Cats killed and tortured in the Fedasil center

An original translation by Ava Lon with much thanks.

From this French language Website:

By NADIA LALLEMANT Published Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 6:43 – updated Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 6:44

The culprits, two young Afghans were expelled.

The abuse of stray cats by two young Afghans, who lived in the center Fedasil in Bovigny (Gouvy) scandalized the team of the center and the communal college of Gouvy, warned of these barbaric acts.

“A tabby kitten, two months old, was found in the center, in a sad state,” said a staff member. “His jaw was broken and he had a nasal septum deviation. We phoned the county so veterinary expenses would be taken care of.”

Shocked by these heinous acts, the municipal college has agreed to pay the vet. “The former director, who now works part-time, decided to adopt it,” says the employee. “The kitten is doing better and better, even if he still has difficulty eating.”

Two other cats couldn’t be saved. They were killed by two torturers. “The incident occurred in the context of an adversarial relationship between the two young men and a lady of another nationality,” said the deputy director. “They attacked the stray cats that the lady was feeding. The relationship to animals varies from one culture to another. These reprehensible acts were committed despite raising awareness in respect of the animals provided by the team.”

The two Afghans were expelled from the center by the police in the area Famenne Ardennes. An investigation has been opened. Hearings are underway. “These facts are shocking and absolutely regrettable,” laments the Mayor of Gouvy Claude Leruse. “It is important to make them understand that we do not tolerate such acts here. That said, there are not only asylum seekers -perhaps disturbed- and from a different culture, who abuse animals. Recently, while checking for social housing after the departure of tenants, three kittens were found locked in the house. They were dying of hunger and thirst. ”

[This is the real meaning of “multiculturalism”. Radically different sets of core values. Ed]



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  1. Muhammad wouldn’t have approved of torturing cats. Perhaps we’ve finally found something awful that “has nothing to do with Islam”. Afghans come from a very wild place indeed…

    Of course, if they all suddenly bulk converted to Jainism I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a whole lot nicer and a whole lot richer in a big hurry.

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