena (as Condell so aptly notes) and few other aspects of a presidential candidate’s background could be more important at this point in time.

    America’s bipartisan system is so thoroughly corrupted by special interests and the self-interests of its legislators that there is no longer any discernible difference between the two parties. The Republicans are essentially left-of-center (and have been for some time now) to where they no longer represent anything remotely related to actual Conservatism. Long ago, they succumbed to Political Correctness and became active participants in the gradual erosion of this nation’s Constitution, along with our own Constitutional rights.

    The train wreck-to-be of Hillary’s possible attainment of this nation’s presidency will manifest as a For Sale sign hung out in front of the White House. The Oval Office will be reduced to a clearinghouse for back room deals and foreign influence-pedaling of a sort rarely seen in America’s entire history. 0bama already has shown himself to be a pawn of foreign interests to an extent which America’s Founding Fathers specifically sought to prevent with their insistence upon presidential candidates being natural-born-citizens.

    As Condell so incisively observes, Hillary’s transnational, globalist agenda will wreak upon America the exact same political and cultural mayhem currently being experienced in Europe. All too telling is the Main Stream Media’s complicity in thrusting Clinton upon the American people while doing its superhuman best to downplay (or conceal altogether) the utter havoc that failed EU policies already have incurred within their own borders (through adoption of policies identical to hers).

    At no previous time in this nation’s history has media bias displayed the sort of partisan favoritism that absolutely guarantees what is tantamount to a rigged election. The MSM’s complicity in this massive fraud will come home to roost as an even sharper decline in mass media consumption and a chasm-like deepening of distrust regarding almost all reportorial channels. This is one reason why the current administration is so hell-bent on placing control of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) into International hands. Only a serious crippling of the Internet can possibly forestall the looming mass-abandonment of public media consumption.

    Just as with the Soviet Union (and currently with Communist China) the Internet’s ability to disseminate truth represents one of the most dire threats imaginable to the New World Order. This is yet one more reason why Hillary must be barred from the Oval Office. Her gleeful backing of those who would censor the Internet (as it already is throughout Europe, especially in Sweden) would be one of the last nails in the coffin of American Constitutional rights.

      • Thank you, JohnnyU. I am a huge fan of Condell. His articulate (and frequently humorous) derision of all things Politically Correct makes for truly rich pickings.

        PS: Hat Tip to Martin for posting this in the October 25th Reader’s Links.

        • You are most welcome, yucki. I sincerely appreciate your confident attitude about America’s ability to overcome even this present level of insanity. I just hope that this nation has it within itself to somehow survive four years of Hillary (for the nonce, I’ll refuse to consider the repulsive possibility of eight). Even someone like 0bama, who despises America, comes across as being almost benign when compared to a malicious hag like Hillary.

  2. A good analysis, but the situation makes me uneasy, you know?
    It’s not a direct comparison (yet), but the whole situation worldwide, is reminiscent of the Weimarch Republic, in the 1930s.
    Not that Trump is another Hitler, but there must have been plenty of German’s who held there noses, and voted for Hitler back then, even though they couldn’t stand the man or his party, is that a really good reason to vote?
    The western cynicism with mainstream parties, entirely accurate in its collective realisation, only needs some shock: a looming economic disaster for instance, for people to turn to the saviour of all their problems, the one who says he can make the whole mess go away.
    He’s out there somewhere, masquerading as a schoolteacher, or an artist, his dark soul covered by the routine of the stifling bureaucracy in which he most likely labours.
    Trump’s rise, like Obama’s, is perhaps a symptom of the decay within our democracies. Charismatic leaders both, who say (selling dreams both), what the people want to hear.
    In such an atmosphere, it would be all to easy, perhaps, for a really charismatic psychopath to start his rise to stardom. We all no where that ends.

    He’ll be difficult to spot, his utterances, merely glib, and pleasing to the ear, a siren’s song, but this is surely

    “smoke rising from the stacks,
    what of the deep furnaces that fuel this satanic genius?”

    Alan Clark MP

    • I know what you mean. A certain stench of rot.
      There are creepy echoes. Like the interwar cabaret scene in Berlin and the bizarre gender-bending that’s in vogue these days.

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