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4 Replies to “Some white looking folks lied to migrants outside the Hungarian border about the consequences of the referendum.”

  1. They didn’t really lie to them, they believe it – that the majority actually wants open borders and they didn’t vote in this referendum to make the results invalid. Why the majority didn’t simply vote for settling migrants in Hungary is a question they haven’t asked themselves.
    Actually, some Hungarians think the referendum’s goal was to show support for the government, and that Orban is not doing enough, so they wouldn’t “support him”. The greatest threat for him comes not from the left but for an extreme anti-migrant party. And, of course, Hungary has no common border with Turkey, so Hungarians think there is no immediate threat to them, and didn’t vote.
    The left activists believe the borders will open, but the migrants’ believing that it will happen today or tommorrow is something they have no credit for.

    • Tanya, do Hungarian leftists believe for one second that the Orban government will open the border? No they don’t. This business of getting the migrants’ hopes up is nothing more that trying to create more violent photo-ops at the Serb-Hun border for the purpose of rallying public opinion against the Hungarian migrant policy. With all due respect, you are being a bit naive here, I’m quite sure. This is Soros at work.

      • I agree with you, the socialists are trying to stir up the invaders so they will rush the gates and create a major publicity opportunity that the left can exploit. One of these days one of their publicity stunts is going to cause WWIII.

      • This was actually Serbian leftists, these guys are trying to pass through Hungary and are on the other side.
        I belive what they have been told is they will finally be allowed to go to their dream destination, not that Orban will let them through Hungary.
        I just think little of the intelligence of these guys, or possibly the knowledge of how things happen in Europe.
        Bu of course, you may be right as well, this is just a speculation.

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