Answering the pompous, the powerful and the pretentious

Breaking my own rules again on US politics, it is hard to resist when someone made an outstanding rebuttal to that pretentious and sanctimonious lecture by the rich and famous about who we should vote for.

Between boycotting the NFL and most of Hollywood for using the authority we gave them within their own fields, we may just have to start it all from scratch. News, entertainment and sports. It seems like the Mat Stone and Trey Parker film, “BASEketball”, was actually an instructional video at this point.

First, the didactic and smug, wealthy actors who want to tell us how we should think.

And a response that might make your day a little brighter.

And now, BASEketball.


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3 Replies to “Answering the pompous, the powerful and the pretentious”

  1. Checklist:
    White woman almost crying.
    Angry Black Man.
    Ompa lumpa victim.
    Sexual inuendo.(But not to a woman or gay man).
    Firing imbeciles = imbeciles firing nukes.
    Healing Class Warfare. Like Islam offers peace after punching you in the face or putting your scalded hand into cold water and saying “that feels better, we should have more of that, i’ll vote for it”

    • Our narrator and director for our inner correct-think in this video is Robert Downey Junior, a Stalin, an actor who cannot play character roles but cartoons where the insanity all around him makes him the cool shallow two-dimensions hero.

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