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2 Replies to “Dear readers of Vlad Tepes. Please watch this video to see how corrupt and totalitarian the UN has become”

  1. We are being moved, inch-by-inch, toward a great global civil war, and I can’t think of one good reason why that should be, other than that someone wants it to be. What I mean is, there is no real conflict, only made-up ones. Does any sane person, for instance, want to see a fight-to-the-death between blacks and whites in the United States? No! Well…somebody sure as hell does. And how far does the demonization process have to go before before it becomes OK to punch conservatives in the face for no reason than that they are “racist xenophobic Islamophobes”? Would you have the nerve to walk down the street wearing a MAGA hat? I wouldn’t. I hate to say it, but I’d be afraid some guy would attack me with self-righteous a furor and call me a “racist scumbag” as he kicks me in the face. Seriously. It didn’t used to be like that…

    What they are trying to do to Ezra is to paint him as a dangerous, small-time neo-Nazi crank motivated by nothing but mindless hatred and prejudice. They are dehumanizing him and making him a non-person – an unacceptable wrong-thinking person who doesn’t deserve to have rights because he’s Adolf bloody Hitler. At what point are fist fights going to start breaking out all over the place as people get tired of hiding their true thoughts and finally work up the nerve to stop cowering in fear and say, “Climate change is a hoax! Stephen Harper was a great Prime Minister! Obama and Hillary are working for the Muslim Brotherhood! The EU is a communist plot! Muslim immigration should be curtailed drastically! Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were not gentle giants murdered on their way to the candy store… You get the idea…

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