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  1. National Front posts locations of migrants in French town (thelocal, Oct 21, 2016)

    “A local branch of France’s far right National Front party has prompted anger by posting the addresses of where migrants are staying in a town in south west France.

    Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right National Front, is doing her best to steer clear of controversy and negative headlines, but one of her minions obviously did not get the message.

    The Hautes-Pyrénées branch of the National Front has undermined Le Pen’s attempts to make her and her party seem less extreme by posting on Facebook the addresses of where some 250 migrants are being lodged in the Catholic pilgrimage town of Lourdes.

    The post was uploaded on October 17 to denounce the “outrageous camouflage by authorities” around the arrival “of 250 illegal immigrants in Lourdes who will be housed, fed and cared for, for free or even at the taxpayer’s expense”.

    It has since been taken down. Perhaps that had something to do with the racist and hateful comments below the post…”

  2. German NGO: ‘Libyan Coast Guard’ boat attacks migrant raft (DW, Oct 21, 2016)

    “The German NGO Sea-Watch has said that a vessel with Libyan coastguard insignia attacked a dinghy carrying migrants and that the NGO’s rescuers had pulled more than 100 from the water, but four had died.

    A rubber boat packed with some 150 migrants was attacked by the crew of a speedboat labeled “Libyan Coast Guard” during a rescue operation on Friday, leading to four deaths, according to the German NGO Sea-Watch.

    The group was delivering first aid to the migrant’s rubber boat 14 nautical miles off the Libyan coast when the Libyan Coast Guard vessel arrived, Sea-Watch said in a statement posted on Facebook.
    The men then began attacking refugees by “entering the rubber boat and hitting them with sticks,” the rescue group said.

    “The violent intervention of the Libyan Coast Guard caused a situation of mass panic on board the rubber boat in distress,” the Sea-Watch statement read. “One tube of the rubber boat collapsed, causing the majority of the 150 people to slip into the water.”

    The group recovered four bodies and managed to rescue 120 out of the estimated 150 people on board. Sea-Watch said it was still conducting rescues in the area.

    A spokesman for Libya’s naval forces in Tripoli told the Reuters news agency that he was unaware of the incident. Both Italy’s Coast Guard and a spokesman for the European Union’s operation Sophia combating human-trafficking in the Mediterranean said they had no information about the attack…”

  3. Morocco: 13 Suspects Get Up to 20 Years in Prison on Terror Charges (moroccoworldnews, Oct 21, 2016)

    “The criminal court at the annexe of Salé’s appeal court, in charge of terrorism affairs, gave on Thursday sentences ranging between two to 20 years in prison with no remission against 13 suspects sued on charges of terrorism.

    The court handed verdicts of 20-year imprisonment with no remission against two suspects, of 12 years against one suspect and of 10 years against two other accused.

    Three people were sentenced to 8 years in prison with no remission each, while three others were sentenced to four years imprisonment each, and two others to two years with no remission.

    The accused are sued for forming a criminal gang to prepare and perpetrate terrorist acts as part of a collective project to seriously undermine public order, holding weapons contrary to the law, defending crimes, managing money to use it in terrorist acts, incitement of others, and providing financial support for terrorist acts.

    Security services had dismantled, in April 2015, a cell operating in several Moroccan cities.”

  4. Morocco: Former French Soldier Given 4 years in Prison for Terrorism (moroccoworldnews, Oct 21, 2016)

    “The first degree criminal chamber at the annexe of Salé Appeal court, in charge of terrorism, sentenced Thursday a former French soldier to four years in prison for his involvement in terrorism-related cases.

    The court also decided the deportation of the accused at the end of his sentence, and the seizure of his property.

    The French national who converted to Islam was arrested in Fès-Saiss airport in March 2016. He was sued for “forming a gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts, possessing weapons in violation of the law as part of a collective plan to seriously undermine public order, condoning terrorism, praising a terror organization and not denouncing a terrorist crime”.

    Police services at the Fès-Saiss airport had arrested this former French soldier, who came from Paris in possession of several knives and paramilitary equipment.”

  5. ‘This will put British children at risk’ Tory MP BLASTS failure to check refugee ages (express, Oct 21, 2016)

    “TORY MP David Davies has defended his comments calling for increased checks on “child” refugees entering the UK after concerns were raised about their ages.

    Speaking to radio host Nick Ferrari on LBC, the MP for Monmouth claimed a failure to introduce checks on refugees coming to the UK from the Calais Jungle would put British children at risk.

    He said: “We should be doing medical checks, not on everyone, I’ve never said that. I mean clearly where somebody’s eight or 10 or just looks under the age of 18.

    “[But] if somebody looks significantly older, and I say it again I do not care, I do not see why if somebody looks as though they could be 30 why it’s asking a lot to ask them to undergo a quick x-ray, which they’ll probably be doing anyway because they all get medical checks.”

    The politician also aired concerns about sufficient checks being carried out to ascertain whether the migrants have relatives in the UK and how it could lead to “adults” being put into foster care.

    He said: “I have a case in Monmouthshire where an Afghan national, who is significantly older than he claimed to be, was placed with foster parents with other children in the house, proper, genuine children and then carried out a serious assault…”

  6. ‘They don’t even tackle honour killings’ MCB’s counter-terror plans slammed (express, Oct 21, 2016)

    “AN ISLAMIC group has criticised the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) claiming the organisation does not tackle honour killings in the UK and should not be consulted on counter-terrorism.

    Ismal Lea South, co-founder of The Salam Project which organises urban Islamic events and initiatives, claimed the group fails to address crucial issues in British communities and could not be trusted to deal with radicalism.

    The MCB has directly challenged the Government’s Prevent scheme by announcing a blue print for an alternative counter-terror initiative.

    Beginning on a grass-roots level, the project is set to start next year…”

  7. Germans leaving ‘in droves’ amid fallout from Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy (express, Oct 21, 2016)

    “FED up Germans are leaving Germany ‘in droves’ in the wake of Angela Merkel’s open door migrant policy.

    As more than one million migrants arrived in Germany in the last year, new data reveals 138,000 Germans left in 2015.

    More than 1.5million Germans have left the country in the last decade, with many of them highly educated.

    Academics and students are among the Germans deciding to move leaving holes in the local economy.

    Statistics released by German statistics agency Destatis said the number of people arriving in Germany “was as high as never before” with the increase in numbers “due to increased immigration of foreign nationals”.

    The number of migrants expected to arrive in Germany is set to continue, according to officials.

    Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of the country’s migration office, BAMF, predicted at least 300,000 more migrants will arrive in Germany in 2016.

    As the migrant crisis engulfs the EU, German Chancellor Mrs Merkel has seen her popularity plunge to a record low.

    Demonstrations have been held against her as the right-wing Alternative for Deutschland party made significant gains in the Berlin elections.

    The under-fire Chancellor has joined forces with her European counterparts to step up their efforts to curb illegal migration from African countries with the aim of replicating their success in halting inflows from Turkey over the past year.

    While migrants reaching Greece from Turkey have dropped to a trickle after a deal with Ankara in March, arrivals in Italy from Africa are increasing so far this year.

    To curb flows along the so-called central Mediterranean route, where thousands of migrants drown every year as they make the dangerous journey, the EU is offering trade deals and investment to African countries.

    Mrs Merkel said: “It is not just about money, it is about substantially improving the capabilities and the chances of people in these African countries and to give hope.”

    Her comments come as it emerged more than 17,000 refugees have successfully sued the German government for granting them only partial asylum status.

    The backlash has continued with not only German nationals leaving, but foreign nationals, who have lived in Germany for decades, calling for Mrs Merkel to deport migrants who have arrived in the last two years saying the crisis has wrecked their standard of living.”

  8. Red Alert! Protestant Couple “Security Threat” to Turkey!

    by Burak Bekdil

    Over the past several years Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pressured Greece to construct a mosque in Athens. He has criticized the country which boasts the only European capital without a mosque. He does not hide his passion for mosques worldwide.

    In 2015 Erdogan proposed the construction of a mosque in secular, Communist-ruled Cuba. Also in 2015, he went to Moscow for the inauguration of the biggest mosque in the Russian capital.

    Earlier this year Erdogan pleasantly announced his presence at the opening of the biggest mosque in Amsterdam. The mosque is called “Hagia Sophia,” named after a Greek Orthodox Christian basilica built in 537 AD in Constantinople, reflecting the typical Muslim extremist obsession with “conquest.” Recently Erdogan has also been eyeing Iraq.

    As recently as April, Erdogan attended the opening ceremony of a culture center and mosque in Maryland, United States. The complex, the only one in the United States to feature two minarets, was constructed in the style of 16th century Ottoman architecture, with a central dome, half domes and cupolas, echoing Istanbul’s Suleymaniye Mosque. At the ceremony, Erdogan said: “Unfortunately, we are going through a rough time all around the world. Intolerance towards Muslims is on the rise not only here in the United States but also around the globe.” Intolerance toward Muslims?

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