Leftism and Islam, ideological Siamese twins

One of the subjects that must be revisited every now and then; how Islam and Leftism can be cooperative, when they (on the surface only) appear to be diametrically opposed to each other.

In previous articles on this site, attempts have been made to demonstrate why

It is actually a natural alliance. A congruous pairing that has not gone unnoticed by leaders in both communities. Notoriously, Carlos the Jackal (a Venezuelan convert to Islam) wrote to President Obama from prison that only “…a coalition of Marxists and Islamists…” could defeat the United States.lov

It is not a stretch to draw parallels between their respective belief systems and thought patterns.

Not only are these ideological bedfellows both enemies of freedom, they are also equally hard wired for conclusion-based reasoning versus reason-based conclusions.

This must not be overlooked or undervalued.

In the Soviet Union (and other communist territories) any science that did not seek to prove a predetermined conclusion of Marxist thought, was punished with jail, torture or death. The same is equally true in Islamic nations and commensurate with the degree of Islamic adherence.

Socialism has shifted in a similar direction. Canada shows a growing intolerance of anything that contradicts the culturally Marxist narrative, even criminalizing it in degrees. An excellent example of this is the installation of the Human Rights Commission; a group whose power is growing exponentially and will soon likely be in a position to deliver harsher penalties for those who exercise their “right” to free speech.

One of the finest documentaries on intelligence and heredity is actually about canines. Sooner or later someone is going to point out that the mechanism for heredity in Darwinian evolution is exactly the same for all mammals (if not for all living things) and this film will likely be banned. But, for the moment, it is allowed as it just about dogs.

Please note, that in this documentary they specifically point out that the work being done by the Russian scientist was illegal as he was applying Darwinian principles. This is forbidden in communist nations. The acceptable substitute is “Lysenkoism” which allows for ludicrous ideas that conclude that wheat will grow in Siberia because communism requires it to do so.

DOGS DECODED from Antoan Hlebarov on Vimeo.

This documentary deals in depth with the different races of dogs and how each race has distinct and measurably different attributes, from docility to intelligence, which are specific to races and heritable.

This brings me to the inspiration for this post.

James Watson is a world class, Nobel prize winning, history-making scientist who played a significant role in the discovery of the double helix. This discovery propelled not only modern medicine, but the science of genetics and sociobiology. It was quite possibly the single, most important discovery in medical and biological history.

It should be noted that he won a real Nobel Prize, not the fake ones like Arafat, Carter and Obama.

Today, he was scheduled to speak at NYU in a “…departmental lecture series honoring scientists who have made powerful contributions to science…”, however, because of factually-based comments he made in 2007 regarding the link between IQ and ethnicity, he has been uninvited.

This means, that the Left equates recognizing and identifying patterns of IQ with declarations of the quality or value of individuals within races. And therefore, it cannot be allowed to be known that one group has a higher IQ than another.

One may not say that East Asians have a higher IQ (generally speaking) than sub-Saharan Africans. Conversely (and ridiculously) it seems perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that black people are better at most, if not all sports than, say, the Inuit.

The “politically correct left” openly accepts the facts of evolution if it means they can browbeat Christians who believe in Creationism. But they reject results of real science, which contradict the Marxist doctrines about equality of humans, or any science (for that matter) that might contradict pre-set conclusions denying sexual dimorphism in Humans.

As an aside, it is worth mentioning that the process one employs is as important as the raw intelligence possessed by an individual. A person of average IQ (90-115) who has access to factual information and understands the principles of logic and reasoning, will achieve vastly better results than a person of high IQ (140-159) who exercises bad reasoning.

In fact, in the scenario of the “high IQ/bad reasoning”, this individual has the potential to be downright dangerous. Leaving a trail of blood, destruction, and reversal of progress in their wake. History shows this to be consistently true in such examples as Hitler, Stalin and (of course) Mohammed.

The natural tendency for most people who encounter ideas they don’t like is to dismiss the source as “an idiot”. Those who profess ideas that they do like are lionized as “geniuses”.

But the fact is that many dangerous people were also brilliant. Conversely, many highly accomplished people were of average IQ. In all cases, it is process that makes all the difference.

Alas, Cultural Marxists have determined for all us, that which is acceptable to believe and that which is not. Science will be falsified, and scientists will be forced to lend their authority to indoctrinating the Islamic/Marxist narrative rather than do science. Thus proliferating and cementing conclusion-based reasoning.

Much like Islam,where Al-Azhar will not allow the teaching of philosophy as learning to reason may threaten faith.

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With special thanks to Ilona Szilágyi for the edit and rewrite.

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20 Replies to “Leftism and Islam, ideological Siamese twins”

  1. Eh… no. Lysenkoism was a brief period of goosestepping, and then, genetics came on board. If what you say were true about the communist nations, they would have not been able to send a dog to space. Much less a man. Or, the USSR would not have been able to crank out a victorious war industry.

    You just had to be careful about what you said, and needed to tie it carefully to Marxism-Leninism. In some periods, it really mattered, other times things got more permissive. Some sciences were more vulnerable, others less. And they did have the advantage of not having to beg for grants or prostitute themselves as shills to some large companies that otherwise might withhold funding.

    Also, if you said something that crossed someone, you might be sidelined in your profession, most likely. If repeated, lose your job. Jail? Only rarely.

    And falsification in science is rife nowadays, not directly linked to leftism or PC (with a few exceptions). It’s linked to desperation to publish, and a climate where trustworthiness has been set aside as impractical by many.

    • It is the leftist Universities that are pushing the publish or perish idea.

      Companies are funding research that will allow them to make money, in the process they discover many things that have benefited the human race. denial of the facts of history is also a sign of the left.

    • Wow. The human-pen.


      Preferentials: Class-Caste-Muslim.

      Slaves: Prolotariat-Untouchables-People Of The Book.

      In these societies, police serve their political masters not The People. A replacement of the people of power and influence, with the affirmative action posts for the ideologically faithful.

      Communists, Racial-Sexual Identifiers and Islamists are brainwashed into submission and coming out to receive their status as superior and waving flags of advancement.

      Childhood-traumatized killing-machines for the peace they will never find but blame others for their rage of emptiness and envy.

      The destruction of the human family into Soros collective-farming.

      The Fatherless, sexually abused and Motherless homes.

      Those without the Father-Son-Holy Spirit within any of them, intimidated into believing they can suck them out of their Heaven, Earth or off each other and wear the pride of allegence their sleeves.

      These zombie-vampires who love death more than they love life.

      Comrade, skin-gender, or Allah as forms of communication should get you out of there as fast as you can.

    • You say:
      ” If repeated, lose your job. Jail? Only rarely.”

      OK. let’s unpackage that.

      First, you are admitting that even though this happened ‘rarely’, it did indeed happen. Even if this had happened just once, it would be outrageous. Evil, I would say!!!

      Yet, ‘rarely’ implies that it did, indeed, happen on multiple occasions. So, it DID happen – and that is all the article claims.

      Second, let’s get some deeper information about ‘jobs’ and ‘hiring practices’ in Socialist countries, like the Soviet Union. In most capital ‘S’ Socialist countries, the State had a monopoly on employment.

      This means that the State owned every factory, office and farm. As in, 100% of working people in the country were public servants.

      The Socialist countries also had a law that said ‘every citizen has a right to work’. The corollary to this law (and this was very ardently applied) was that if one did not have a job, it was because they were too lazy to work.

      However, if you were fired from a job (a government job) for ideological reasons, your name went on a ‘black list’ of ‘problematic employees’ that the State ought not hire. The practical upshot of this was that a person who, as you say, ‘lost their job’, would not be able to find other employment, because there was only one employer…

      And people in Socialist countries who had no jobs, but still managed to survive – well, obviously, they had to have had some means of getting money! If it was not a legitimate (government) job, then it obviously had to be proceeds of crime – which meant that person must have been engaged in a criminal activity – and deserved to be put in jail.

      Not all Socialist countries had 100% government monopoly on employment: countries such as Hungary and Poland still had some farm collectives that were not government owned and thus people could, in principle, get a job in manual farm labour. However, in other Socialist countries, like Czechoslovakia, even farm collectives were government run.

      So, if one ‘lost their job’ for ideological reasons, yet managed to survive, this was ‘proof’ of criminal activity and was sufficient reason to jail that person…. The only exception to this were jobs such as uranium miner, where the ‘hired’ workers and ‘prisoner’ workers worked and lived side by side, in exactly the same dehumanizing conditions.

      Source: lived it.

      Care to respond?

      • Just a simple-minded question, but it’s one I’m always wondering about:
        Is there a difference between “Communist” and “Socialist” in the context above?

        • The iron fist in the velvet glove.

          Communism for me to get power, Socialism for you for tokens of power.

          Muhammadism for me, Islam for you to look away from every slaughter.

          Hard Core appetites for me, Diversity for you so you cannot challenge my pathologies.

          Two legs me, four legs you.

          Rewards for Members of The Party, and few those those of the obedient Proletariat.

          Priests and laity.

          One oppresses the other, (who have been conditioned to believe they are not oppressed).

          Morlocks and the Eloi.

          Schemers and dreamers wbo sacrifice freedom for peace.

          As they always say, Communism has never been correctly implemented. “Tomorrow Moscow; save-the-earth, willing.”

        • According to the ‘pure ideology’ of Marx Leninism:

          Socialism is the first step towards communism.

          In socialism, there is a State that enforces communist doctrine and teaches it in schools.

          Every human being is identical at birth, a ‘blank slate’, and ‘nurture’ is responsible for all individual traits and differences among people. So, if the State controls education and teaches the children the ‘proper’ way to live, after a few generations, all individual differences will be erased and people will all follow their proper Marxist education.

          At this point in time, there will no longer be a need for a State to enforce equality, because each and every citizen will have been raised to be perfectly equal.

          This ideal state of being is called Communism.

          So, the Soviet Union and all the other Warsaw Pact countries were ‘Socialist’ and striving to become perfected to where there is no need for a State to enforce equality, at which point they would become truly ‘Communist’.

        • In any context the big difference is that when socialists lose an election they scream the election was rigged and the voters obviously didn’t understand what was at stake.

          When communists lose an election they shoot the winner and say see I told you I won.

  2. The studies of twins that were seperated at birth show that genetics play a larger role in peoples behavior then science is allowed to research these days. More cultural Marxism at work.

    • The Central Banks in their effort to make the socialist governments look good have created a massive bubble in stock prices, one of these days the bubble is going to burst and the crash will make the Great Depression look like a mild recession. I prat that before the bubble bursts Trump is sworn in and manages to get some tax and spending cuts in place to soften the landing. Cutting massive amounts of useless regulations will help also.

  3. James Watson went to South Shore High School in Chicago for awhile, so did billionaire Larry Ellison, Financial personality Suze Orman, English personality Ruby Wax, Homeland actor Mandy Patinkin.

    Not bad for a HS that had a lot of Jews before being chased out by the influx of, uhh, residents of the Deep South in the ’60s, huh?

  4. James Watson did his ground breaking research at Cold Spring Harbor labs on Long Island in NY. My brothers and I actually went to summer camp there collecting beetles, butterflies and poking at horseshoe crabs on the beach. BTW, the horseshoe crab is one of the oldest living creatures on earth.
    When Watson, and I think the other researcher’s name was Crict, made their discovery they were heroes ! It is an absolute disgrace that he has been so vilified by today’s idiotic left. Same as Charles Murray who wrote The Bell Curve.

      • Scary isn’t it?

        The Founding Fathers wanted everyone to be able to vote but they wanted to make it a little difficult (registration at one location, vote at the polls on one day etc.) to ensure that the committed voters would go to the polls but that those who weren’t committed would miss most elections. Starting around 1900 the left started to subvert this by making it easier and easier for everyone to vote no matter how uninformed or how crooked.

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